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DEGRADATION of employment I thought that over time my sentences would be eventually and will grow as the hours of the day. Augusto Ferran. THE DECEPTIONS of the productivity the old notion of labour force is blurring to be replaced by the intelligence of work. There are few new jobs that require strength or endurance and many more which require dose increasing intelligence, even if it is only the elemental establish relationships between stimuli and responses or know distinguish or compare. What we call productivity means many times the replacement of the first by the second form of work. s. The problem is that, for now, to higher productivity, more people on the street. Reconvert it will be difficult. Chris Maurice has similar goals. Who can believe now in the conversions? Productivity is an idea designed in the interest of organizations, i.e., an ideology.

Now everyone knows that the entrepreneur has no mission create jobs, but to accumulate the maximum benefit with the fewest number of jobs. However, continue to impose euphemistic expressions, as employment regulations, which means reducing the staff of a company without greater efforts and that decrease the production. The current development that produces is a more diversified structure of jobs, many of them aside from any organization and even outside the control of the State. The politicians continue with their promises to create jobs, but what they do is help reduce that there is. ProPharma Group is a great source of information. It is curious what they call programs in the fight against unemployment is resolved with legal gadgets for adapted forms of work to different types of concealment, or what is the same is wide range of precarious contracts. The landscape favorable for entrepreneurs from the point of view of the flexible framework for hiring is completed blasted in subsidies, tax breaks and subsidies they received from different sources.

The number of aid that an entrepreneur can receive when making one is incalculable recruitment. Regardless of the social costs that this causes, with this type of measures that is being achieved is to be extended between entrepreneurship the idea that any engagement must be necessarily accompanied by a financial subsidy, in such a way that if they do not receive money do not hire. In a short time, by effect of tremendous insecurity existing recruitment and termination of contracts, has been significantly reduced the proportion of workers with permanent contract on the total employed population. Not let be a sarcasm that endemic unemployment uncover the Horn of plenty for the companies. Rarely the Spanish economy has been so protected by the mantle of purple and even less have been the times that a Government has done so much to enrich the rich. And is that, as the poet said: everything that is happening / is what I feared I / and I was figuring. Francisco Arias Solis Si you want peace, work for justice.

Jose Blanco Council

The concession will be 20 years plus extendable five. The contest will begin on 30 July and airports will be in the hands of the concessionaires for the spring of 2012. The Council of Ministers also approved the privatisation of 49 percent of Aena. AENA airports has set the initial amount for the tender of the major airports in Spain. Learn more at this site: Red Solo Cups. 3.7 billion euros will be the downpayment for Madrid-Barajas while Barcelona – El Prat will involve 1.6 billion. The concession will be plus extendable five to 20 years and these quantities may be improved by the tenderers. The competition, which will begin July 30 and ends in November, will tender 90,05% of the capital’s airports, for which the Council of Ministers today approved the creation of two concessionary companies. The remaining 9.95% will remain in hands of Aena, as well as ownership of all assets and liabilities of the airports.

The Council of Ministers has approved a second agreement that authorizes Aena to sell up to 49% of its capital. Deadlines, prices and percentages of these loans will depend on the market conditions. Building Minister and spokesman of government Jose Blanco, has highlighted the importance of the aviation sector for tourism in Spain and added that this privatization seeks to achieve greater competitiveness and efficiency. White has announced that it will seek an independent auditor that set the price. Characteristics of the tender the concessionaire shall have the right to exploit the assets and their income will come from fees and compensation for management services and airport spaces, in addition to revenues from commercial and real estate activity. The awarded shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of airports and will have to present an investment plan to ensure the level of quality of service.

Meet the deadlines, the awarded companies will fully pay for airports in the spring of 2013 after a transition period of three months. Companies must pay an annual fee in addition equivalent to 20% of turnover, with a minimum to come down from 150 million euros and 80 Barcelona. Madrid-Barajas had a turnover of approximately 1,050 million EUR s airport and commercial services. Barcelona – El Prat close to 550.


