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Stainless Steel

Currently, stainless steel tubes gained enormous popularity due to its non-mechanical fihiko and hygienic characteristics. They are used in many branches of the heavy and the food industry, in decor and design. Demand for stainless products increases (including in pipes), and with it, and growing supply. Many companies have noticed steeltrading large influx of proposals for the supply pipes from China, and metal as a whole (our company Novstal, for example, comes with 2-4 letters every day, straight from heaven for ugly Russian:)). Thanks to this 'aggressive' way of advertising steel imports from Asia in 2010 increased 1.9 times compared with 2009, although of course this is not the same ad, there is still a lot of other factors.

Chinese domestic pipe is much cheaper, and the choice of positions, in principle, more. However, that her dignity end. Stainless pipe of the manufacturer, as shown, very poor quality. For example not far to seek, welds connecting the pipes together, after 2 years of operation begin to crumble and proceed in spite of the technology properly carried out by welding under argon. The metal itself simply 'does not hold' welding. On the domestic pipe such an incident does not nablyuzhaetsya This is just a single example of the quality of Chinese tube.

The outer tube is as different from domestic, despite the seemingly identical chemical composition. What is to make a choice? How to buy a tube or Chinese domestic? This question must each decide for himself themselves. If use of the product is in 'critical' areas, it is better to buy domestically produced metal, otherwise go and stainless steel from China. And finally I want to note that Co., Ltd. 'Novstal' deals exclusively with domestic stainless flats, because quality is our top priority and we save point do not see.

Equipment Selection Analysis

The two main purposes of the screening machine (vibrating screen) are dehydration and grading of materials. The following is the analysis of the coarse-coarse-grained materials selection equipment. As for the grading of coarse-coarse-grained materials, it refers to the materials grinding whose mesh is over 25ram. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Newman Giles. The optional equipment includes: circular vibrating screen and constant thickness sieve. For a long time, people have a concept that the circular vibrating screen should be the first choice for the grading of raw coal with 50ram. Actually, this is wrong or outdated. The correct concept that has been proved should be that the large and medium-sized coal preparation plant should prefer constant thickness sieve and the circular vibrating screen should be the first choice for the small mines. The structure of circular vibrating screen is simple, but the screening process is unscientific, which is not suitable for large-scale production.

Here are the grading process and the advantages of the constant thickness sieve material. The screening process of vibrating screen: the raw coal enters the vibrating screen, generally forming a very thick layer of the material in the feed end. Fine materials must go through two processes to separate from the coarse-coarse-grained materials: a process is called Moda, namely, the vibration makes the fine materials submerge in the lower part to contact with the screen surface and the coarse materials float above. This process is necessary, or the grading cannot be conducted. Another process is penetrating through the sieve and the fine materials are separated by the mesh. With regard to the screening process of circular vibrating sieve, the distribution of the material on the screen surface is that the material layer on the feed end is very thick, while on the discharge end is thin, which is not conducive to the settlement of fine particles. Therefore, STI screening efficiency is low and the mesh is also very easy to be plugged. Generally, the screening efficiency of the constant thickness sieve can reach 90%. Due to the high speed of the pipes, it is impossible to plug the mesh. What is more, compared to the same specifications of circular vibrating screen, the processing capacity of constant thickness sieve is 6 times larger than that of the circular vibrating screen. Sand washing machine: Jaw crusher:


The foam due to its physical properties, is a very good heat and sound insulation material. Physical properties: It consists of a ball and each ball is constructed of thousands of cells filled with air. The air enclosed in the cells can not move, and the still air is the best heat insulator. The air is not less than 98% of the foam. Polystyrene balls filled with pentane (pure hydrocarbon) which is a foaming factor, and heated by steam, resulting in changes in pentane volatilize and expand. Under pressure of polystyrene beads also expand, resulting in the formation is familiar polystyrene beads, increased the volume of plates, at least 50 times.

Cells in each expanded plastics balloon filled with air and become elastic, and then stick together under the influence of steam, forming light, uniform, resistant to compression and retains its insulating material dimensions. Almost every one of us once met him, whether in children's games, whether already in adult life. The foam is not sensitive to moisture material does not emit any harmful compounds. It belongs to the so-called "monomaterialam" (consisting of one type of material), and therefore it is ideal for 100% utilization (recycling). In construction, the foam used in as insulation for different designs. Click Red Solo Cups to learn more.

In the production of polystyrene spent relatively little energy, and its insulating properties can save a significant amount. What and How glue foam? Expanded polystyrene is gaining popularity due to its characteristics. Foam is used in many types of structures. There are many ways of fastening the foam – investing in the crate, flooring surface, bonding and mechanical fasteners with anchors, fungi, studs, etc. To glue the foam can be virtually any adhesive. It can glue front bytmorozostoykie TM 'Budmayster' postmark for fixing ceiling tiles, liquid nails TM 'Den Brauen', time-installation, sealant 'Den Brauen', preparations for tile TM 'Budmayster', as long as the adhesive does not contain in its composition of organic solvents (benzene, acetone, esters, etc.), as these substances can dissolve styrofoam. These solvents may be contained in the bituminous mastics, for example. Glue the foam can be almost any material – brick, concrete, drywall, osb, plywood, magnesia sheet, galvanized iron, steel, and many others. For greater reliability, you can use nail-fungus – dowels for insulation. For example, in the case of facade insulation, foam mounting adhesive on solutions, each sheet of foam (50×100 cm) fastened in the middle and at the corners, with the capture of a hat mold adjacent sheets. Next on the foam applied reinforcing mesh and plaster. Related Products, which are effectively marketed with foam: front adhesive for polystyrene, for insulation anchors, anchors, reinforcing mesh, plasters, putty knife, decorative plasters.