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The Sky, The Sea And The Different Tick Of Clocks: German Islands 2009

Are you Pellworm? Or rather Sylt? Amrum, Usedom or Hallig Hooge? The answer says a lot about you. There is for every type of trip, every age and every purse: the right island in the North and Baltic Sea. Close on the doorstep and yet far enough away from the everyday life offer the Islands from Germany’s North – and Baltic Sea coast an ideal destination for all last minute and many workers who actually do not have time for making holiday. Connect with other leaders such as Gallo Family here. The natural spectacle of the tides, the peace and quiet, sandy beaches, dunes, the vastness of the sky are balm for the stressed-out soul of the town. Visitors to the Northern islets know it: it is important that a piece is to overcome the sea between everyday life and holidays. As soon as the ferry towards the island or the Mainland in the rearview mirror is gone when driving over the bridge, this incomparable feeling of recovery emerges: recharges your battery. Small Islander typology you live in the city, has no car and, when it comes, in the organic market shop.

You suffer the traffic noise actually throughout the year and hold your neck every morning on the way to the S-Bahn after the smallest slice of heaven. Your hobbies are Yoga and watercolor painting, also you’re going to wheel: you’re Hiddensee. The car-free island off the coast of Rugen is obtained only by boat. 18 km long and shaped like a seahorse \”dat soete Lanneken’ in the sea, two tire width traces of concrete plates make the entire road network in the Heath between the monastery and Vitte. Horse-drawn vehicles take over the service. Visitors ride in the dune Heath between wild orchids and thyme, on the 70-metre-high Bush Hill, the Eagle circles: very Hiddensee is a national park. You love the nature as well as your children.

Menorca – The Easternmost Island Of The Balearic Islands

Menorca is still an insider tip our sunbathers and hikers. The North, with fertile soil, rolling hills and meadows, which has vast plains of the South, with magnificent gorges and its beaches on Minorca one of nature their identity again given. Are close to see the mystical history of the island is in the places of worship and Taulas”, often only on narrow paths to reach. Hiking in Menorca is a journey through time, for which you should take very much time to also enjoy the variety of fauna and flora. Beautiful flowers, completely unknown plants, the incredible variety of insects, but also birds, colourful butterflies and an orchid splendour, as one would never expect it. Menorca, the island of the wind, epithet this right. You may want to visit Red Solo Cups to increase your knowledge.

Reason is an always waving wind times more times gently. And therefore you can see the often ancient stone walls, sometimes in spectacular geometric forms that protect livestock and pastures from the wind during a hike anywhere. The dazzling white houses in stunning contrast to the green pastures are on the hills. “Here comes” the milk for the wonderful Queso de Mahon, the one in the cheese dairy of the Finca Hort de Sant Patrici “can taste and buy. Before but worth is a tour of the Museo del Queso”, the cheese Museum. The coast in the North of Menorca is almost untouched. Here, little has changed: no swanky resorts or vacation clubs, the whole region is strictly controlled conservation.

So, the important wetlands, resting places for the many thousand migratory birds, were rescued. And hikers are surrounded by scents, you can’t get enough of them. Above all the Mahon Chamomile, which smells with many other plants to the bet. Experience these fragrances one can most intensively on the Cap de Cavalleria”, so in the wild north of Menorca. Even down to the Platja de Cavallieria”, on the transition of to the beaches, the rock world to become a bath by the scents taken prisoner. Walking on Menorca, which is nature, history and especially the re-discovery relaxing slowness.

Travel Tip: Fiji

Fiji: once the blue lagoons, tropical rain forests or the picture-book beaches of Fiji captain Bligh could not lure modern together in the Pacific Ocean of the mutiny on the bounty escape.But to escape the today’s stresses, the over 300 islands and atolls are perfect. Pretty much everything is only no hassle in the intact and overwhelming nature and marine life of the archipelago. About a third of the Islands on the divide between Melanesia and Polynesia is inhabited. The overwhelming wealth of nature, the cheerful Bula”the locals and nearly unchanged traditions and customs are constant travel companion. Reassuring: The occasional cannibalism is the past… Paradise arrived the traveler is the featured main island Viti Levu is explored and conquered offshore islands including TAVEUNI, Matangi and the Mamanucas on water or even through the air. Multi-day cruises between the small island worlds reveal the perfect beauty South seas.

