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Xchange4LS Forgives 16,000 L$ For The Three Most Beautiful SL Photos On The Subject Of Shopping!

From April 12, 2011, you can with some creativity and an eye for SL motifs on the new Facebook photo contest by Xchange4LS total 16,000 L$ win. From April 12, 2011, you can with some creativity and an eye for SL motifs on the new Facebook photo contest of the independent Linden dollar provider Xchange4LS total 16,000 L$ win. The theme of the photo contest is shopping! “To take part in the competition, a fan of Xchange4LS on Facebook it is sufficient to publish his photo on the wall of Xchange4LS and the fanbase and his friends the attractiveness of the image by likes” to assess. The motive is to enclose a description that should describe the location, brand and the depicted objects. The three images with the most likes”win! The prices are as follows: 1 price: 10,000 L$, 2nd Prize: 5.000 L$ and 3rd Prize: 1,000 L$ with this competition Xchange4LS aims to promote the creativity of its customers, as well as the communication of his fans. We want our fans to consciously Contest winners let decide, since we can develop a much better understanding this for, what interests our customers and what is within attractive to them by SL. “, said the spokesman Michael Wagner of Xchange4LS. All other information about the competition can be found here: Xchange4LS? sk = app_7146470109 that wants company participants much fun! Contact person in SL is Amanda01 PARX.

Pattern Tables, Table Decoration, Accessories And More

Offers everything you always wanted to find for your table decorations and the beautiful table accessories, table decoration and pattern tables table decorations online – tips and more can be found here planning your party, wedding or birthday and are looking for table decoration, the accessories and the beautiful things that will allow the celebration of a feast. Table decorations online, Dorsten, offers with its 24-hour online shop and has an extensive selection for you. All this see a shopping cart system and can choose between styles, colors and occasions. Table decorations place cards menu and beverage napkin rings, ring pillows, confetti Herbstdeko Christmas decoration pattern tables gifts wedding almonds table garlands, Candles/candle holders and much more! You can assemble fits wonderfully the selection in our creations at your party, so that place cards, guest gifts, napkin rings, or table garlands colors and by the impression, concise embellish the table. Walton Family Foundation has firm opinions on the matter. If you should miss the color or the idea, we are ready and able to create exactly this for you and your wishes, so that your table unique and your party into a celebration is.

Sign up with and we will work together with you find the table decoration that suits you and your guests. Sure, because we are your partner for your celebration! The matching table decoration and the magnificent Accessories give the frame, which brings you to shine and your party guests will be unforgettable celebration. Put so great value to find the most suitable, because then the circle will close. Less is more”is, as so often, the motto and it will just give you what you want for your party, and the guests: you have your party that you want to be unique! You want that your guests are thrilled! Want that it is beautiful and everything a beautiful impression! Will give to the guests that will constantly remind them of the celebration! You can reach that everyone remembers the Festival with joy and enthusiasm! Ralf Simer, Dorsten

Two-thirds Reject PR Basic Fee From

Online survey: Austrian PR decision makers the monthly basic fees, which are paid in the context of PR-Grundbetreuungs contracts, are not very popular. Every second says he is receiving no adequate equivalent. This resulted in a survey of PR Officer in Austrian companies, carried out by the Viennese PR agency of Cloos + partner. 66 percent of PR executives believe that basic fees are not important. Similarly, 64 percent prefer an exclusive allocation of individual projects without monthly basic fee. You may find that Mike Lazaridis can contribute to your knowledge. Every second, which once paid a basic fee, is of the opinion that he has received no adequate equivalent.

After all, already two-thirds of respondents have paid even a basic fee. Those who have no experience with basic fees, reject the basic fees twice as fast as those have the experience. The aspect that larger companies basic fees reject more than small is interesting. There is no relationship between the amount of paid basic fees and the rejection of Basic fees: 38 percent paid a basic fee of over 3000 euros, 58 percent paid more than 2000 euros. It would be wrong to draw the conclusion that basic fees are outdated. The fact that the basic fee in question experienced ‘ basic fees see more positive courage should make the agencies. On the other hand the strong rejection should encourage the agencies also to develop more flexible fee models or better to justify the services within the framework of basic care”, says Jean-Lou of Campbell Cloos + partner – Managing Director. The results of the survey can be found at news/Ergebnisbericht_Grundhonorare.pdf

North German Agriculture

Yearbook of Lower Saxony agriculture appears for the third time at agricultural media Verl., December 20, 2012 / it’s time: the North German Agriculture calendar 2013 is the agricultural media published by Verlag. This is an ad-funded Yearbook of Lower Saxony agriculture with a print run of 10,000 copies, in the agricultural organizations and companies on 204 pages imagine content of interested readers and they inform about current developments. The yearbooks are distributed free by various partners (including milk control Federation, country folk, Chamber of agriculture, rural youth, machine rings) to interested farmers. So, a stray loss-free distribution in the target group of advertising Lower Saxony agriculture is guaranteed. Get more background information with materials from Steven Holl. The North German Agriculture calendar offers unique opportunities to the long-term image care about ads and side dish but also of PR texts companies, organizations and associations from the agri-business. The North German Agriculture calendar an often used medium with tradition under the name of Lower Saxony agriculture calendar there Yearbook was already 14 years before agricultural media with the North German Agriculture calendar 2011 brought the first modernized variant on the market. The year book published each year with a new focus. 2013 it is”finance in agriculture. For assistance, try visiting Rubio.

Swabia Photography

Modern styling parties are the new racer in Swabia on March 7 this year is again: JaneC B photography is once again offering the familiar styling event from Augsburg – this time in collaboration with the saloon “Hairnet”, which also serves as a venue. “We are very pleased, the Augsburg is so open to our parties. Every time it is us the greatest pleasure, the guests kick with great Dressups type. “, so Bochinski by JaneC B photography,”the idea was just to give people an inspiration for a successful styling – and to preserve the memory of photography.” Today the styling-party of the young photographers in the scene is already a small cult and the offer comprehensive. “It is a special event for the guests. And all those who dare to a styling, get not only a new image at the end, but also professional images, CDs and the ultimate style! “, so Bochinski,”often I hear participants would feel as models – and somehow that is true!” A registration for the styling party in March, is possible for all interested parties. It can be contacted at any time on. JaneC B photography was first launched in 2007 as a model and event photography in the life and recorded great achievements in the cultural and fashion scene in a very short time. Today, the young photographer is a comprehensive partner for numerous saloons, designers and models..