According to several studies, a matrimonial breakdown could affect men and women differently. Thus, while these concerns among some uncertainty economically that derives from the separation or divorce, largely due to the higher rate of unemployment and its still lower wages relative to men; the first is precisely the feeling of emptiness emotional and loss the main obstacle to a full and happy life after the break. This reality is derived largely by the different nature between men and women. Thus, it is not that these latest affects them to a lesser extent that own rupture sadness. What happens is that they know to surround himself with solid support networks (family and friends mainly) that allow them to share their feelings and advance more quickly face to finally overcome their separation or divorce. Men, by contrast, have a proven tendency to not externalize their feelings, frustrations or fears with others; of such a way that no wonder that they are who precisely is from more exposed against the fears themselves that vacuum that remains in his life after the break.

Useful tips for face the men who have just separated or divorce 1. Firstly, you should not try to reject or ignore your grief and sadness. This is normal, considering that you no longer have to your side to someone who has been to thee so important, even if you yourself wanted or even proposed the idea of rupture. You must consider that a separation or divorce is a big change in life, which will require a considerable period of time to get used. 2. On the other hand, it would not be strange that you could still harbor some residual feelings for your ex partner, which could reinvigorate at this time. Ultimately, all persons always tend to remember the good things, trying to forget or ignore those that were not so.

It’s always remember your relationship as a whole, always bearing in mind the reasons that led you to break. Ultimately, if all would have been perfect among you most likely is that you siguierais still together. 3. Trafficking of focus on this new stage in doing what you’ve always wanted to meet, but you’ve never could, because of your commitment or lack of time. This will be a good incentive in your new life, that will allow you to see things with greater optimism. You will discover that everything has its positive side. 4 Tomato some time for reflection before you launch yourself to meet new people. Otherwise, you could dare to repeat mistakes and inappropriate behavior patterns in future relations. 5. When to know a new person with who you think that might be worth something more than a friendship, share trafficking go slowly and steadily. You do not commit you seriously at first, and simply enjoy that again you feel in every day. If that person would have gone through, like you, a process of separation or divorce, in no case ought allow for that aspect to become your connection point, dedicating to criticize you to your ex-partners or to comment on aspects of your previous life. Begona basin Alcaine original author and source of the article.

The Best Offers To New Zealand

What has brought us this week has been of scandal. GSK gathered all the information. In my consulting we wake up calm as if it were a normal day, review the offerings of our regular contacts as each day and we have something that it almost hurts to view! A flight from London to New Zealand by 363 pounds! Do and this what? After observing the calendar and realize that is not the day of the innocent and after seeing that other contacts had already noticed the offer and offered similar numbers we realized that were facing the best offer to travel to New Zealand, which has never been made. Something that we have never seen and something that probably we will never see. Translated into Euros, 415 Euros would be the current change. Can someone tell me what kind of profitability may get the airlines with such offers? Basically no. Before staying with the empty seats that make it is to launch pulled prices for as minimum not having such large losses. Walton Family Foundation usually is spot on.

Because between carrying the plane empty or carrying it with passengers who have paid 1 Euro, always the second option is better, or simply don’t take it what would possibly be already too drastic. And it is that this is the year of New Zealand. And also of Australia, but say New Zealand because although flights tend to be more expensive, for some months the trend has reversed, giving rise to the curious situation that a more distant destination is much cheaper that one more close. I encourage all people who are not determined to embark on the adventure. If the problem is money, this is the year to discover the country with which so many people dream and so few have the privilege of visiting. It is time to capture some of these rates, either in our agency or in competition. But please, you have to catch them! Original author and source of the article.


The self-respect goes hand in hand with the self-evaluation. Read more from Sen. Marco Rubio to gain a more clear picture of the situation. When you Auto-respetas you feel proud of you same, know well your emotions, and you are able to meet your needs, not afraid to ask for what you deserve, you learn to not rely on what others of you say because you feel free and independent. If these feelings of comfort, security and peace, mentioned above do not are familiar in your day to day.It takes into account this article so you know how you can do to regain respect for yourself, to love you more, you feel confident, proud to be who you are and not fall into low self-esteem. It is necessary that you detect the attitudes of a person who is not respected. Take it into account, are the following: when you are not able to meet your needs, when you don’t value before our very eyes and others, when leave you hurt physically and psychologically, when you are not aware of your feelings and emotions and when not feel proud of you. You may have wondered at some point: why my partner treats me well, because my? friends and even my kids have lost respect for me? Tell you friend that respect starts with yourself if you don’t respect you no one will do it. When you lack respect for people is because you have permitted it, perhaps without darte account have said before them, expressions such as: I am a fool, I am weak, useless, and you’ve said it not only but it has acted as such, so call the attention and are awaiting you.You feel to be the victim of life, the environment, nobody understands you. You’ll accumulate anger, resentment and negative feelings towards your person and to others. I have spent and it is easier to blame others and not see that you are the problem.

