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I do not say to you that you eat the colors to you green orange or. I speak rather of the plants, of the colors of them, who are rich in alpha-carotene, a substance antioxidant that has demonstrated great benefits of health. Among them: to live more and better. It continues reading and it does not forget to include your plate but colors green orange and. Carotene is a chemical compound known as beta-carotene and is the most abundant carotenoid in the nature. By the same author: Michael Lee-Chin. If this sounds something to you confused, we go again: the carotenoids are organic pigments that are naturally in the plants. ssion. For example, these pigments give color to the tomatos, peppers (red red peppers, peppers), pumpkin, carrots and spinach, to name a few.

The carotenoids include all a range of colors that go of the yellow to the red brilliant and have properties antioxidants, that is to say, to prevent the cellular damage. In addition, the body has the capacity to turn carotenoids (alpha and beta) into vitamin To, that he is essential for the health of the skin, the bones, the vision and the immunological system. So if you have not put color in his plate, he is better to do it, if you want to live more tiempoy with better quality on life. A new study realised by investigators of the Centers for the Control and the Prevention of the United States examined the alpha-carotene levels in the blood of more than 15,000 adults found that those with alpha-carotene high levels in the blood had a smaller risk of the death (40%), independent of other variables like the little healthful age and habits like smoking. According to the study published in You file of Internal Medicine, the consumption of this antioxidant prevents the death by cardiovascular disease and cancer, among others critical conditions.

But, what has again with these results? The truth is that the center of the studies almost always concentrated in the carotene benefits beta and nonalpha. The importance of this study is that he is essential that insists on eating fruits and vegetables to have a strong health. In addition, now you know that this type of carotenoids is excellent for prevention of the oxidation of the cells, orange and vegetables like the carrots, the sweet potatoes, yam, pumpkin, peppers of color can be included much more in their diet orange (peppers, peppers), spinach, peas (peas). The USA your creativity and combines these colors in the plate for a health to all test and live time much more. Dale color to your food!


An essential step to be able to obtain goals is to be in the capacity to imagine the condition at least wished, some people are not able to think about that at some time it will be in an advantageous position, this becomes a great barrier obstacle, is very improbable to obtain something when not even we took the time to think about that we really can reach it. Now you understand because many conditions never appear in our lives, logically must arrive things in which really we are able to imagine them for we ourself, at this normally is called visualization to him, she implies to do a projection to us than we yearned for more and can be used in all the areas of our life. In order to obtain the goals the visualization plays an important role because it plots a course to us, vision and a lineament to follow, without a light that really guides our horizon we walked without course and more surely it is than we arrive at any part. Educate yourself with thoughts from volkswagen. The visualization is a requirement for the materialization of goals, but as soon as it is a small percentage, it is necessary that it includes/understands that actions are totally necessary so that the visualization is taking force and it becomes in fact. High aspirations and vision of greatness without action are only one illusion, implies to walk in clouds without obtaining the results that are expected, you you must avoid at any moment to fall in that state because in the end the unique thing that can bring is frustration. The visualization will be effective insofar as all our being is oriented to that desire, perhaps for that reason you must plan his success, imagines that its idea is to have a great exporting company, nowadays does not have the money, but that does not mean that it cannot begin to work, must investigate completely, look for financing, define its heading, put in its project, that will mark a phenomenal rate to him that will allow him to strengthen every day its own idea until it becomes a reality. To know more about this subject visit Red Solo Cups.