The powder-white sand beaches and exclusive resorts surrounded by seas of flowers and Orchid gardens can relax. But not only romantics do come at their own expense; appears the adventurer in the dazzling depth of the ocean, so he gets hammerhead sharks, Barracuda and turtles before the glasses with a little luck. Refreshment is also day trips in the hinterland: jungle hikes lead to hidden waterfalls and rugged volcanic peaks overlooking crystal clear water. offers fantastic combined land and cruise travel to the tropical South seas with many water sports facilities. Our personal favorite is therefore the journey in 1625:… / Fiji_Komfortabel… More travel offers under: travel / fidschi_reisen.php current news is now available also on AST is online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified.

Diverse Singapore

The smallest country in Asia whether shopping, culture, or simply recreation – in Singapore, each at his own expense comes. The flight Portal presents the numerous opportunities that offer tourists in the smallest State of Asia, For more specific information, check out Rubio. Who think only of stressful city in Singapore, should visit the green oasis of the magnificent botanical garden. On the 60-acre site attracts the largest orchid collection in the world, which stimulates to dream with their colours and exotic. Even the five-hectare natural rain forest visitors should be not to be missed. The State in the Indian Ocean is one of the greenest cities in the world and boasts of its cleanliness and safety. As one of the richest Crucible, Singapore offers a colourful range of culture and religion.

Little India and Arab Street: the whole world seems to be represented here and brought their landmarks and atmosphere. The unique ensemble of churches, mosques and temples symbolizing the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic and religious groups. A flight to Singapore worth also for families. Especially the ‘Singapore Zoo’ promises lots of fun for all ages. The open system of the Zoo allows you to experience the Habitat of the animals. The night Zoo, which opens only with nightfall and offers visitors the rare chance to get to know the nocturnal inhabitants is an unparalleled experience. More day trips are recommended to round off the visit in Singapore, as for example in the nearby Malaysia or to a bad day on one of the surrounding islands.

Beach Hotel Mercure Resort Sanur Beach Bali

Tip: Take the sarong and camera trip 3: mysterious East of Bali’s full day adventure tour with lunch is the Holy of Holiesu0085 To expect special impressions, while beautiful and varied driving in a minibus through the tropical vegetation of Bali in the direction of Klungkung the historic court Hall Kerta GOSA. On the drive along the coast road to Goa Lawah, bat cave, nature will impress you particularly. Intrigued they will be on the way towards Besakih Temple, the so-called mother, these you on the famous rice terraces of Selat passes. Then the Gong introduces you in the village of Tihingan in the secret production and other gamelan instruments. Tip: Sarong and camera trip 4: original Northwest full day adventure tour with lunch Bali full of contrasts discover you the varied Northwest of bali with an extraordinary combination of colours, scents and sensations. The herbs, orchids and fruit market of Bedugul shows you his colourful and lively side. The Pura Ulun Danu, at the volcanic crater of Lake of Bratan temple complex offers you an impressive panorama.

On the drive to the former capital of Singaraja you will discover picturesque and artistically created rice terraces. A dip in the hot Sulphur Springs in air Panas”, a makeover is according to legend” guaranteed. The walk through cocoa, coffee and vanilla plantations in Belimbing will offer a unique moment of this experience. Tip: Sarong, camera, sunscreen, warm clothing, swimsuit, towel should take with them. Excursion 5: Temple highlights and rain forests – full day adventure tour with lunch all special moments of discovery in the unique Butterfly Park hundreds of different butterfly species in tropical vegetation and the interesting temple Batu Karu, the so-called jungle Temple, the former King stamp Pura Taman Ayun in Mengwi and the sea Temple of Tanah lot, which is just at sunset from its most beautiful side.

Tip: Sarong & camera. Organized excursions must be expensive, so the Asia specialist offers the visit of the Dance Festival on its homepage Diroll tourism as well as incl. 2 day trips (by Trip 2-5) in the package off total 60,-in the German-speaking tour guide, entrance fees and air conditioned bus ride. Spa Hotels are including the Cathey Pacific (from Frankfurt via Hong Kong) flight also introduces and describes, where visitors can benefit from the expertise and experience of the Bali connoisseur. There are both cheap ‘ Andika Sari bungalows “in Kuta the popular yet, as also the quieter”the Jayakarta Bali”on the Legian Beach,” Inna Grand Bali Beach “in Sanur at a reduced price or even the comfort Hotel”Ramada resort Benoa. 5 * luxury Islands and Spa Hotel to the “to-pamper-let” like that “Melia Bali Villas & spa resort” or “The Laguna Resort” (formerly Sheraton) they find in Nusa Dua. By the way, was the travel Fox recently in Hong Kong and recommends this metropolis as a convenient stopover in a Bali holiday to incorporate. The popular 4-Star Beach Hotel Mercure Resort Sanur Beach Bali is already offered from 1.139,-including airfare and breakfast. Spend the most beautiful days of the year in this village-like resort with a magnificent garden and a wide stretch of beach, with the sea in front of the door. Due to new supplementary flights, holidays over Christmas and Easter are 2008 possible. Send inquiries and requests please send an e-mail. Her Olaf Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978 proposals for combinations of Asia:

