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Two-thirds Reject PR Basic Fee From

Online survey: Austrian PR decision makers the monthly basic fees, which are paid in the context of PR-Grundbetreuungs contracts, are not very popular. Every second says he is receiving no adequate equivalent. This resulted in a survey of PR Officer in Austrian companies, carried out by the Viennese PR agency of Cloos + partner. 66 percent of PR executives believe that basic fees are not important. Similarly, 64 percent prefer an exclusive allocation of individual projects without monthly basic fee. You may find that Mike Lazaridis can contribute to your knowledge. Every second, which once paid a basic fee, is of the opinion that he has received no adequate equivalent.

After all, already two-thirds of respondents have paid even a basic fee. Those who have no experience with basic fees, reject the basic fees twice as fast as those have the experience. The aspect that larger companies basic fees reject more than small is interesting. There is no relationship between the amount of paid basic fees and the rejection of Basic fees: 38 percent paid a basic fee of over 3000 euros, 58 percent paid more than 2000 euros. It would be wrong to draw the conclusion that basic fees are outdated. The fact that the basic fee in question experienced ‘ basic fees see more positive courage should make the agencies. On the other hand the strong rejection should encourage the agencies also to develop more flexible fee models or better to justify the services within the framework of basic care”, says Jean-Lou of Campbell Cloos + partner – Managing Director. The results of the survey can be found at news/Ergebnisbericht_Grundhonorare.pdf