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Travel Inspirations In September: Patagonia – Destination In The Double Pack

The digital travel magazine reports in the September issue on remote and lesser-known destinations in South America and Eastern Europe Patagonia that’s wild, rough nature, windy mountain peaks and icy glacier. But also a varied landscape, in which even orchids thrive and offers a wide variety of leisure and mountaineering. Who prefers in the desert area, which gradually us on the edge of civilization, has first choice: Patagonia to be conquered from Chile or Argentina here? Brusque Viennese Fiaker driver not in the coffee house, which indeed, lacking the giant wheel and Monster moderately big Wiener schnitzel cliches Jokiness of the Danube metropolis. Can you outrun them and discover lesser-known sides in Vienna? This mystery is solved in the reportage about Vienna. Because of the mass tourism has not yet reached the country, Latvia is an insider tip for tourists seeking pristine nature, historic cities and cultural riches. But even under acoustic aspects he considers middle of the three Baltic States with some surprises ready.

Other topics in the booklet: City target: Safari whale watching in Australia. For body and soul: Wackes Weinstube in Cologne. Small escapes: Bad Sackingen, Germany. UNESCO World Heritage: Tallinn. Hotel reports: Annas hotel in Latvia and Parador de Amagro in Spain. Services theme: mobile phones during the holiday, and more.