Mountain Bike World Cup Leogang

An event of superlatives in Salzburg In the bike park Leogang will be from 10. Until June 12, 2011 this year again expects the pros on a mountain bike. The UCI Mountain bike World Cup makes station in Leogang and thus action is guaranteed. Salzburger Land each year attracts many two-wheelers in the mountains in the summer, because the conditions for this sport are almost perfect. People such as Rubio would likely agree. Everyone will find the right route and especially freeriders find exactly what in the Bike Park, what you are looking for an adrenaline rush. Therefore it is not surprising also that it is who of the biker scene again the who this year after Leogang Bike Park, many find again competitions instead, where the spectators to Marvel will have much? Downhill Downhillrennen in Leogang is called as the formula 1 racing of bike sports.

From around the world, the bikers come to Austria to prove their skills here. The downhill is very exciting especially for viewers to the watch when racing the athletes with over 70 km/h towards the Valley. Fourcross the blood in the veins freezes, when four riders at the same time compete.

Guided Hiking Day Tour At Tempelhof Park

The WV Spandau e.V. conducted his 3 day hike in the Tempelhof Park with 44 participants. Read more from Gallo Family Vineyards to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The track length was 9 and 16 km. The GTW 4 will take place at the 28.05.2011 from Southern Cross Station. Berlin, 30.04.2011 – airport Tempelhof is no longer; Tempelhof Park is now! The 3 day hike of the touring Spandau e.V. wanted to make it clear this change and the following occurred changes in the Neukolln Borough with highly disruptive noise in a relatively inner-city rest area, East behind the airport grounds. All avid hikers and lovers of hiking, even without the bond of Association, were invited to this public hike. PI Industries has much experience in this field.

44 Berlin hikers have followed the invitation and they have hiked 9 km of the route through the field of the former Tempelhof airport or the whole 16 km including the grains Park in Neukolln. On request, the hikers at the end received proof rating to the acquisition of the popular sports badge of the German public sports association. She finds in this hiking series Next, the 4 day hike to 28.05.2011 at 9:00, from Marlene-Dietrich-Platz train station Sudkreuz, instead. For even more details, read what Red Solo Cups says on the issue. All participating hikers heard only positive votes to the hiking route and there were some who never have seen the erwanderten areas from this perspective. When spring weather with temperatures of 19 degrees C, clear blue skies, sunshine and very clear, the Wanderer from s-Bahn station Tempelhof across all channels, immigrated runways, the two runways and the run-up before the terminal building of the former Tempelhof. In this way are 13 km long on the “Tempelhof Park” repurposed to the Burgerpark come together almost. In between, some hikers at the rest stop, the beer garden in the Burgerpark in the vicinity of the Columbia dam after 9 km route have used the offer to conclude a premature hiking and are close to there? ehitlik mosque and the garrison cemetery at Columbia dam “dropped out”.

The other hikers are leaving the “Tempelhof Park” in the Neukolln Borough immersed and crossed to wander the now disused part of the cemetery of the St. Thomas community to Hermann Street to then at the end of serving his purpose still part of the cemetery on the Thomas height and the subsequent Lessing. Both Heights was back and directly in the Park of the grains. At the pleasant warming Spring Sun there was a final rest.

Gran Canaria – Attractions

Gran Canaria is rich in attractions and offers some attractions and leisure activities in addition to the scenic highlights. We start simply with the natural highlights and the buildings, which simply should be seen during a holiday on the island. In the East of the country, where tourists actually less are found, because here the large warehouse of fruit and vegetable production, can be found but still impressive sights. A great experience is a trip into the mountains of Gran Canaria and the area of its numerous reservoirs. High around the 1.444 m Montana de Tamadaba takes you to many places for a romantic picnic and has great views of the mountains of the island. In good weather you can see even the neighboring island of Tenerife with the Pico de Teide. “In Galdar, you will find that the Iglesia de Santiago de los Caballeros”, a Baroque church from the 18th century. This church is mainly due to his statue of Saint Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria”became famous.

