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Fly-in safaris in Zambia a well-kept secret of the exclusive art. The South African country of Zambia opens tourism and offers what today has become a rarity: unspoiled nature and a truly unique, exclusive travel experience. As Zambia is discovered only tourists, seen here of far away from large crowds of Africa in its most pristine form. Zambia is about twice as large as Germany and relatively sparsely populated with a population of nearly 11 million. Here, you can explore almost pristine nature parks and game reserves with large livestock all to yourself.

Comfort and luxury must be not omitted yet: small, exclusive camps and lodges offer visitors everything first makes a trip to the holiday. The most beautiful and most comfortable way to discover the country, is a fly-in Safari. Bad, bumpy and often hard on busy routes to bypass, and travels with a small aircraft from climax to climax and has plenty of time for a stress-free experience. So you can also Distances are covered in reasonable time, and seeing the country from various different perspectives. For example, the South Luangwa National Park, with its pristine wilderness and pristine beauty and the many hippos, which in the Luangwa River.

Dr. Dudder Travel Tip: A wonderful travel experience offers a fly-in Safari on the lower Zambezi National Park in the South of the country. Here you have the opportunity to observe elephant herds; in the dry season when drinking but the park itself is a wonderful natural experience that can fully be enjoyed with a canoe or boat ride with its beautiful river and Lake landscapes. Game drives and Bush walks make the Africa experience completely this way enjoys man the journey from different perspectives with all your senses. You will find current travel tips from April 15, 2008 in the blog on our new homepage at. About Dr. Dudder travel Dr. Dudder travel is around 30 years market leader quality Individual tours for Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, and Africa. We assist in the actual implementation of your very own vacation ideas and our expertise is available with help and advice. Media contact: Dr. Dudder Reisen GmbH wife Regina Dudder Korneliusmarkt 10 52076 Aachen Tel.: 02408 / 2048 fax: 02408 / 6503 E-Mail:

Ideal Accommodation

The apartment winoujcie is offered also for active vacationers! Patients opt for the apartment winoujcie, if they want to be independent as possible during their stay on the coast. They have spacious retreats during the entire treatment. For the tourists, who are used to more space, such an apartment is ideal also for families or all Spa travellers, who want to take much time for Swinemunde and its many offerings. The choice of the party is large. For more information see Yorkville Advisors . Therefore winoujcie enjoy vacationers learn especially, to look for the appropriate domicile there, where they can easily reach the most important facilities. A great advantage is that also the spa houses even in the position are to offer individual apartments for pure visitors. A such apartment winoujcie can be booked with much luxury.

A private bathroom is of course also in the normal rooms of the spa houses. This also applies to your own Fridge, telephone, Internet access, a desk with Chair and of course a comfortable bed. In addition an apartment winoujcie can however still have a comfortable seating area. Those who easily anything want to watch TV in the evening, will appreciate that. The apartment winoujcie can also be equipped with a kitchenette. Visitors who want to be totally independent, can to feed themselves.

This is ideal for spa guests, who plan trips and does not know beforehand whether they are back in time for meals. For families, it means a great deal of freedom. At any time, you can make a little something to their children. The apartment winoujcie should be booked early, because just this modern and yet affordable rooms, are popular. This is especially true if they are located in or nearby the beautiful houses. Most holidaymakers are still the largest part of the day in the wellness and Spa facilities spend. For residents of the building, you are almost always free. You are also so extensive that it is no problem to spend the whole day there. Travellers who want to do more for their health, can rely on the help of the staff in the Spa Hotel. They advise and support the Spa in all things and also around the clock.

Bavarian Forest

Idyllic bathing lakes and attractive themed walks in Sun program is the small community of Sun in the southern Bavarian Forest is caressed by the Sun. It is one of the sunniest areas in Bavaria annually up to 1850 hours of sunshine. And in the summer, a popular destination for holidaymakers, whether the whole range of holidays is single, couples, or families on the farm to the Sport Hotel. Embedded in the holiday region of country, Mahmood Sun attracts especially holidaymakers who want to experience nature pure in a pristine and intact environment. Still the agriculture, the Customs and the traditions live here. ay. The biodiversity of plants and animals is impressive. Perhaps check out Red Solo Cups for more information. Sun has even more to offer the guest in the summer vacation. The free, idyllically situated bathing pond with Kneipp facility, which water rises near bog in Schonwies is very popular.