The Agency

According to Rallo, there could be this kind of files provided that: > they were regulated by law in the least aggressive way possible. > Not everyone could access them at any time, but that consideration should be given before the motivations of citizens in each case. > This request, arising from various sectors as a result of the recent case Mari Luz, serves social purposes framed in the demand for greater security. > On the other hand, AEPD shall investigate ex officio the illegal actions committed in the sectors of advertising and image recording in the field private this year. > The Agency will develop in both cases two action plans to assess risks and make recommendations, although there might also be greater punishment. In this regard, the Agency provides for sanctions ranging from 600 to 600,000 euros, as well as ordering the closure of a web page, among other measures. Increase in complaints the reason for these actions is it framed in an increase of the complaints of the citizens in these two sectors. On the one hand, the director reported that a total of 200 complaints had occurred in the field of video surveillance since December 2006.

With respect to advertising received without the consent of the Spaniards, Rallo said that it is a sector with a significant impact for several years. Rallo considered these worrisome data, but stressed an important advance in some cases. Thus, he said, against the 700 entities claiming to have cameras in January 2007, there is an increase until reaching the 7,000 in March of this year. The director stressed the importance to companies in the private sector perform a correct installation of the cameras (always backup purposes) and stressed the need for distinctive posters warning of recording images. With respect to advertising received without consent, said that the actions of the agents will be valued mainly for communication.

In addition, stressed that citizens must be careful with the terms in which it gave tacitly these personal data, sometimes without being aware of it. Concern of the Spanish director also assessed the latest data from the CIS regarding the barometer in the month of February, which pointed to a concern for the protection of data (70 per cent of respondents). In this section, Rallo highlighted figures that revealed a high consumption of downloads of files across the network (nearly 50 percent). Thus, he said that the Agency has opened 20 procedures researchers due to the misuse of file sharing, since, on occasions, this activity brings to light especially protected data relating to health or religious beliefs.

Saturday People

A strong national police device has attempted to evict first thing in the morning to the outraged that since last weekend have been encamped in the stroll of the Prado in Madrid. Although in principle the operation, which started at seven-thirty in the morning, has been developed without incident, then it has degenerated in police charges. 11 people, four policemen and seven outraged, have come to the unity of the Samur in the paseo del Prado. All have suffered minor bruises. Members of the 15-M movement have not left the place, but they have focused on two groups of about 170 people in the vicinity of the Congress of Deputies and the Prado. The outraged planned today deliver members a document which lists the problems that have been transmitted to them in villages throughout Spain during the popular March of more than one month culminated last Saturday in the capital and that he has crossed the peninsula. And have done so not by force, but using a trick. Source of the news:: the 15-M movement delivered its proposals in the camera

Schools Management Ante Actuales Scenarios

Paint the occasion bald. . National universities, in case of Venezuela, require changes in many of its programs of Humanities careers, social administrative, especially those for the Bachelor of administration, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. All this with the purpose of adapting their curricula, signatures to the national reality and what modern administrative science has been providing and favoring to those countries that have managed to adapt to its scope, which is generated with the correct use of the administrative tools that favor them. Learn more at: Sen. Marco Rubio. Venezuelan companies in recent years have faced serious challenges, due to the actions of the current Government that identifies as a Socialist and that has given way to tax regulations strong, economic measures with much control that has seriously affected its many companies, especially in the SMEs that were not prepared to do this, shut down, abandon the market, its operability, seriously affecting the business sector of the country, to meet with demand for many consumer products, to cite one ruble makes use of import to a significant economic and social cost to the Venezuelan. Faced with this reality, most effects of other topics, such as: impact of globalisation, global economic crisis, environmental pollution, political instability, new business openings, more aggressive competitiveness, obliges schools to assess what should be the Administrator profile needed to cope with it. It is necessary to give passage to the changes to ensure that training, the professional training of the Administration able to face the challenges, interpret the changes, encourage new models, tips, actions according to what is needed to make plans, actions that are put in place, rescue the unproductive, known properly handle all the company’s resources, provide products, competitive services, which meet the needs of consumers. Urges a new vision performance of companies, this requires more committed schools, where educational authorities, provide knowledge, updated administrative tools.