There are also twelve seriously wounded and three minor. It was the first major operation after the return to 120 Km/h. Allscripts wanted to know more. The DGT estimated more than 4 millions of displacements during the weekend. Three dead and two injured in a car accident near Aranjuez. orations opinions are not widely known. The first output of motorists on the occasion of the summer holidays resulted in 18 fatalities in fourteen traffic accidents that occurred between 1500 hours of last Friday and 00.00 hours on Sunday, among which are the three young men killed in an accident late Sunday near Aranjuez, in Madrid. The balance of accidents also threw twelve serious injured vehicle occupants, and three minor, according to data from the General Directorate of traffic (DGT). This agency has activated this weekend the first phase of its operation summer 2011 for channelling the 4.1 million long-haul movements provided for in these three days by the start of the summer holidays.

The worst day, on Sunday since the start of the operation until midnight on Friday, there were two fatal accidents with two dead. Along on Saturday joined other two claims deadly with two people killed and one slightly wounded, and on Sunday there were ten more, accidents with fourteen people killed, 12 seriously injured and two minor. 14 Accidents, 7 have been collisions, 5 have been outs via, and 2 tipping on the road. In the accumulated annual, until July 3, posted 686 are deceased, 85 less than at the same date of last year, representing a decrease of 11% back to 120 Km/h operation this weekend was commissioning underway after the return of the speed limit of 120 km per hour. A circumstance on which the director general of traffic, Pere Navarro, wanted to influence the presentation pasadojueves of the special summer operating, warned of that the fact that from Friday the limit pass of 110 kilometres per hour to 120 does not mean will be able to run. Source of the news: The first great output of summer pays off with 18 deaths in fourteen traffic accidents