*Vale to remember that, as all the room will be busy with the map to the soil, we will go to carry through the experiment of physics in the tracks of bullfights in aera external. Arts: In arts we will detach the cultures and artistic movements of each city of Spain. As example the rupestres paintings in grottos of the region of the Calbria. Spain probably more is known by the bullfights and flamenco, but also it is very popular for painters of world-wide fame as Pablo Picasso, esportistas as Rafael Nadal and Fernando Alonso, actors as Penlope Cruz and Antonio Flags. The museum of the Prado, in Madrid also is very visited.

Music also enters with many known composers. In Spain music and the dance flamenco had appeared in the south of the country, more necessarily in Andalusia. The bullfights or the races of bulls have an enormous importance in the Spanish culture. In the Feciarte, we want to show to the public all the cultural aspects of Spain, speaking on popular musics, dances, arts (bullfights) * In the day of the exposition in we will show images to them, we will say curiosidades, and we will make of everything to attract and I publish to please it. We will also show objects that represent Spain, with decorations that go to be inside of the room. we *procuramos typical plates of the Spanish culinria to try to carry through them and to offer them the public to it, however we do not find a plate that was of easy production and to manejar of the spectator, then we remove this part, some problem will be had and will be obligator the accomplishment of this part of the work asks for that they inform our group to be able organizing in them. Social sciences: For being a European city, Spain lived deeply important facts in history, that if had extended throughout some states and cities of Spain, leaving ideological and cultural marks in the population.