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USP Happiness

Without perceiving we are starting to love, and this is not something that comes with the time (as many skeptics and pessimists they say), therefore the start of the love can exist with this reciprocal relation of correspondence between two people who veem more than what physicist or of a possible affinity; to also see the heart, genuine part of who really wants to deliver and to have one complement. without perceiving we notice that the muscular one perhaps does not please in them, and the special young woman is not the model that the world all waits that let us have. the artificial one is changed by the originalidade and the hormones are below of the feeling. This yes is love! If it does not explain, not if it indicates, not if it thinks, only if it feels, and it feels when the logical one is broken, common-sense is left of side and its autonomy and independence start to exist, far from friends, far from specialists, only with its conscience and personal pleasure, next to its pillow, sleeping with a smile rare. It does not have advice that they overwhelm the mystery of the union with love between two people. Our happiness will be, in this context, when we, of independent form, and in our silence, to try this.

The love is a mystery! It are of this, we are only one product of ready market to be used and already knowing that we go to be substituted one day, therefore the weak ones is that they say with pride done phrases as ' ' the line anda' ' , ' ' what it passed passou' ' , ' ' ball pra frente' '. To also love is an courage question and the prize for this is the sensation and peace of happiness, therefore it is a conquest; whereas for the artificialismo of the act to be it also has one another inevitable prize: the depression or the vacuum of, being vendido, used and finished. The undertow is for pparently forgetting this sad, but inevitable one, sensation. 14.12.2010 Wallas Cabral d Souza – Linguista – USP