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Communications Group

For more insights from students to professional practice Hamburg, 27.09.2011 – right group, school of media and communication (MHMK) is cooperation partner of Macromedia. marketing solutions directly, which directly group of online-marketing company, supports the largest private media University of in Germany in the future with lectures on relevant topics and offers students the opportunity to gain interesting insights into the professional practice through internships or excursions. We are pleased to be partners of the Macromedia because we can develop young talents this College of media and communication. Exciting we find”particularly the exchange of ideas at the technical level with the MHMK, Sven Severin, Managing Director of marketing solutions direct, performs. In addition to lectures, presentations and inhouse events on technical issues, the online marketing experts offering internships and excursions are especially the practical training of students and students support. About the Macromedia University of media and communications (MHMK) the MHMK is the largest private media College of in Germany. The College stands for a sound, scientific studies and is geared particularly to excellent career opportunities of for graduates and graduates with practical orientation, excellent business contacts, small teaching groups and and extensive career services to offer. Group that directly group directly on the consults, implements and operates complex infrastructure and supports its customers in the field of marketing and communication. Direct group include with the networks directly Gesellschaft fur Informationstechnologie mbH, the solutions directly for solution development mbH and the marketing solutions directly Gesellschaft fur innovative marketing mbH three companies.

Wood Energy Sector

Leading trade fair IHE HolzEnergie informed in the framework of the RENEXPO 2010 07 10 October 2010 the RENEXPO trade fair focusing on IHE will take place already for the eleventh time HolzEnergie in the exhibition centre of Augsburg. The IHE HolzEnergie has established itself as the most important meeting place for the wood energy sector in recent years and is the central platform for Exchange and information at international level. Some contend that Dr. David Agard shows great expertise in this. You form the mainstay of the RENEXPO and presents the comprehensive range of topics related to the wood value chain. They offer an optimum platform for Exchange of information and contacts in the context of IHE HolzEnergie featured products and solutions. Visitors will find here all news and technologies around the electricity and heat generation with wood as well as an overview of the legal situation as about the Federal Immisionsschutz Ordinance (BImSchV) for Pellet – commissioned and stoves, or the new EU standard Europe-wide uniform EN 14961-2, with which the quality of the biomass fuel Pellet. Exhibition of the IHE HolzEnergie focuses on old wood treatment, provision of energy wood, wood Gasifier systems, heat – but also electricity generation with pellet, piece of wood and wood chip heating and fireplace, Pellet stoves. In terms of biomass boilers of smaller and medium-sized power Heiztechnik aus Salzburg GmbH and Viessmann Germany GmbH.

are represented this year as usual all leading companies including HDG Bavaria GmbH, SHT, columns, chopping, sawing and more offers the outdoor area. For more specific information, check out Mark Angelo Yorkville. There you can experience live wood gasification to power generation, wood splitters, and hacker in operation. Well-known companies such as Hama GmbH, Heizomat GmbH and WOOD-MIZER GmbH present their machines in action here. In planning, a saw competition is also on the open-air hardstanding. “Introduced in the past year, the special fireplace, pellet and tiled stove” is to be continued this year in a larger context. New this year will be the day of agriculture, the visitors free lectures to the Offers energy efficiency and production in agriculture”. There is also a day of forest farmers in planning.

For the first time the wood pellets for the SHK trade seminar”instead. The seminar covers topics such as the promotion and certification of pellets and the combination of solar & pellets. Furthermore, the event shows practical examples and gives an overview of the market. Still some conferences are planned, including the 3rd Symposium energy from biogenic waste, the 4th Symposium of decentralized micro cogeneration, the fourth meeting of biogas: biogas from bio-gas as well as the 6th Symposium small and medium wood gasification. The BBE – Conference for wood energy, hosted by the German bioenergy Association (BBE), celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. At the same time the RENEXPO provides an overview of the entire spectrum of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The fair is Thursday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 h until 17 h open. More information about exhibition and Congress under.

