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Always observes the culture medium where your orchid is growing if you see dark means that it is wet, when the medium becomes pale OS water them. 3 Very well select the disinfectants and soaps that you use to clean the bathroom. Be very careful at this point: you now have a new tenant. Orchids are resistant to almost everything, but disinfectants containing chlorine and ammonia makes them much harm. Generally, when the orchids are exposed to these substances vapor, they tend to lose their leaves and wilting flowers. When you clean the bathroom of your House make sure you withdraw your orchids in there, at least a few hours, until the vapors have passed. With this you will avoid that they react inappropriately. 4.

Offers some light to your Orchid every time. If the bathroom where you have your orchid is quite dark or shaded, keep in mind that every so often, a weekly must take a small stroll to your Orchid and remove it to receive light drafts and sunlight. That light will help flourish more, as you like and will allow the new children that they come out, grow more rapidly. The tips that you’ve given in this article, are basic when it comes to placing an orchid in the bathroom of your House. This site of the House definitely deserves that plants, placed much better if they are orchids. With the information you just discover this experience will be the most successful thing that you have to decorate the spaces of your House with orchids. We will continue to see until then, greetings, Patricia g.

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