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Stylish MIDI-Tower-trio Made Of Aluminium And Steel

Stylish MIDI-Tower-trio made of aluminium and steel Caseking presents the gigabyte setto 1000 case Berlin, 03.11.2008 with the gigabyte setto 1000 housings presents Caseking GmbH as an official German distributor of gigabyte technology three elegantly designed, aluminum and steel made hybrid MIDI-Tower and thus expanding its comprehensive range of high quality PC chassis. Gigabyte setto 1000 is available in three colours – black, metallic grey and silver. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Red Solo Cups on most websites. This, the models are characterized by a clear, elegant lines and design of the aluminium front. So, the external drive bays with brushed alloy panels are covered, while centrally the I/O applications with two USB 2.0-, fit a FireWire and the audio in/out ports and power – reset elements in the modern mesh grille front. It also provides maximum robustness and rigidity with 185 x 410 x 480 mm (WxHxD) compact crafted Steel MIDI base at a low kerb weight 8.5 kg. Vibration-damping feet ensure a safe stand and effectively prevent annoying vibration transfer to the environment. Get more background information with materials from Daryl Katz. The extension possibilities are with four external 5.25 “-, one external 3.5”-as well as 6 internal 3,5 “-Einschuben generously sized.

This highest operating comfort is offered through the consistent use of tool-less quick-lock fasteners. Two pre-installed, pleasantly silent 120 mm fans incorporate active ventilation of the gigabyte setto 1000 housing. Frontal cool air in the hard disk drives is sucked in and specifically through the housing until properly warmed back blown out leaving the system. This ventilation may be supplemented optionally a further fan in the 92-mm format, which is mounted at the side door. CPU cooler in the popular top blow – design can benefit from the laterally mounted air duct through which the CPU fan can attract fresh outdoor air. The use of external or internal water cooling system is supported by the case-back hose inlet openings.

Gigabyte setto 1000 versions black, metallic grey and silver is now at a price of 59.90 euros exclusively at available. About Caseking GmbH, founded in 2003, Caseking GmbH is headquartered in Berlin. The well-known Distributor and wholesaler Caseking offers unusual and extravagant PC accessories and has everything from case modding, design housings, water cooling, air coolers, media PC and silent components and special accessories for gamers. Caseking are the two online shops and as well as the fashion label GamersWear combines. The range of ranging from gaming mode to high-end gamblers hardware such as mouse pads, mice, keyboards and headsets. GamersWear completes the offer with exclusive and high-quality fashion for gamers.

Forrester Consulting

Amortization: The use of Isilons clustered storage systems represents an economically viable solution for the storage and management of file-based data. This is a study conducted recently by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Isilon among clients of the company. The risk-adjusted profitability an average 125 percent figured the amortization period of five months, this. “The full study titled the total economic impact of Isilon’s clustered storage system” is available on the website of the company ( Range of solutions the multiple award-winning clustered storage solutions IQ X series (IQ 1920, 3000, 6000, 9000 and 12,000) are the industry’s only systems that work with a single file system, and set the standard for scale-out file-storage-architectures. Their use allows enterprise-wide distributed common and direct access to the digital data sets in memory pools merge and users Information to give. This necessary intelligent functions are on the file system provided OneFS; This combines traditional storage architectures such as file system, Volume Manager and RAID makes sense in a layer of software.

As well as the IQ family are the Accelerator X solutions, as well as the extension node EX 6000, 9000 and 12,000 operated with OneFS. The offer is rounded off by a software package that includes the applications SnapshotIQ, SmartConnect and SmartQuotas SyncIQ. These are, inter alia, to ensure maximum data security or to automate certain administrative tasks. The market in June 2008 by the analyst of IDC in a study titled got files? “The expanding options for file level storage” published results emphasize that in the future there is no way to scale-out file-storage-solutions leads. The reason is, is that more and more file-based data must be stored according to the market analysts this year for the first time above the proportion block-based data. 2011 75 percent of the capacity of disk-based storage systems of storage file-based information should be reserved. The ongoing increase in file-based information analyst voices provides companies from many sectors in the coming five years with major challenges. In the data centers of companies active administrators will have to deal increasingly with storage and management issues and their main tasks include archiving, as well as the management of file-based data.

