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Golden Globes Film

Glory-movie remake of Alan Parker’s Fame (film, 1980) was awarded two “Oscar” prizes and became an instant cult classic. Following the film came out on Broadway musicals Fame, in a hurry last throughout the world. Libretto musicals there Spanish, French and nemetskom.Bolee four million people watched the musical Fame, since its premiere in London in 1995, where the show went on for 12 years. Based on the movie was filmed tv series Fame, he became a worldwide hit and Shown at the most popular tv channels (NBC in the U.S., bbc in Britain and the Channel 7 in Australia). 136 episodes aired for five seasons from 1982 to 1987 Series Fame was honored with three awards the Golden Globes and nine awards Emmy. The very plot of the film Glory is that talented young people – future actors, musicians, directors and singers come to the prestigious New York School of Music and acting in New York.

Earlier in the walls school students: Liza Minnelli, Adrien Brody, Jennifer Aniston, Al Pacino and other .Film Traces their lives for four years, during which they are trained. In this remarkable institution, Students of different professions have the opportunity to realize his dream and find real glory – depending on their own talent, dedication and .Glavnye movie characters – an aspiring singer Coco Hernandez future actor Montgomery MacNeil and Ralph Garcia, a dancer Leroy Johnson and musician Bruno Martelli.Originalny film Fame (1980) Alan Parker received six nominations and two Oscar. Directed by Kevin Tancharoen – world well-known choreographer and director. Had time to work with Madonna, Britney Spears.