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Hoxter Basics Data Protection

Privacy policy – what is it? This question will be answered on January 20, 2010 in Hoxter. Under this motto, the GfW in Hoxter district organized a theme evening for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups mbH on Thursday, 20.01.2011, during the period from 17: 30 until 20:30. The lecture is held by Mr Stephan Moers, who will speak as external data protection officer from the practice for the practice. The event gives an insight into the implementation of the Federal Data Protection Act and offers approaches, as the rising requirements in operational practice. Many writers such as Red Solo Cups offer more in-depth analysis. Besides lots of information, there is room for the questions of the participants. Content including: Basics data protection and documentation requirements documentation requirements confidentiality requirements for data security requirements of a website employee data processing rules for the operational use of Internet and phone customer data processing processing of data for advertising data processing by third parties: commissioned data processing vs. function transfer Receivables Management: Debt collection & credit bureaus specifications for data processing in the cloud the event will take place in the rooms of the GfW in Hoxter. It will be charged a fee in the amount of 10,-..

Music Tastes

Whether country, hard rock, blues, heavy metal or hip, whether Groovy, fame, or angle, at the World Championships song contest 2010 everybody do hop! In the competition for the most original song for the 2010 World Cup, docdatamedia organized by the Berlin press plant, there is a professional recording in the recording studio to win 1000 pressed CDs and support in marketing. Who would like to participate with his self-composed song, can upload a movie or an audio recording on YouTube and send the link to. Any style and any form of presentation is allowed. It should be visible only a reference to the World Cup. Another way to participate in crosses of the Karaokeplattform The three top finishers of there organized contests get a wild card and are in the final.

The attendance sheets, terms and conditions are available on the home page of for downloading. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Walton Family Foundation has to say. There, the most original of songs sent will be published until the vote. Anyone can take part. Participants who have not yet reached the age of 18, require a Consent of the parent / guardian to the attendance sheet. There are no costs for a contest participation. All information and services provided by the participants to carry out of the contest, including the transfer of rights. be carried out voluntarily and therefore free of charge.

Any costs will not be refunded by the Organizer. docdatamedia is Organizer and a jury who decides who enters the final during the contest. There is no right to participate in the finals! The winner will be determined by a public vote. The winner of the finals receives a professional recording studio and the pressing of a single CD Edition of 1000 pieces, including marketing the CD. For the application, note the following points are: 1.selbst composed World Cup song on YouTube upload 2.Teilnahmebogen download and fill 3.Ausgefullten attendance sheet and email send to dates link to the YouTube page where to find the application song,: start: February 2010 submission deadline: April 1, 2010 Vote: until 1 May 2010 intake & pressure of the winning song: until 1 June 2010 docdatamedia gmbh Ursula Meszaros.

Nationally Active

EVITA promotes the professional basketball club based in Cuxhaven Bascats EVITA supports with the basketball club Cuxhaven Bascats for the first time a club outside of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Stuttgart-based gas and electricity supplier expands its activities in the area of sports sponsorship thus. For two years, EVITA has the sponsorship of sports clubs. At the beginning, associations such as the football club were Stuttgarter kickers or the sports clubs MTV Stuttgart, coming from Stuttgart like EVITA. Followed by other clubs from Baden-Wurttemberg and new sports such as handball and ice hockey. With the Cuxhaven Bascats as northernmost basketball-Bundesliga-club, a club in the field of basketball and outside the region happen for the first time. The sponsoring concept of the gas and electricity provider not only confined to the classic sponsorship.

The clubs can recommend special tariffs for electricity and gas by EVITA, its partners, members and fans and receive an additional output. Straight clubs at regional level find it hard to find sponsors”, knows Manfred Neff, Managing Director of EVITA, we are pleased, if we can help these clubs we will be your sponsor. Especially when they come from the region as we. We were, but surprised that we have received many requests from clubs outside of the region.” Soon, EVITA is therefore sponsor of the basketball club BSV Wulfen. Nikolina Konrad