To efficiently cope with this, a careful evaluation of the used storage solutions is essential. This especially the performance, scalability, and operational efficiency of the systems in the emphasis is. Brad Nisbet, Research Manager, IDC storage system. Investigations conducted by us clearly show that increasing interest in clustered storage solutions that rely on scale-out architectures. This is especially true when company performance their storage infrastructure improve, but their complexity and want to lower the operation costs. Because advance can be seen, the unstructured data will make up the bulk of the information to be stored, companies are well-advised to include clustered storage solutions shortlisted. Because the systems meet current as well as future requirements in terms of performance, scalability, and cost and offer a maximum profitability.” Pushan gutters, Research Director, Gartner Tina Billo

Data Recovery Solution

affordable data recovery solution in hard disk, there are different types of storage devices and we select one or the other depending on the need, to save our valuable data on it. However, the hard drive is the main storage medium for the computer or laptop of the most user still both at home and in the Office. We store large daily quantities of our valuable data on the hard drive of your computer and can also use internal or external hard drives as permanent storage for a longer period of time. The frequent use and the different types of data help with, that hard drives are very susceptible to data loss. With modern techniques to the hard disk data recovery is restoring the data from your hard drive these days but mostly no problem more.Some of the most common cases of data loss on your hard drive: the system does not boot or displays the blue screen (blue screen of death”).

The system has not detected the hard drive. Damage to the chips or connections. The hard drive makes unusual clicking or grinding noises. The hard drive remains silent after turning”. A hard drive has many physical components, including write / read head, motor, printed circuit board, etc., and any problem with one of these components can cause serious data loss. In short, any mechanical, electrical or firmware error of hard disk power surge, damage to the file system, accidental deletion of the system registry, destructive virus attack, ingress of malware or other external factors such as flooding, fire, heat, magnetic waves, etc. can lead to data loss or inaccessibility of the data. In all these situations of the data loss, users, from experimentation begin or because they have it in a hurry, with the execution of unreliable tools/software, which worsen the chances of a rescue can be.

Until they realize their mistake, it is already too late and the data can no longer be restored. While you should keep in mind that are never permanently lost the data on a hard disk and can be saved as long as they are not overwritten with other data. If you notice so that data on your hard disk are lost or become inaccessible, let the hard disk save the hard drive data recovery experts, because such a hard drive recovery must be carried out carefully and systematically and experts know better so. In addition, a hard disk in a normal environment, but only in a clean room of class may be opened 100, because in a normal environment, dust particles can penetrate into the write / read head and the disc and the disc so much damage that a rescue is no longer possible. Note: A clean room of class 100 is a controlled environment with less than 100 (a size of 0.5 micron) particles per cubic foot, compared to several thousand in a normal environment. Stellar data recovery b.v is a well-known service provider for hard drive recovery in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Hungary). Experience, advanced data recovery techniques, own tools, qualified rescue experts, State of the art infrastructure including the laboratory Cleanroom grade 100 and a comprehensive inventory of disk allow stellar, sure to save your valuable data within a very short time.

Styria Schools

Vocational school of Styria: Students with modern software for the professional equipped Office of the provincial government sets for all vocational schools in Styria, Austria on the education and training software MasterSolution Suite XL and combines them with the appropriate system protection MasterSolution protect. In the currently 20 vocational schools of the province of Styria, students prepare to meet the needs of the modern world of work. Training to support them, the vocational schools were featuring 6 d vocational education Department through the Office of the provincial Government of Styria – 1898 licenses MasterSolution Suite XL and 1338 licenses MasterSolution protect. The individual vocational schools use different systems. Selected schools setting among other things to the seamless installation of the software in the Terminal Server environment as Landesberufsschule Knittelfeld, the MasterSolution Suite XL since over a year successfully on your Terminal Server uses. MasterSolution Suite XL features the vocational schools numerous, didactic and allows a modern teaching.