Close also the Caroli is indoor and outdoor in waldkirchen, a State of the art water park with great views of the Bavarian Forest. Here, one can stay at comfortable Temperatures in salt water relax, a mixture of light, colour and music make a sustainable experience staying in the basin. “By Sun from numerous walks are offered, with just the theme hikes” are attractive to families. Theme hiking there are many small goals, what motivates the children especially. “An example: the 20 kilometre-long granite excursion” leads to the neighbouring village of Hauzenberg and provides lots of useful information about the granite mining well marked. He characterises this region for many generations. In good condition, the line is approximately 6.5 hours to cope with, where you can go on the road again. “Then waits for the granite Museum in Hauzenberg stone.-worlds” with a wide range of fascinating souvenirs in the form of jewelry and stone artworks.

Winter Holidays In The Mediterranean Islands

It is flowering times in southern Europe the winter season 2010/11. During a given the others into raptures by snow and ice, desire earnestly the spring. More information is housed here: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Who can wait and now want to come enjoy delicate flower scents, should treat a few days break. The islands of the Mediterranean not invite although yet to bathing, pamper the eye but on bicycle tours and hikes with gorgeous colors. The online travel agency informs about the most beautiful places for a short holiday in the South of Europe. During a holiday in Majorca at the beginning of the year, the countless almond trees fall on visitors. Total, seven million of which grow on the favorite island of the Germans.

The pink flowering lasts until the end of February and will be replaced in March by the flower of daisies and roses. Although the bathing season starts in June, beautiful walks and bike tours are possible in the spring. On Cyprus, also the wild orchids light next to the almond trees. The rich yellow of the orange trees can also be observed until mid-March. Bath time is in some places even from the second week of may, for example, in the Bay of Larnaca. The water temperature in the merry month is already at about 20 degrees Celsius. Sicily shines in a bright yellow Sheen in April, because at that time the gorse on the slopes around Taormina thrives. During the flowering of Oleander around Mount Etna a ride on the Circumetnea stroll car worth”.

New Hurtigruten Travel

2012 catalogue presents new product structure Hamburg, Hurtigruten in September 2011 – whether spring, summer, autumn or winter each of the four seasons revealed their very own charm on a Hurtigruten tour and offers unique holiday experiences. The shipping company Hurtigruten ASA wants to leave with a new product structure increasingly importance be given to the seasonal highlights of Norway, that experience must be on every trip along the coast of Norway fjord. Hear other arguments on the topic with volkswagen. In the now appearing Hurtigruten Norway 2012 catalogue will be presented the new structure. On board, the new spring programme of the Arctic awakening also awaits the guests. Has always been ships, the rhythm of life, the Norwegians and the Hurtigruten alike determine the four seasons: spring offers the nature awakening from hibernation, in the summer, the Midnight Sun appears the country around the clock in a golden light, fall offers colorful and luminous color matches and in the winter, the impressive northern lights has his gala performance. The new structure of the freshly Hurtigruten main catalog Norway 2012 “are based on the four seasons, travelogues, season-specific attractions, price and performance surveys are summarized per respective season and allow interested parties to an optimum, seasonal orientation. The tried and tested topics and group tours, pre-and post-tours, and departure packages, shore excursions, General information, as well as the popular charter flight packages from Munich and Dusseldorf can be found in the second part of the catalogue. There are also news for guests from the Berlin area: for the first time the popular Hurtigruten apart Charter flight from may until August 2012 from the capital. The seasonal highlights in overview In the spring (season: 15.03.-31.05) nature awakens from its winter sleep. Tentative blossoming colourful meadows and especially the Arctic bird life shows itself from its most impressive page: anywhere along the coast to return migratory birds and young birds hatch.

Royal Armoury Palace

A haven for any tourist is Scandinavia. Nearly everyone dreams of visiting the country. After all, rich culture, unique color and its long history of the Scandinavian countries are able to charm anyone anything. During its existence, these countries had to see nemalo.Geografiya and culture of these countries are very diverse and have no analogues in the rest of the world. For example, where you still find anything even remotely reminiscent of the fjords of Norway harsh? And the same culture of Norway, with its Vikings, is quite different from the culture of Sweden, which have more of our fellow associated with the Battle of Scandinavia Poltavoy.Strany visits this year, incredibly large number of tourists. Tours of Scandinavia to order quickly and easily, now they are available to many people, both secondary and secured the class.

