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Suddenly Tunisia

The discovery of a country suddenly a country called Tunisia appears there. You could win this impression given the coverage of civic protest in the Maghreb States and the overthrow of President Ben Ali. That in Tunisia since mid-December massively and not only “frustrated, disillusioned young people” – a gladly accepted stereotype of the Arab world–was protesting against the Government, it was learned in Germany mid-January; If at all. When he actually fled dictatorial Ben Ali, ruling with the usual Mafia family clans, bureaucracy and intelligence agencies out of the country since 1987, Visual confusion was in the middle of the media age. Get all the facts and insights with Sen. Marco Rubio, another great source of information. The discovery of a country, the special of the day topics brought ten minutes long confusing images of street battles and comments from protesters.

The mantra repeated phrase of the Tunisian people, who have driven its dictator, was the only attempt to classify what happened until earlier this week. It was obvious: no one in the Media landscape had ever dealt further with Tunisia, as with reports on bathers German holiday-makers who, because too many came after their return to Word. That a 23-year-old and reinforced with about 170,000 “security forces” dictatorship like a coup should be been swept away within one month by mere demonstrations, was not called into question. Myths instead of analysis: coverage of Tunisia instead the modern myths from the usual corner crept: from the first “Wikileaks revolution” was pontificating and an early end of all Arab “wrong”regimes of Algeria causes prayed to Saudi Arabia. None of this has proved to be even remotely considered to be substantial. That but with all determination and admirable courage of protesting Tunisians the coup without the solidarity of the Tunisian army, the demonstrators easily could have ended disastrously, seeps slowly and sometimes input in the reporting. Whether and how the political reconstruction of the country can succeed in the era after Ben Ali and will play what role in the old boy network is completely open to the hour. Tunisia’s Imelda Marcos and French arms aid, meanwhile, remain rich analysis of the backgrounds of the handy “Jasmine revolution” baptized operations in Tunisia in German pay television and its Internet sites remain almost completely.

Instead prefer encircled the admittedly flamboyant character of events, Ben Ali’s wife Leila, which is probably not wrongly as a Tunisian version of Imelda Marcos. The bird of ignorance but had still on 11 January, the French Foreign Minister bereitsabgeschossen Ben Ali’s Government to resolve the “security situation” the “savoir faire” (in this country mostly: “know-how”) of the French security forces wore. Fortunately Tunisia suddenly was another – hopefully. Andreas Kellner…

Don Quixote

Only the two diseases are selected in order to keep the overview. Confidently, it could include also dementia and other neurological diseases. We leave it at the two Common diseases of cardio-vascular and cancer. Each can complement a disease that ever there was no earlier years ago so in bulk for themselves like E.g. the tinnitus. Physical diseases are in mass, partly to deep depression or even genetic – leading some to cancer. Medicine makes healthy, we know today, but what makes all the time and constantly getting sicker. Rather does not exist, unexplained links.

Fight against windmills, like Don Quixote, our physician, rather Yes. A simple story that might fit and provides explanation might be. When I was 12 to 16.30 years old, I lived in the Odenwald. The village, with town rights, had approximately 3,500 inhabitants. Eric Corey Freed is full of insight into the issues. At my age then they squeezed around himself everywhere and so it was that you knew the whole village sometime, more or less, be more. That was today 50 years ago and then logically or otherwise all was also the air and water.

There was no time working and infinite stress to the workplace. There were 2 or 3 people who believe me in the village Siblings and parents who in turn knew everyone, were stricken with cancer. Died was also, as today, but more of old age. Died is always. Cancer was the angsterregendste word that you knew. Just as it was also rare. And, that there were dying were known already for this reason. New year’s Eve 2011, I called a schoolmate and we talked also about cancer, where his wife died. The village has some people more, but still, you know the people. Cancer is a neighborhood disease and more or always present today. My schoolmate doesn’t count any more, as we did earlier. With me – here in Berlin in the Kitz – this is no different.

Valuable Prizes And Familiar Faces Adorn The This Year

The Munich-based rose ball 2009 has gained attention. Sponsors have donated the prize and the Munich celebrity scene ensures the necessary gloss. The Munich-based rose ball 2009 has gained attention. Sponsors have donated the prize and the Munich celebrity scene ensures the necessary gloss. This ball is an event of this year’s ball season.

For the seventh time the Association organizes Munich rose ball the noble black and white ball for the benefit of children in need, this year for the Tabaluga Kids Foundation. The ball aligned this year on February 19, 2009 in the ceremonial hall of the hotel Bayerischer Hof offers highlights of a special kind this time. Thus, a guitar by Peter Maffay comes to the auction with autographs of Bon Jovi, David Copperfield, Eros Ramazzotti, Placido Domingo and Chris de Burgh by a joint concert. Bid for who ever wanted to have the chance to be discovered, as acting talent can a guest role in the eve SOAP storm of love”. The actor by storm of love”and Marienhof”can be met right at the ball personally. Who think of children in need, often immediately think of Africa. A two-week trip takes in a new Lodge of the provider Bradipo-travel to Tanzania.

In a raffle also awards such as hotel vouchers for two people find vouchers for beauty, beauty, good food and fine jewelry. Not only the show deposits, but especially the numerous provide shine and glimmer celebrities who have announced this year. In addition to Erol Sander with wife Caroline also the moderators Eva Garib and Uschi Dammrich by Luttitz, the actor Ursula Barimo, Julia Henkel, Dirk Galuba and Franz Buchrieser, the entertainer will be Roberto Blanco and Petra Pearl and the opera singer Ann-Katrin Naidu, as well as many others. But certainly also the opening of the ball must be mentioned by the chorus to phORM’s school. Here, children for children sing in need of enthusiasm and a desire to help. Recently in Munich-based school are taught the children bilingual. According to information of the ball-line bookings far beyond the figures of the previous year are and it is recommended to seek the free cards quickly. The rose ball has many years of tradition. He goes Munich rose ball the father-in-law of the President of the Association back to the Orchid ball of Kommunalpolitikers Wolfgang Valdez singing.