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PopUps – Not Only Online For Good Surprises!

What is a PopUp mailing and what is it to use? A pop up (also known as pop up suddenly”) is a visual element of a computer program. The name comes, that jump pop up elements”and other parts cover.” so, according to Wikipedia. These programs are used mostly for advertising purposes. The above-mentioned designation by a popup”is also the first thing that a today’s average consumer with the word associated. However, PopUps are much more than just purely virtual advertising elements. So they used also in other areas of the advertisement industry, to achieve more sustainable and stronger impression effects for the end customer. In the advertising industry of the paper-technical area, the currently most common PopUp mailing is a spring cube (JumpingCube).

This is a direct mail processed from high-quality paper, which his unique jump “function is given by a rubber band technique. A PopUp element, 3D cubes of spring”, is with rubber bands assembled and plano inserted a repackaging. This is supplied then closed with a latch. After the opening of the Selfmailers the spring cubes out of the box jumps on three-dimensional.”- so according to a successful WOW or AHA effect brings a smile to the face of the recipient of the mailings and at last time so to speak not only ensures a good mood – a promotional tool that is not annoying, but delighted – but also for a long-lasting memory of the letter. B.Moss GmbH develops and produces such and similar creative and diverse advertising elements, such as LamellenKarten, TwisterKarten, MagicCards and much over a decade more, made of paper and cardboard. Due to its experience and cross-industry expertise worldwide in effect cards, pop-ups and other dimensional advertising knows how to translate B.Moss GmbH like no other printed paper in striking and clever designed advertising. Contact: B.MOSS GmbH Villa Felten brewing hamlet Strasse 14 d-50859 Koln Tel.: +49-(0)2234-94914-93 fax: +49-(0)2234-94914-97 E-mail: Web:


MINTDATA – now displays his new bid package for domain resellers and Internet service providers. Dedicated server with individual installation to customer specification enables Internet service providers and resellers still more options in the General empowers. Usually must provider be mass the prefabricated stand type configurations laboriously through expensive professionals – so-called Linux administrators – adapted and changed to the personal needs. So in MINTDATA the other way. Rootserverinstallationen enable Internet service providers costs according to customer requirements, your own domain as the server name, and more to save and to know a top partner at your side. For domain resellers, the new range of Mintdata is another top highlight in the industry. Domains allow domain resellers and providers at top prices, a real-time ordering system, etc., to place your offers even cheaper in the market or to increase your profit margin.

Visit us at all offers, descriptions etc are provided there. MINTDATA ISP for gew. Reseller Room str. 28 g 86153 Augsburg

Nomination Launches New Website

NOMINATION launches an even more interactive WEBSITE with E-COMMERCE feature the brand new website of nomination is online:! The world’s leading Jewelry manufacturer suggests new ways with the redesign of its website to clamp a still stronger band between its products and its customers. With an appealing layout that impresses with soft colours and a clear clarity, the precious pieces of jewellery are closer to the visitors to the site. The compelling layout and clear functionality of the website make the product world of the traditional company even more accessible. In the Centre of the beautifully designed page, the bestseller by nomination, the composable stands bracelet. This consists of individual modular elements, which can collect the customer according to their own tastes and connect using a virtual Configurator. It is not something Codi would like to discuss. She then created her own personal bracelet, she can share it freely across the social media platforms and buy directly in the connection. Particular emphasis has been on the integration of social media set. So customers can use the nomination the social share button Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter tools, to share their favorite jewelry directly with their friends.

But that’s not all: enthusiastic customers of Club Gioie di Vita is designed for all nomination, style them to the new collections, invitations to internal events, previews provides tips and much more. Simplified navigation of the page the customer to find better now the right products, which are exactly tailored to his personality. He can go three ways on the Web page to his individual piece of jewellery will find. 1 The product selection: here he can decide on style, price, material, and wearing occasion. 2. About the collection: here the individual pieces are grouped by style and brand.

3. About the test. “Here you can, for example, between the options the right gift” and jewelry like me he “choose and the user is helped by a virtual shopper, finding the perfect piece of jewelry. The website is available in several languages and can be viewed on the various devices such as tablets and Smartphones.