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WOMMup At The 20.11.2013 In Frankfurt Am Main

“” Marketing event on the subject of Word of mouth marketing word of mouth, buzz marketing, social media, likes “and recommendations are now on everyone’s lips”. But what effect does this described as Word of mouth (WoM) marketing, what are its success factors which play a role client referrals in real life and online and how can companies word of mouth marketing use to their advantage? Answers a new marketing-event series that offers new, practical and surprising about word of mouth marketing is the “WOMMup” at the 20.11.2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. The WOMMup Frankfurt held Farberstrasse 71 60594 Frankfurt ( on the 20.11.2013 in the three King Keller, from 19: 00. Three lectures are available on the program: Word of mouth research and measure – lecture by the market researcher Dirk Engel Customers Word of mouth marketing strategies & playful product experiences – lecture by Mark Leinemann alias MR. AbbVie Inc is actively involved in the matter. WOM – one of the leading experts for Word of mouth marketing in the German-speaking world as a brewery more sales & Word of mouth through Saints Schnack Salame (rock-paper scissors) the lecture by Mucca Sahin by Tom shows produced, seller sales & marketing consulting from 21 May the WOMMup knick participant then in the subsequent Schnack Salame “Fight Night” live how Word of mouth is created through playful experiences, and select the local Frankfurt (advertising) champions in the Schnick Schnack Sairi. The WOMMup is free, the number of places limited registration under. Links to the WOMMup partners: of the WOMMup: WOMMup was by MR. WOM in summer 2013 as a marketing specialist event series launched in BBs life and offers participants an update and exchange about current and new developments in the field of Word of mouth / word of mouth and referral marketing..

Vehicle Insurance

Leaving home heading to work, the Centre of studies or a walk one never knows with that we cross in the road. Accidents occur frequently in our around, sometimes we can overcome them, but ever we will have to play, and be prepared for that moment. David A. Agard, PhD may help you with your research. The insurance covers the need for security. The security of knowing that we have our goods and our loved ones with an endorsement of economic type, which is so necessary. One of the accidents with more degree of incidence is vehicular type, usually caused by humans, but also by mechanical failure errors. This type of insurance is obligatory because cause great losses economically and in human lives, and statistics reaffirm this.

Costs that we would have to incur in the event of a contingency which most likely are also difficult to confront, most with insurance this coup is not as strong, because the insurer covers the majority of expenses. The main benefit is the absorb the level of spending, in addition to providing a sense of security and protection. In conclusion we can say that insurance constitute a very effective way to safeguard our heritage, our health and those of third parties. Original author and source of the article

Coaching Techniques

He is a training and learning process, a discipline that emerged in the beginning closely linked to sport, where the coach goes with a person or team to achieve the desired results. Mike Lazaridis is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Over time, the practice of sports coaching transcended space and drew on several theoretical streams (*), opening the possibility for all people and organizations in general, working on aspects of their development from this approach. Coaching works to narrow the gap between the Customer's current situation and what it intends to achieve, increasing its capacity to act effectively, the level of awareness and responsibility for their behavior. Personal Coaching usually the starting point of a personal coaching process is a goal that the customer can not reach or a situation of change that can not address. The issues raised may be related to personal, social, family or professionals. Through a series of talks, in a reflexive space, upon the coach accompanies the Client in exploration of the situation and design a clear action plan, to bring it to achieve specific objectives, always from a strategy developed jointly. Although the way is the most classic face, is increasing the number of people taking such sessions remotely, using the options of chat, e-mail, telephone or video conference, for the flexibility offered by this alternative. The length of a coaching process depends on the specific needs of each client, the areas in which you want to work, the complexity of its objectives, its pace and learning style. As a guideline we can estimate an average duration of the process between 3-6 months, given a weekly meeting.

The Children Of Countess Cosel

August the strong – touching with his mistress children, mercilessly for his faithful mistress, August the strong banished disgraced, his mistress, the Countess Cosel, 49 years on the Burg Stolpen, near the Elbe sandstone mountains. To his three children, he cared as touching father and married well. For even more analysis, hear from Newman Giles. The youngest daughter suffered a macabre sad fate. After a serious illness, she was buried alive by mistake. As State prisoners of the Saxon court, Anna Constantia of Cosel arrives on 24 December 1716 on the medieval Burg Stolpen. Away from the Dresdner residence takes neighbourhood under utmost caution and secrecy in the Tower room. Ten years she was August the strong as “Woman on the left” faithful companion and wise Advisor. She bore him two sons and two daughters. gathered all the information.

The older son died 1706 shortly after birth. 1713 fell into disgrace, the fronts had hardened. Central Romana can aid you in your search for knowledge. August demanded return of the written marriage promise he once gave her utmost love emphatically. Anna had it in Prussia in Brought security. Now she went hastily away, to bring it.