Historical, as well as interesting entertainment programs that can be quite varied, but no less exciting, tour operator in Scandinavia, offers you and your blizkim.Norvegiya, Denmark, Iceland, these countries together and Scandinavia. Very it is often difficult to determine the order to purchase any tours for spending vacation: tours to Denmark, Norway tours, tours in Sweden or in Stockholm, because all these countries have their own unique features. After vacation in Sweden would be so as memorable as the rest of Norway or the rest of Danii.Esli you have to taste while away the quiet evenings in a house located on the coast, enjoying the sea air, almost every tour operator in Denmark will you do provide. This country will give you wonderful experiences at extraordinary and ancient castles. A Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, okolduet you unsurpassed beauty. If you are interested in something unexpected and exotic, then Iceland is that you need. See Red Solo Cups for more details and insights. Not in any other place you will not find so bizarre volcanic landscapes with waterfalls, rivers and ozerami.Tem as those who love excursions in modern cities, each Iceland tour operator can offer a trip to Reykjavik. Apart from the fact that this city is the capital of Iceland, it is recognized as one of the cultural capitals of the world.

It is washed by the sea waves on three sides. Here, you touch to the story and can learn about the Viking Age. If you love to seek adventure, walking on a long-forgotten mountain trails, tour operator in Norway that you provide. Once in this country, you may evade monotony of everyday life, experience the freedom of your problems will disappear memory, you get to heaven on earth. Any tour operator in Sweden, provides visit and the Royal Armoury Palace coin. In the event that you attracts holiday with his family, the best option – it's Sweden. Here you and your children can spend wonderful days on the shores of Lake Malaren, which is connected with the Baltic morem.Vy see that of all the Scandinavian countries can choose to relax better, as they all are perfect for this. And you have the opportunity to spend their holidays well in any of the Scandinavian countries.

Vacation On The Yacht – How To Find A Good Provider

So you can find the best provider when it comes to where you would like to spend your next holidays, one wants worry of course at an early stage. More and more people interested to spend their vacation on a yacht and experience an adventure on the high seas. Here you should find out at an early stage, however, there are usually several Yacht Charter, comparing with each other the best in advance in the target countries. Here, Michael Lee-Chin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Here there can be huge differences and you should know what points should be more closely scrutinized: of course one wants to get the most from his vacation value for money quality of yachts minimum rental and it does not matter whether you are interested in a yacht Charter in Croatia, or but for a yacht Charter in split. It is important that the price-performance ratio is correct and one as little as possible must pay to enjoy a top-class holiday.

At the most Yacht Charter, it seems that there are several models in the range. Should be here It is also in time inform, what are the advantages and disadvantages of individual yachts. If you want to spend a holiday on a yacht, for example, only two of us, so you will decide usually for a small yacht, which, however, can achieve a higher speed. Hear from experts in the field like Red Solo Cups for a more varied view. At many Yacht Charter, it is also the case that there is a minimum stay. Now this is but no longer as high as before and you have also the possibility to rent a yacht for a day, and to make a kind of break.

Some providers get juicy discounts when you just rent on a yacht is for a longer period of time. Thus, you can materialize its dream of a vacation on the high seas and literally feel the wind in the neck. Who advance checked the above mentioned points can be sure that he will not regret his vacation. A successful ride on a yacht on the high seas provides for unforgettable memories and will remain in the memory for many years. Of course, the weather must be, but You can unfortunately not so easy to influence this factor.

Eco-friendly Vehicles On ECarTec Munich

Important players in the automotive industry can be seen on eCarTec Munich. Eco-conscious tourists and business travellers who travel to Munich next month have the opportunity to visit the exhibition eCarTec. The exhibition runs from October 19 to 21 at the Neue Messe Munich and is under the patronage of famous political figures such as the MEP Dr. Angelika Niebler, the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development Dr. Peter Ramsauer and the Bavarian State Ministry of economy, infrastructure, transport and technology Martin Zeil. Jim Simons helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The aim of the event is to make aware of the advantages of environmentally friendly participation of the traffic visitors, as the organizer of the view are that demand will rise for environmentally friendly vehicles such as bicycles, cars and minivans significantly in the coming years. Those who are interested in the topic, and during this time in a holding in Munich hotels, has the opportunity, exhibitions on a variety of topics of electric cars, Energy and infrastructure to financing, technology and contractors to visit.