For the full attention and integration of vocational students can be screens viewed in real-time and all possible programs and files transferred, assigned or blocked. The software solution features in addition, specifically for use in the lab or in several computer rooms. MasterSolution protect offers a reliable system protection and recovery by clicking the vocational schools and combined PC recovery reboot as well as user-specific profile management in one solution. “The protection settings of both MasterSolution solutions work coordinated and therefore offer the optimum all-round protection” for the entire computer system in the Styrian vocational schools. The scenarios for the vocational schools in Styria named are only an excerpt from the product portfolio of MasterSolution AG.

CPIsolution Brochure

“Searched found that the new solution brochure ‘ solution special – issue 03’ CPI GmbH presents the comprehensive solution and service portfolio the CPI computer partner Handels GmbH, value added distributor (VAD) for server and storage systems on 24 pages has the new version of its comprehensive solution brochure solution special” published. Also in the times by E-Mail and the Internet remains the printed form for the CPI an indispensable information and reference. Depending on the request, the customer can get a print or E-catalog version. On 24 pages you will find there a clear, meticulously prepared and clearly presented offer of high-quality solutions to the issues of virtualization for the SMB market GreenIT with blade servers HPC & 2U twin GPU cluster m with Windows Server 2008 unified storage systems NAS storage with Windows Storage Server iSCSI IP SAN solutions CPI Server Configurator Additionally new appliance have been included solutions in the portfolio such as long term archiving and iSCSI High availability storage. Brand new: The manufacturer Emulex (10GbE cards and switches), VMware (vSphere 4 virtualization) and Microsoft (Storage Server 2008).

Managing Director

Product data easily with TecDoc DIVER product management analyze in terms of automotive parts is no easy task. The product manager must monitor at any time different parameters for different products? There, you can easily lose track. TecDoc is a reporting tool on the market that allows the parties to keep all important data on their products at any time in the eye now. TecDoc DIVER makes it possible to compare the current performance of a product with its potential performance. So has the product manager sales not only constantly in sight, but always know how close he already got the previous targets. At the same time, a competitive analysis of all vehicles supplied in TecDoc is possible. TecDoc DIVER is now available for all TecDoc customers and feeders available. With TecDoc DIVER, our customers can uncover precisely the areas in its product portfolio, which is still improvement potential have.

“, so Uli Zehnpfenning, Managing Director of TecDoc. Thus also vulnerabilities are discovered, the hidden otherwise, namely automatically.” In TecDoc, you know that is a possible market historical range of one of the most important success factors in the free automotive aftermarket. Therefore, the Cologne data professionals want to also best assist its customers in their management. TecDoc DIVER is another Mosaic stone for customer-oriented quality of service. TecDoc DIVER brings track who works with the new TecDoc DIVER, has a good overview at any time about its range and its competitiveness. “, emphasizes Zaher.

At the same time, reach the users a professionalisation of its product management and ensure a high product quality. As with the use of TecDoc DIVER, they ensure that the product life cycles can be constantly monitored.


The XML Prague 2010 campus who meets Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, held for the fifth time on March 13th and 14th at the lesser town can be found in this year of the who-is-who of the XML world in Prague, Czech Republic. Developers and markup specialists come to the 13th and 14th March 2010 together, to discuss established and new XML related technologies. The XML specialist data2Type GmbH supports the Conference as a bronze sponsor. Manuel Montero, Managing Director of data2type: Members of the XML community not pass the XML Prague. We are pleased to be sponsor here and are looking forward to new ideas and fruitful discussions.” Among the speakers you can find XML founding fathers such as Michael Kay, Norman Walsh and Liam Quin. The data2type GmbH, headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany was founded in 2005 by Manuel Montero. As a specialist for all questions in the area of XML, the company developed cross-industry XML solutions that are perfectly tailored to the individual needs of its customers. It relies on standardized languages such as, for example, XSLT, data2type XSL-FO and XML schema. Contact: Manuel Montero CEO data2type GmbH Dammstrasse 18 67059 Ludwigshafen Tel.