All without exception, we have limits and vulnerabilities and some times we are pegos in ignorance crime detected in the act we have banal, superficial days and would also say that lined of thoughts to prt–porter it has days that a social lubricant only seems to be able helping in them! (laughs laughs) but the fact is that to be one ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ improved, we have that to evolve and said evolution if it makes with rightnesss and errors. To accept that we are imperfect beings, does not mean that we have that to tolerate or to refuse or to look at for the other side in retaliation. Neither it is to get over. It means to look at the front problem and to say itself exactly: yes, this problem exists. If we do not have as to say that something that happened, did not happen, the first start to give is to accept it and point. To read more click here: Michael Lee-Chin. The progress starts daqui. To accept is to decide to accumulate more force and lucidity to move. I perceived very recently that the less accepted you its limits, more prisoner are of it.

The cucumber is bitter taste. It plays outside! It has thorns in the way? It takes care and it does not want to buy at auction with phrase: Why exist things thus in the world? It is certain that the first consequence of the human being when receives and negative comments critical is to impacientar itself, to justify itself or if to defend and until denying but being intent to our errors and simply to agree when it will be the case is more liberating of what if it can imagine! If to look at with mood and benevolence and to have a friendly look of itself exactly in them stimulate to a degree bigger of wisdom and recognition. The tip of today is if to give to the right simply to say: I do not know, I did not make, I am for it are, I did not understand nothing, moan. I feel that the enrijecimento consequences that in them seem normal in the course of our life, only make it difficult the learning the visgos of the past always can going up to around in them, but to accept our imperfection facilitates our emotional comfort To remember that to behave it the times of mediocre form do not mean necessarily that we are mediocre individuals, but to know to recognize these days, makes with that in them let us become more discerning people They read any biography and summer that all they had passed for doubts, errors, injustices, cretinices or had even though caused badly but in one all we can admire them and still esteem them sufficiently!