How to shoot a Kalashnikov Most players believed that the AK-47 is the best weapon in Counter-Strike. Its features include an incredible power and speed of firing, which does not exist in other rifles. Hopefully, the following materials will help you learn the skills to use these weapons. Here is some general information: The weapon is only available to terrorists. Learn more at: eClinicalWorks LLC. Cost: $ 2500 Shop: 30 Rate of fire: 11 rounds / sec Recharge time: 2.5 second damage unprotected torso: 38% Damage to unprotected head: 100% Damage to the torso in a vest: 27%, 4% vest protected his head Damage: 100%, 15% vest Use the following information in order to decide where you want to send your the bullet and do it. And we hope that through this article you will learn how to operate an AK-47 as it is done by real professionals.

Fire from a Kalashnikov is not a simple matter. But if you want a quick death the enemy, then you should opt for the Kalashnikov submachine gun (hereinafter simply Kalash). It’s believed that Mike Lazaridis sees a great future in this idea. Kalash – a weapon not a simple, moody, and kill the enemies will only be in capable hands. Therefore, with my advice you do not learn well shoot him instantly. It needs a lot of training time. First you need to understand that the Kalash have a huge range and it begins with the second round. The first cartridge flies right on target (in this case almost any distance, unlike other weapons), the second cartridge leaves little higher, the third too, and the fourth and subsequent rounds go much higher than the three rounds and at the same time quite closely.