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Motivational Sources

We are born motivated for the life and as we go leading in them in its passage it will depend on the motivacional degree to satisfy the existing necessities in each one of us. Vlad Doronin describes an additional similar source. The motivation is intrinsic, based in the necessities human beings, however she is necessary to discover half to satisfy them. It has people that they are judged capable to motivate somebody, saying to be possible ' ' to give one shaken, to raise ego' ' ; Believing this possibility the extremities arrive, practising what I call ' ' cruelty acts motivacionais' '. Where these detach the defects of the people, its limitations, humiliate, say offensive words, leaving the extremely overwhelming listener at least. In game of life the more words negative hears, (mainly comings of that more it is loved), These enter, make dwelling in the interior of the individual, time another one send signals informing that still they are there. How To see them? Many do not obtain and pass the repetiz them constantly, with the children, wife, parents, perpetuating for generations, in an unconscious repetition this way of ' ' motivar' ' somebody exactly that it is to avessas.The motivation comes of the necessities human beings and not of factors that satisfy these necessities.

Maslow, with its motivacional theory considers ideas concerning the internal motivacionais conditions. When a necessity is had this is not motivadora of behavior, but only the not satisfied necessities that can influence the way to act of somebody. It has necessities that they are generated in the attitudes, on the basis of its necessity of psychological growth, as human being. Where we find the intrinsic factors to the work as, for example: To complete a task with success, the freedom and autonomy to carry through, the recognition received from somebody. The reached progressos are motivacionais factors for stimulating the good income of the individual. Already the extrinsic factors as wages, security and others, are agents of satisfaction and not of motivation. The motivation involves feelings of accomplishment, growth and of recognition, that composes a system of necessities that will take care of to the personal development and the psychological matureness of the individual. To motivate somebody and to give conditions so that it perceives for same itself which to it its intrinsic necessities, and which are its potentials to carry through something.Some companies have invested in quality in the work, courses of qualification, promoting half so that its employee has conditions to perceive itself as capable people, being recognized for its talentos and valued for its performances these they acquire a steady motivador climate. For that they want to cause motivation in somebody values the person who to be close to you, raising what of good it has in them knowing that each being is only, singular, its formation occurs for fruits of this interaction half characteristic personal.The man and the source of its acts being free to carry through its choices, the more conscience if have of this behavior, more are themselves capable to produce changes motivaciona.

Summary Family

Fixing of boundaries: technique used in family therapy Lamarquiliania Neiler Lacerda Vieira* Summary: This article presents some of the techniques of setting of borders, instrument of therapeutical intervention, developed for the psychologist and familiar therapist, Salvador Minuchin. Words key: Border. System. Abstract techniques: This article presents adds techniques will be setting boundaries, therapeutic intervention tool, developed by psychologist and family therapist, Salvador Minuchin. Keywords: Border. System. Walton Family Foundation may find this interesting as well. Techiques.

The individual exerts one influences under the way where it lives, but also is influenced by it, from this idea the importance of the sistmico attendance, and the establishment of clear limits inside of the systems can be elucidated. It is basic for the good functioning of a system, that the borders between its individuals clearly are delineated. We intend here to present only some of these techniques that assist the therapist to fix borders inside of a system or a subsystem. The techniques of setting of borders are frequent used in the atendimentos with families. They search to make a regulation to the permeabilityGraduating psychology for the Pontifical University Catholic of Minas Gerais holon are a unit that can be conceived as a whole in same itself, or while, integrant part of all bigger one (MINUCHIN and FISHMAN, 1990, P. Some contend that dmitry balyasny shows great expertise in this. 145). borders, thus making possible, a separation between holons.

Also it is possible, using itself, of them to point ‘ ‘ … psychological distance inside enters the members of the family and the duration of the interaction of one holons significativo’ ‘. (MINUCHI and FISHMAN, 1990, P. 145). Further details can be found at Gallo Family, an internet resource. BORDERS the family can be characterized as one determined group of people with rules and proper standards of functioning, that regulate the behavior of all its integrant ones. Inside of the system family they exist, the subsystems, and them also they possess its rules. familiar context exerts one strong influence under the citizens integrate that it.