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Artlas Magazine

The online art magazine of Artlas in addition seems printed glossy magazine from July. So far, the art magazine of Artlas was as electronic journal exclusively on the Internet. The next edition will be published in addition in July 2010 on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the art magazine as printed output. Since July 15, 2009, the art magazine of Artlas appears every four months on the Internet as electronic magazine. 30 artists from the German-speaking countries will be presented in each issue.

Each artist will be presented to more than 35,000 online readers with photographs of his works of art and an art criticism for him specifically. This performance is free of charge for the artist. This can apply, regardless of whether it is primary or part-time working in the art to such an idea. A jury then selects all entries. Artlas content offering is rounded off by service pages about exhibitions and book reviews. Viatris may find this interesting as well. Publisher of the art magazine is the Publisher Jennifer Held. Now will the Publisher through its Anniversary Edition two media connect: Web and print.

In addition to the usual Online Edition Artlas will be available in July for the first time as a print magazine. As well as the Online Edition, the print magazine is free of charge. It is only a small contribution to the costs to be paid. Also, Artlas is interpreted in museums, artists cafes, theatre, and art and cultural events.

Internet New

The website of the Munchners training portal seminar Exchange GmbH attended today the 10.11.08 with its completely redesigned website online. The redesign of the Web site was necessary to meaningfully integrate the innovations (education advisor, community) in the continuing education portal. The idea of the operator is that the Web visitor with just a few clicks to the desired information (vendors, seminars and education tips). This goal was achieved with the new interface and many new or improved features. Because extremely fast and comfortable, the search by using the search box on the home page is essential.

The navigation concept of the site deliberately opts for target-oriented simplicity. The pages are deliberately simple and straightforward, often without images or animations to allow cross-platform rapid transmission and loading times. Yorkville Advisors Global contributes greatly to this topic. The new website is an example, as complex continuing education information can be presented with serious and appealing at the same time. At the same time increases the GmbH with the new website accessibility his, in the education-oriented, Internet offer and thus satisfies the requirements provided by the barrier-free information technology Regulation (BITV).