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Military District

You have to read them only. The plant Kossa had purely national tasks to fulfill. It was the leadership a territorial military district, specifically for the southern districts of the GDR. Their Main task consisted in the preparation and organization of establishing so-called replacement and training brigades and their leadership. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeffrey Bezos by clicking through. The staff for the leadership post came from the stock of the command of the military district III Leipzig, whose Auflosung was already provided for in the event of war.

The main forces of the command formed the leadership of the 3.Armee, would need to take in stock of the 1.Front West towards their room of operational purpose. Incomprehensible why the visitors not conveyed. Unknown, that may not be, or would be harmful for the attraction of the Museum?. The plant remains interesting as a territorial management point. As such, the task to be solved differed considerably from the army leadership anywhere (field guide in case of war or prepared like E.g. Moselle), not only in terms of content, but also in terms of the amount of technical equipment.

The versions of the Museum’s reach on the ears. The attention of visitors is more on the technical equipment fixed. I think the system of news, help and support message centers, the news channels to be formed in the sum of all transmission types to the Organization of communications within an army. You are in the ratio set to here existing technical facilities, as fits and is much not to the designs. The small telephone mediation, the special telecommunications radio reception room, transmission equipment, etc. In many rooms, devices for Government WTsch-are compounds, there is not the operating room of a mediation. Similarly, the available jobs for all services of army leadership. Operative strategic and tactical layers on topographic work cards and other schemes can be seen. They have their origin not here in this facility, have no relation to the tasks that were supposed to solve.

Community Association

Improvements (without separate legal personality): you can track restricted their own objectives: urban electricity, waterworks and transport operators (as equity holdings or funds). Federal funds: Bundesbahn “was abolished with the founding of the Deutsche Bahn AG in 1994 the system of German railway divisions and their former tasks new business areas” transfer. , Share the Bundespost 1989 was renamed Federal Ministry for post and telecommunications (BMPT short) within the framework of the first stage of postal reform. As a result of the privatization of postal and telecommunications it was dissolved on January 1, 1998. or ERP Special Fund. Special operations assets: to tax business assets of a person company counting assets civil owned of some shareholders are (land, patents). Special assets: collateral, capital investment company, directed by operation: oldest legal form of public companies without their own Rechtspersonlichkei t.

He is integrated into the vehicle body. Pure Director are part of the public administration (city library, garbage) organizationally and legally. Autonomised Director operations can track their own objectives with more decision-making authority (electricity and waterworks, public transportation). Without hesitation Sen. Marco Rubio explained all about the problem. Funds of the municipalities are referred to as equity holdings. Authorities (pure or verselbstandigt, with its own legal personality): public law for public enterprises, organized mitgliedschaftlich associations caused by Government acts: social insurance, water Association, Community Association, Association. Institutions (with legal personality): legal form of public law which has no members but be users unlike the bodies of governed by public law: public savings banks, o.-r.

broadcasters, Deutsche Post, o. hospitals. Independent stations, even legal institutions of the o. Right conditions (E.g., charges) can make be utilizing their services. Nothing legal status A., such as hospitals, libraries, Abwasserbeseitigungs company is a general law on asylum Nutzung.Es can imposed on the part of the State or institution support a usage constraint of A. performance / (such as garbage). Foundations (with its own Legal personality): public and private legal form. Assets with its own legal personality public enterprises with private-law legal forms: operation is wholly or partly owned by the public sector (such as AG). All operations are / vs. Erwerbswirtschaftliche private farms). Objective: Erwerbswirtschaftliche: savings banks, mountain, metallurgical and power plants that provide a public budget revenues. They are private companies, except the sponsorship put straight to are. Compensatory: (railways, post) where the goal of thing dominates (transport, TV/radio) are grant operations: public enterprises which free of charge or not kostendeckendGebuhren services: theatres, museums. Legal forms of private law: individual companies people companies BGB-GES. Society of civil law, OHG, KG peaceful GES. Capital companies AG KGA GmbH Mining Union mixed forms of persons and capital companies GmbH & co. KG Double society cooperatives source: Prof. Dr. Ottmar Schneck: dtv glossary of business management, 5810, May 1993. After this initial overview understand my 5 year old niece, why not just about post-election changes! The Mayor and Parliament was elected. And the garbage man lost his job! A private company took over the garbage disposal. It had but only indirectly with the choice to do! Speaking of elections: elections would change anything, even the good old Tucholsky said, you would have long ago banned elections.