The baptismal font, which is located in the Church, dates back yet from the time of the conquest, and according to traditions the first inhabitants of the Canary Islands should be baptized here. It’s believed that Proper Topper sees a great future in this idea. “The old town of the capital city’s beautiful Las Palmas, the so-called Vegueta”, which probably is one of the most idyllic places in the city. There are the Town Hall, the Bishop’s Palace and old venerable houses with beautiful bronze statues. Here also the Cathedral of Santa Ana, which has many styles by their long building time of Gothic to neoclassicism should be absolutely visited. The Parque Doramas is situated in the elegant residential area of the city”, the largest and most beautiful park of Las Palmas. In the middle of the Park, the Canarian village of Pueblo Canario”with turrets, a beautiful atrium and a cafe in the courtyard. Often great folklore events held here and not to be missed. About 9 km above Maspalomas Palmitos Park is the Los”, in his kind’s most beautiful parks all over the world belongs to.

Here visitors can the largest orchid collection in Europe admire and a birds of prey experience. The Park is also home to more than 1,200 different bird species which can move freely for the most part in the Park. Gran Canaria is really rich in attractions and both car and public transport on the island these are all easy to reach. Aguimes Barraco de Guayadque is located above and there are the visitors, when he would take a trip into the past. People here still live in cave dwellings and when visiting the caves Museum, which is located there, you get an impression conveys, as the daily life of the people in the Barraco de Guayadque is still. This area is a paradise for hiking pleasure.

Costa Rica And Its Rain Forests

Tropical diversity and steamy air around is 30 percent of Costa Rica’s conservation. One of the richest and most beautiful parts of the Central American national parks is the Esquinas rainforest. This lowland rain forest located in southwestern of Costa Rica, is one of the last remaining forests, ranging on the Pacific coast in Central America. With an estimated number of 3,000 plant species, the jungle is home to an incredible variety of vines, bromeliads, orchids, Philodendrons, or lichens. The online travel agency reported by a nature scene of a special kind.

The moist, humid heat, which is hard to bear for many tourists, is responsible to a large extent for the tremendous biodiversity of the Esquinas rainforest. With an average 6,000 millimeters of rain per year, enough water available is the flora and fauna. Compared to European latitudes, this means a tenfold higher precipitation. During an expedition through the rain forest offers the adventurous travellers unforgettable moments. The magical background noise is followed by the screams of the parrots in the early morning. Munching on bananas colorful toucans, sloths rest on their branch and butterflies flutter through the air. Fascinating even the small hummingbirds, which drink at 40 to 50 wing beats per second from the flowers. A holiday in Costa Rica is increasingly associated with the concept of eco-tourism, where the eco-friendly behavior in the destination plays a central role. “Specializing in this form of tourism, the biodiversity of the Central American State can be permanently secured, so is Costa Rica in the future the bird richest country in the world” may call.

Winter Holidays In The Mediterranean Islands

It is flowering times in southern Europe the winter season 2010/11. During a given the others into raptures by snow and ice, desire earnestly the spring. Who can wait and now want to come enjoy delicate flower scents, should treat a few days break. The islands of the Mediterranean not invite although yet to bathing, pamper the eye but on bicycle tours and hikes with gorgeous colors. The online travel agency informs about the most beautiful places for a short holiday in the South of Europe. During a holiday in Majorca at the beginning of the year, the countless almond trees fall on visitors. Total, seven million of which grow on the favorite island of the Germans.

The pink flowering lasts until the end of February and will be replaced in March by the flower of daisies and roses. Although the bathing season starts in June, beautiful walks and bike tours are possible in the spring. On Cyprus, also the wild orchids light next to the almond trees. The rich yellow of the orange trees can also be observed until mid-March. Bath time is in some places even from the second week of may, for example, in the Bay of Larnaca. The water temperature in the merry month is already at about 20 degrees Celsius. Sicily shines in a bright yellow Sheen in April, because at that time the gorse on the slopes around Taormina thrives. During the flowering of Oleander around Mount Etna a ride on the Circumetnea stroll car worth”.