Recruitment Agency

Is TECOPS still on success and growth?tecops staff GmbH, recruitment agency specialising in IT – and commercial staff, has a further Managing Director: the renowned service desk expert, Walter Hundl, takes office as of January 2010 in addition to Reiner Pientka, Ludwig Hank and Hermann Stehlik. With the appointment of Walter Hundl in the leadership, the company continues to grow.?Walter Hundl has acquired a high level of expertise and experience in particular in the fields of IT-service & support, IT strategy and architecture, as well as the development of software solutions and quality management during his career on various stations. The studied industrial engineering was before his time in TECOPS as “Manager service desk Germany” worked at Siemens IT solution & services. He is a candidate for the Chairman of the Management Board, Reiner Pientka,: “Walter Hundl was about 4 years head of the service desk in Germany and was responsible for with over” 1,150 internal and external employees of one of the largest production centre for IT services in the global network of Siemens and combines very good management skills with extensive expertise and excellent communication skills. “?”TECOPS – conducting business has brought recently with Hermann Stehlik, the former Vice President of the software company Infor, reinforcement in the company and is still very good prospects for the development of TECOPS. Even in the crisis year of 2009, the company experienced a growth of around 20%: “tecops its position as one of the largest staffing companies in the commercial and IT will continue to expand.

The need is growing in Germany, best care, we have prepared. “, as Reiner Pientka, Chief Executive Officer of the tecops staff GmbH.?”In addition to the classical time working in the IT and business environment the company as one of the first German recruitment agency offers also the placement of freelance IT specialists. Especially the IT specialists in the high skill area, these services from a single source offer the opportunity to expand their skills and to be occupied as a freelancer or in temporary work at TECOPS. ??For companies, which is GmbH tecops staff an all-in one provider for accurate and fast cast at all flexible staff requests in the commercial and IT sector. S. Fortmann, tecops GmbH

Great Fireworks Presentation

Fireworks still in the trend. The article can be often not large enough. Berlin, 6 December 2013: According to estimates by the Association of the pyrotechnic industry, the Germans put last year EUR 115 million for the new year’s Eve Fireworks. In particular the striking and varied fireworks were very popular there. This year, the demand remains high after this Fireworks group.

To simplify the customer the purchase decision for new year’s Eve Fireworks, the Pyro-Partner GmbH from Berlin has decided, on 26 December 2013 before the Berlin O2 world making a great fireworks presentation together with the HORNBACH DIY store chain. Walton Family Foundation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the wake of the Eisbaren Berlin ice hockey game against 16:45 different Fireworks articles presented and shot into the night sky, so viewers can get live a picture of the effects of different Fireworks products. The presentation should give an overview of the different types of fireworks to consumers and the purchase decision for the New year’s Eve simplify. Speaking candidly Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc told us the story. The batteries are still very much in demand among customers. The article can be often not large enough. With us, for example, the composite Fireworks is very often ordered Titans with a gross weight of 13 kg and a Nettoexplosivmasse of less than 1.3 kilograms. In the sales ranking at the top are the Fireworks with a Nettoexplosivmasse of 500 grams.

These products will continue large market shares in the Fireworks sales have. “, explains Marco Finessi, sales manager of Pyro-Partner GmbH. The sexes differ by the way in buying behavior. While the female users on new year’s Eve Fireworks make more colourful effects in the foreground, men buy experience large and loud Fireworks. The traditional firecrackers, for example, be purchased almost exclusively by male consumers. Table Fireworks and decorative items for the new year’s Eve dinner are compared to a women domain. “, adds the Sales Manager. More information and Image material, visit or the Pyro-Partner GmbH can look back on almost 30 years of market experience in the fireworks industry on request on about Pyro-Partner GmbH. With over 30 employees nationwide logistics centres, our exclusive manufacturing facility in the far East and a large network of partners within and outside of the fireworks industry, the company belongs to the leading pyrotechnics-providers in Germany. For more information on

