The Orchids as any plant, has requirements that you will have to take care of to secure to a good growth and a good flowering, that it makes jump of beauty the space that you have scenery with them. The success with these plants depends on which you know like treating them from the first moment. First that you must consider it is that the Orchids are plants different from the rest from which you know. They have different, special needs, for its care and culture. We go to the grain: 1. It always waters Your Orchids in the mornings: To the orchids they do not like to sleep dunked. If you water in afternoon or at night these exposing to that fungi and bacteria become ill with. The amount of water depends on culture means where it is growing.

Generally, the similar Coco and roots of fern or materials need less water, because they retain the humidity enough. 2. Asegrate that Your Orchids are receiving the illumination that really need: Following the species that you have, you will have to know the amount light that needs. If no you know, ofrceles an average illumination and they will be in charge of decirte if it is much light or little light. Generally you have when them in conditions of much light, they are burned or yellows are put. When you are offering him little light you will see, them of a dark green color. 3.

It reviews periodically to Your Orchids to detect problems of plagues: This is very important. It tries to review the leaves, the flowers and the stems of your orchids, at least once or twice for week. With this simple practice you will be preventing them constantly with any insect that wants to damage it.