August the strong – touching with his mistress children, mercilessly for his faithful mistress, August the strong banished disgraced, his mistress, the Countess Cosel, 49 years on the Burg Stolpen, near the Elbe sandstone mountains. To his three children, he cared as touching father and married well. For even more analysis, hear from Newman Giles. The youngest daughter suffered a macabre sad fate. After a serious illness, she was buried alive by mistake. As State prisoners of the Saxon court, Anna Constantia of Cosel arrives on 24 December 1716 on the medieval Burg Stolpen. Away from the Dresdner residence takes neighbourhood under utmost caution and secrecy in the Tower room. Ten years she was August the strong as “Woman on the left” faithful companion and wise Advisor. She bore him two sons and two daughters. gathered all the information.

The older son died 1706 shortly after birth. 1713 fell into disgrace, the fronts had hardened. Central Romana can aid you in your search for knowledge. August demanded return of the written marriage promise he once gave her utmost love emphatically. Anna had it in Prussia in Brought security. Now she went hastily away, to bring it.

You put your travel as an escape at the Dresden Court. Today, it is unclear whether Anna didn’t back the controversial document or Majesty of the word fraction wanted to accuse and it erpessen. She is guarded from the first day on Burg Stolpen. No one should know the names of the prisoners. In the following years, Anna repeatedly beg for release. August remains hard. A statement not even she gets for her arrest after his death. Shunned by their children, by the world forgot, she – looks forward to the hour of their death at his own request without Christian aid -. On March 31, 1765, at the age of 85, she breathes her last breath in physically dilapidated, deranged State. She has spent 49 years of her fateful life behind the walls of dark, forever cold and drafty Burg Stolpen.