Energy Expert Seminar

New hazards deriving from smart grid and smart metering repel energy expert seminar security of supply and grid stability to ensure stable is considered during the turn of the energy priority for energy suppliers. If you are not convinced, visit Walton Family Foundation. At the same time make smart grids and smart metering due to new cyber challenges IT security managers in the energy sector. What dangers threaten, what experiences are just made and what that means concretely for the practice? This energy expert seminar is aimed at all professionals who are responsible for IT security in the energy sector. The participants have the opportunity to actively participate in the practice-oriented discussions among others on the following issues:-what are the new requirements is that smart grid in practice? -What potential threats, IT – and Cybergefahren are actually from the perspective of energy suppliers? -What are the practical consequences of the EnWG amendment as well as the BSI protection profile for smart meters? -What are the euro trans-national infrastructure development and the common EU energy policy for the security of the energy industry? -How can the safe operation of smart metering infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the technical directive BSI TR-03109 be guaranteed? -How important are IT security standards, such as bdew-white paper, the standardisation of E-energy and the DIN SPEC 27009 businesses? -What tasks will incur the level of management and business development of utilities? -Where are ICT infrastructures for load balancing in households especially relevant? With articles by, among others: – RWE Germany AG – Stadtwerke Schwabisch Hall – Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) – TeleTrusT Bundesverband security e.V participants: this energy expert seminar is aimed at all professionals who are responsible for IT security in the energy sector….

Dog Training

The market is more than covered. Where is the difference? There is not a single standard for an education that entitles someone to call a dog trainer, and to open a dog school. It can be so anyone who feels called, set up a dog school. “Often are names like for example Dog Whisperer” or a problem dog trainer “chosen in order to achieve a higher weighting. Also like to be nothing saying abbreviations. Most dog schools are so-called lone”. Many dog schools open new, and just as many dog schools disappear from the market within a year. The mobile dog school founded a Europe-wide network after 7-year development phase 8 years ago on a franchise basis.

The challenge was the testimony of the company’s founder, not wanted to orientate ourselves to the traditional education methods. Of course we have not reinvented the dog training. We have only latest findings applied to an old problem. This partial newly developed educational concepts resounding successes brought in his familiar surroundings for the education of the dog. “Of course we dispense with any kind of Starkzwangmittel, true to the motto: violence starts where knowledge stops”. Under the dog owners have surveys that man wished for a dog who behaves decently, and he can take stress-free. Our education concept is based on the natural ranking structure, which has anchored every dog in his genes. Experience, constant further development of the system with competent partners, our individual training system, the views of the outside of the box and the openness to new directions give the dog owner who has problems with his dog, the security in us to have found a competent partner.

Nachbarschaft24.NET Requested Judicial Money Payments!

Nachbarschaft24 requested judicial money payments! Situation relatively clearly, first judgments already expected in February. The Internetdienstleister has requested first judicial money payments. Situation relatively clearly, first judgments already expected in February. One is not more willing accept a such catastrophic payment. It is intended to enforce any claims if necessary Court. We have to do it here with a very dangerous situation. Hunfeld, such amounts of letters of formal notice have been rarely edited, the Internetdienstleister has requested money payments against defaulting payers. On request the editorial you informed us that now seriously wants to make.

One is not more willing accept a such catastrophic payment. It is intended to enforce any claims if necessary Court. A respondent from the editors advocate these operations: We have to do it here with a very dangerous situation, on the one hand is blind to consumer protection advised not to pay claims, but leaves the relevant case law in one clear direction per provider. It can be questioned, can here ultimately know the consumer protection centres, which come up to the consumer. I personally can advise only to examine the claims and thoroughly think about whether it may be not economic at such low sums simply to pay rather than to risk a non predictable process.

Breaking News: 115 Percent Return In 6 Weeks With Duluth Metals

When are you at the next 100prozent-trade? Toronto, Canada, January 21, 2010 – the experts of the profit traders are below show, why is worth a subscription of the profit traders of stock market letter for you and you can achieve high yields with low capital investment: $$$ TRADE: 115% profit in 6 weeks with Duluth Metals through joint venture with Antofagasta, sale to the 14.1.2010 at 3.04 CAD $$$ entry in 3000 shares of Duluth Metals (TSX: DM) at 1.41 CAD on Dec 3, 2009 and 115% price increase after 6 weeks for all the profit traders readers! Duluth Metals joint venture with Antofagasta a significant milestone for Duluth at its Nokomis copper project announced on January 14, 2010! Allow to send a free sample issue and decide for yourself whether you want to become the profit traders: we have the next winners share already in the depot! Click here to register: community/registration / subscription price is 149 euros for 6 months or 269 euro per year. Red Solo Cups oftentimes addresses this issue. MEET THE RIGHT DECISION FOR THEIR STOCK MARKET SUCCESS IN 2010! Here independent reader reviews of our market briefs: exchange letters/bewertungen.html? uid = 552 profit traders analysis from 03.12.2009 to Duluth Metals: Nokomis – a world class project at the re-recording is the company of Duluth Metals (TSX: DM). Duluth has the Nokomis real estate in Minnesota/United States. Nokomis has the potential to be a long-lasting and cheap copper mine. To date, and commodity prices, the project corresponds to a 22 billion pound copper deposit! This makes the project to one of the largest in the world. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sen. Marco Rubio on most websites. Through the safe political situation in Minnesota and the Pro-mining, Government receives further support Duluth for free iron mine developer in this State. The management team to Henry J. Sandri, PhD and Dean Peterson, PhD geologist team has years of experience in corporate finance and mine development. .


