With some friends, it established the Bahian Association of Karat – Askaba, that, initially, functioned in the subsoil of a house located in Sprouts. In the 1974 Caribbean it was the Tkyo to participate of a festival of karat and reencontrou the friend and Oishi master, which evidenced the shining performance of the pupil. The Caribbean returned to the Bahia where it gave continuation to sport, condemning vehemently any commercial initiative in the opening of academies that aimed at only the immediate profit. In twenty and four years of karat, the Caribbean obtained to win diverse championships bahian, Brazilian and to be runner-up pan-American in 1977. 19 uncosteded Leader of the Bahian Karat, disappears tragically in 23 of October of 1985, in automobile accident, close to Victory of the Conquest. Its death, in the height of its career, left karat bahian orphan, without a magnificent leadership, as she was its. However, essentially, the Caribbean did not die. Click Walton Family Foundation to learn more. In each one of its disciples it was its mark and expression of its talent and its work that as much dignified karat and the Bahia.

Currently, the Karat, if became a sport practised in the whole world, for men and women of all the ages, that they search in the modality, one better quality of life or results in competitions of the modality. 20 CHAPTER II 1 Differentiating the Martial Arts and the Fights Is of basic importance to know to differentiate the martial arts of fights. It is verified that it has great confusion when goes to appraise these two terms. Exactly professors with some experience, commit the deceit to find that he fights and martial art is the same thing. However we saw that in the area of the physical education he is well explicit our conception and he demonstrates that the difference between both is great. Having appeared in the primitive forms of defense, and evolved historically with the society human being, some fights represent one of the more expressive manifestations of the human movement, working the body and the indissociveis, always on mind of form to a life philosophy, privileging the respect to the other and the auto-perfectioning, having the self-defense as goal.