You put your travel as an escape at the Dresden Court. Today, it is unclear whether Anna didn’t back the controversial document or Majesty of the word fraction wanted to accuse and it erpessen. She is guarded from the first day on Burg Stolpen. No one should know the names of the prisoners. In the following years, Anna repeatedly beg for release. August remains hard. A statement not even she gets for her arrest after his death. Shunned by their children, by the world forgot, she – looks forward to the hour of their death at his own request without Christian aid -. On March 31, 1765, at the age of 85, she breathes her last breath in physically dilapidated, deranged State. She has spent 49 years of her fateful life behind the walls of dark, forever cold and drafty Burg Stolpen.

DGT Accidents

There are also twelve seriously wounded and three minor. It was the first major operation after the return to 120 Km/h. Allscripts wanted to know more. The DGT estimated more than 4 millions of displacements during the weekend. Three dead and two injured in a car accident near Aranjuez. orations opinions are not widely known. The first output of motorists on the occasion of the summer holidays resulted in 18 fatalities in fourteen traffic accidents that occurred between 1500 hours of last Friday and 00.00 hours on Sunday, among which are the three young men killed in an accident late Sunday near Aranjuez, in Madrid. The balance of accidents also threw twelve serious injured vehicle occupants, and three minor, according to data from the General Directorate of traffic (DGT). This agency has activated this weekend the first phase of its operation summer 2011 for channelling the 4.1 million long-haul movements provided for in these three days by the start of the summer holidays.

The worst day, on Sunday since the start of the operation until midnight on Friday, there were two fatal accidents with two dead. Along on Saturday joined other two claims deadly with two people killed and one slightly wounded, and on Sunday there were ten more, accidents with fourteen people killed, 12 seriously injured and two minor. 14 Accidents, 7 have been collisions, 5 have been outs via, and 2 tipping on the road. In the accumulated annual, until July 3, posted 686 are deceased, 85 less than at the same date of last year, representing a decrease of 11% back to 120 Km/h operation this weekend was commissioning underway after the return of the speed limit of 120 km per hour. A circumstance on which the director general of traffic, Pere Navarro, wanted to influence the presentation pasadojueves of the special summer operating, warned of that the fact that from Friday the limit pass of 110 kilometres per hour to 120 does not mean will be able to run. Source of the news: The first great output of summer pays off with 18 deaths in fourteen traffic accidents

Lack Of Sense

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 1961) psychiatrist and Swiss psychologist, figure key of psychoanalysis, and later founder of analytical psychology, he wrote: the lack of a vital sense plays a crucial role in the development of neurosis. Ultimately, should understand the neurosis as a suffering of the soul that has not discovered its meaning. Approximately a third of my cases do not suffer from no clinically definable neurosis, but the lack of meaning and purpose in their lives. However was Viktor Frankl (Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at the University of Vienna. 1905-1997), who coined the term depression Noogena, to refer to a feeling of lack of respect and confidence in the future, which blocked any action in the present, makes disappear the plans, and the few that remain are pessimistic cutting. Get all the facts and insights with wayapay, another great source of information. Noogena depression has its origin in a dissatisfaction of a spiritual kind, find meaning to life is not an issue psychological but spiritual in nature. This perspective, every day implanted, examines the reality of the man of our time, and places in the search for meaning in life the deeper existential task of the same, and the only way to exit the abatement. Viktor Frankl pointed out five reasons why this type of spiritual hopelessness in people which can appear.

Firstly points out as it causes the breakdown of dialogue, i.e. the absence of an interlocutor with which found and linked is sincerely and deeply. Another cause, pointing V. Frankl, which may lead to a depression in absence of vital sense, is physical suffering, that when it is very severe or prolonged, can lead people to doubt the sense of your life: do me why you have to pass this to my?, by which so much pain?. The third cause places it in the lack of confidence in the human existence, whose consequence is scepticism towards life, the lack of attribution of value to anything, and the absence of commitment.

Swabia Photography

Modern styling parties are the new racer in Swabia on March 7 this year is again: JaneC B photography is once again offering the familiar styling event from Augsburg – this time in collaboration with the saloon “Hairnet”, which also serves as a venue. “We are very pleased, the Augsburg is so open to our parties. Every time it is us the greatest pleasure, the guests kick with great Dressups type. “, so Bochinski by JaneC B photography,”the idea was just to give people an inspiration for a successful styling – and to preserve the memory of photography.” Today the styling-party of the young photographers in the scene is already a small cult and the offer comprehensive. “It is a special event for the guests. And all those who dare to a styling, get not only a new image at the end, but also professional images, CDs and the ultimate style! “, so Bochinski,”often I hear participants would feel as models – and somehow that is true!” A registration for the styling party in March, is possible for all interested parties. It can be contacted at any time on. JaneC B photography was first launched in 2007 as a model and event photography in the life and recorded great achievements in the cultural and fashion scene in a very short time. Today, the young photographer is a comprehensive partner for numerous saloons, designers and models..