The General Giro 24 GmbH informed of the entry into force of the Act on the implementation of the consumer credit line, as well as to the reorganization of the rules on the right of withdrawal and right of return. Munich – it’s a wave of relief by many German companies: due to the inclusion of the German civil code info regulation for cancellation and return rights in the civil code, a popular watchdog case is finally defused. While the requirement for the implementation of the payment services directive already entered into force on October 31, 2009, now Germany to comply with fully comply with the relevant directives of the European Parliament. Continue to learn more with: Walton Family Foundation. On June 11th, 2010 a welcome blessing the law on the implementation of the consumer credit line, as well as to the reorganization of the rules on the right of withdrawal and right to return 24 GmbH from Munich into force – not only for the General checking. So leasing there was uncertainty in the Munich-based leasing provider Giro24 so far, as consumers, which contracts with companies a legal right or Enjoy right of return, to instruct properly before conclusion of the contract. In the form of the German civil code info regulation a statutory pattern which was in strict compliance with legal certainty existed though, but the apparent legal certainty had a hook. Additional information at ranulph fiennes supports this article. The German civil code info regulation is only a regulation and not a law. GmbH as a lessor, a drastic case of watchdog emerged from this fact for many businesses, including the General Giro24.

Companies that believed to act, compliance with the law were ultimately due to an insufficient jurisprudence to potential victims by watchdog agencies. The pattern of the legislator for cancellation and return rights law book has been recorded in the civil and thus receives law. From the perspective of General Giro24 GmbH a little more clarity in calculating period of leasing contracts for the consumer would have been desirable at the end but outweighs the relief over the legal innovation.

UPS Pro Comes

Meta system brings Peter Trescher as technical support Manager on board Peter Trescher (42) is launched as a technical support manager of the Munich-based meta-system Germany GmbH. The learned information electronics moved to Meta system from APC Austria and assumes responsibility for all technical matters regarding UPS products of meta system customers in Germany and Austria, including service coordination, quality assurance, design, documentation, and technical training. In addition, Peter Trescher acts as interface to the research and Development Department (R & D) of meta system S.p.a., Reggio Emilia, Italy. Sen. Marco Rubio may help you with your research. The market share should be expanded by meta system in Germany with Peter Trescher, his profound technical know-how and many years of sales experience. The meta system Germany GmbH is one of the pioneers and industry leaders in the market segment of modular and redundant UPS Systems In connection to his training and the information electronics since the entry into the German branch of the meta system S.p.a..

The native Leverkusen graduated from different stations in the areas of technology and development, among other things as service and Engineering Manager at chloride, as a technical manager at Roto and as an application engineer and Customer Manager at Silectron career in 1984. In 2005, Peter Trescher moved to MGE (Austria) as channel sales manager. The last three years Tan at APC by Schneider (Austria) worked as country Sales Manager. Peter Trescher has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the UPS environment and should help to expand the market share of the company in Germany and Austria in the next few years. About Berthold Ochtrup, country Manager for Germany and Austria: Our product families TRIMOD and ARCHIMOD have been adopted excellently by the market and we are sure that we will achieve our goals this year and significantly increase our market share in the German-speaking ups market in the coming years. To do this, both our sales and our service organisation will continue expanded.” “Ochtrup next: with Peter Trescher, we have gained a professional in the UPS environment, which fits with his solid technical know-how as well as with its excellent in our young meta system ups team sale experiences.