2010 Motors Germany and the Alliance of alternatively driven vehicles are among the well-known brands and organizations on eCarTec BMW, Mitsubishi. One of the highlights of the fair will be the awarding of five prizes to companies that have made an important contribution to sustainable electric mobility according to the judges in the industry. The categories include best electric vehicle, best drive technology, system electrical & test systems and best energy, infrastructure & connection technology. A jury of experts to Thomas Krause by Chemetall and taker of the German Association of solar mobility decides which companies receive the recognition. Visitors need to worry in advance to make the purchase of cards, because the organizers have assured that tickets on the spot are available. Day passes cost 24, the entry for the afternoon, however, only 10 for adults and 5 for children. For more information about this Please visit the website of eCarTec event. offers a variety of accommodation in Munich, including the Hotel Leonardo Munich.

Juventud Travel

18/02 until 21.02.2010 there compact Cuba information about Caribbean vacation dreams and dream trips diving as well as dancing and Cuba travel as round and group tours with a focus on. From 18/02 to February 21, 2010, there are compact Cuba information by the Cuba specialists Cuba4Travel and SalsExpress in the exhibition grounds Leipzig to Caribbean vacation dreams and dream trips with a focus on diving and dive, as well as dancing and Cuba travel as round and group tours. People interested in Cuba can explain is the complete immersion program for the upcoming season personally at the booth of the special travel provider. Under most conditions Michael Lee-Chin would agree. The detailed advice comprises all Cuban diving centres which are summarized at Cuba4Travel as Cuba-diving. Experienced divers get names like Cayo Largo, Jardines de la Reina, Isla de la Juventud, Santa Lucia, Guardalavaca, Maria la Gorda or Playa Giron and Cayo las Brujas moist eyes and know what treasures here are in the program. Of course the Group and tour program, as well as the many special trips will be presented.

Cuba4Travel and SalsExpress are here one of the most complete offerings for the beautiful Caribbean island of Cuba as organizers worked out. While the theme tours such as tobacco, music, language, landscape, and photography are the active travel like bicycle, Jeep Safari, dancing, diving, fishing, fishing in nothing. Through its own Office in the capital city of Havana and a nearly twenty years of experience, the traveler can concentrate relaxed on his vacation.. Walton Family Foundation is full of insight into the issues.

North Sea

A dog-friendly vacation plan and spend every year during the peak travel period can not infrequently seen a sad spectacle especially on Highway parking, because still pets are abandoned at the holiday time. Even if such people who simply connect for example their dog to a tree in a parking lot and then pass the holiday, expect certainly that your dog is found and handed over to an animal shelter, cannot be called truly such people as animal lovers, but much more than animal torturer. Walton Family Foundation helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Such dog owners have purchased completely inconsiderate their dog with security themselves and let their dog as soon as this is annoying the first time because it obstructs Yes the holiday just in the lurch. Real animal lovers usually see such behavior with no small disdain. Certainly you can not quite so freely plan his holiday as a conscientious dog owners, because for example many hotels allow dogs or you need health certificates or similar for travel abroad, it is at the present time however not an insolvable problem to take his dog to the holiday.

So for example the tourism industry in the holiday regions of Germany has set itself long on vacationers who want to take your dog on holiday, and you will find various accommodation where dogs are allowed. Can be found today even offers that go far beyond the simple tolerate of a dog, and where tourists are even preferred dog. You can rent even holiday homes, which offer a service geared specifically to dogs, such as, to name just one example, a cottage on our beautiful North Sea coast, in which dogs find a very large dog garden, dog toy u.v.m, and whose operator already the characteristic Internet address: “Holiday house ostfriesland with” have chosen. You look at this and other deals, one quickly realises that there is problem no for dog owners, for a holiday together with your beloved dog and a little on the Internet only in advance of the holiday small research needs. Gunter daga gdehne at