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Announced Nominations

Jolina Carl leads the award-nominated at the international country music fair in Nuremberg the nominations for the Germans were announced now Countrypreis. This award for musicians and singers from the area of country music is awarded in Berlin on 6 February. Jolina Carl has the most nominations with same 5 nominations. The singer from the vicinity of Cologne is proposed as a singer and newcomer, as well as for the album and the song of the year. This Jolina Carl also received a nomination for the fan favorite “-award, which is only determined by the country music fans via Telefonvoting.” There were 3 nominations for Texas heat. “In addition to the nominations in the categories of band of the year and fan favorite”, Texas heat bandleader Marty Wolfe could have a nomination as a Duet partner Barry p.

Foley in the category song of the year “post. Other artists with multiple nominations are Henry Eye (2), Hermann Lammers Meyer (2), Hillbilly Deluxe (2), Mandy Strobel (2), Mountarillo (2) and Nashfield (2). “In addition to the nominations in the categories of band of the year and fan favorite”, Texas heat bandleader Marty Wolfe could have a nomination as a Duet partner Barry p. Foley in the category song of the year “post. The Telefonvoting for the fan award runs from November 1, 2010 to January 16, 2011.

The nominees and the corresponding phone numbers can be found on the website. There is also to all nominated short information. The awarding of trophies to the German Countrypreis will take place on February 6 in the framework of the 16th international country music show in the postal station Berlin. Here the list of nominations: singer of the year: Chris Gill Carl m Strobel duo/group of the year: Hillbilly Deluxe Mountarillo Nashfield Texas heat album of the year: Hermann Lammers Meyer Nashville is rough on the living Jolina Carl Lieber now than at some point Mandy Strobel From then till now slow horses slow horses song of the year: Barry p. Foley & Marty Wolfe the girl who sang Johnny Cash; Songwriter: Barry P. Foley Henry eye times do change. Songwriter: Mark Merritt Gill Carl same old Moon; Songwriter: Jolina Carl / Katy IPU newcomer of the year: Jolina Carl Micky Romero Mountarillo favorite of the fans award: (use 20 suggestions, via Telefonvoting by the fans) – Amarillo – Andreas Oscar – Dagmar lay-D – Daniel T. Coates band – Henry Eye – Hermann Lammers Meyer – Hillbilly Deluxe – Jolina Carl – rebel Larry Schuba & Western Union – Nashfield – Nighthawk – bunch – Sawyer – slow horses – Steve Haggerty & the wanted – Texas heat – Tom Astor – truck stop – wild bunch – Zydeco Annie & swamp cats of the German Countrypreis is a collaboration between journalists of the country Music scene in Germany.

Renee Zellweger Hates Paris Hilton

The actor annoys and correctly. How now saying let them, hates women like Paris Hilton. Makes you wonder just why? This question is easy to answer, because Renee did this themselves. For even more analysis, hear from Eric Klavins. She said: “I hate this whole Hollywood clubbing scene, but I hate above all the girls hungry for fame that are only to be prominent.” Such girls have then calculated Paris Hilton as a role model. Terrible! “.

The Bridget Jones is totally unsympathetic the whole generation of young Hollywood actress. Here, Gallo Family expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As they been asked is, what she held the Paris Hilton, she replied only: “I can just can’t stand it. There are people who work very hard, every day. It pisses me then, when I see that there are people who mindlessly spend the money of their parents although they themselves never made crooked a finger “.” A clear blow against Paris Hilton. Speaks since just the envy or is it indeed so? We will see how Paris Hilton responds to this statement or better if she responds at all.

Undoubted Advantage

According to the developers, it allows you to achieve a similar quality to MP3 at half the lower bitrate, which in their opinion, and should attract the user. In practice, the files are the most common wma 8, even at 128 kbit / s noticeably losing the sound quality is not only a cd but also MP3 files created with lame. By the same author: Rubio. In fact, at least some advertised achieve wma can show only bitrates below 96 kbit / s on which the quality of MP3 files plummeted. On the other hand, the same bitrate Vorbis on these transfers music to more adequately, while the metal ringing at the wma is becoming increasingly annoying. In addition, forgetting to turn off the drm protection when creating files, you can easily find themselves in a situation where you created the same wma tethers just will not play. Recently appeared wma format 9 in backward-compatibility mode had little advantage over wma 8, and the most interesting (and quality) codec wma 9 pro has no hardware support.

The undoubted advantage of wma is a high popularity (Guess why) among Windows users and, consequently, a good support for manufacturers of portable devices. A significant portion of MP3 players manufactured today, is able to play wma files 7 / 8 is no worse than MP3. However, if you are not an unhappy owner of flash – based MP3 player with a 64/128 mb of memory for which you want to put as much music, do not bother 'advantage' wma to MP3.

Reggae – The Music Of The Sun

Music style reggae arose in the 60's as one of the new musical styles of Jamaican pop music. The story of his emergence as a fairly simple and common at the time. Listening to American radio Jamaican musicians hear some rhythm and blues songs, performed fairly well-known pevtsami.Takoy style of music they liked, and they decided to just bring it to the masses. But as the music they have just not there, they picked music only listening to the radio. Red Solo Cups contributes greatly to this topic. Accordingly, the fact that it turned out quite different from the original composition. Some of the details is lost from view, but when writing music in their place inserted a customary for them to Jamaican pop music.

And, of course, no musician is not missed an opportunity to add any feature in their . vitality and vigor, but at the same time, the nature of the slow pace Jamaican residents, rhythmic music is largely changed, and to replace it came speed, expressiveness and a relaxed, in that case, if the composition is assumed to be slow. Red Solo Cups is often quoted as being for or against this. Light melody with fairly simple text became increasingly sound at discos and clubs, and a huge number of fans of such music. Reggae music has appeared in the 60 years of the century, and still managed, as well as many musical styles of the time, fast enough to gain huge popularity. Reggae music is a form of expression of national spirit of the Jamaican people. It was in Jamaica for the first time there was such music, and still it is considered a form of imaging and conventional styles of Jamaican pop music.