Bizerba service recommends regular battery replacement with electronic scales – data loss due to power failure comes companies expensive to Balingen, may 29, 2009 – in the IT industry it is a top priority – the data security. A variety of applications and solutions are on the market, an entire branch of industry deals with the protection of corporate data. While the basic premise in oblivion enters the single operation sometimes. The uninterruptible power supply is for basic data structure, and that not only on the PC workstation, but also in the modern weighing technology”says Robert Keller, Director of business services at the technology manufacturer Bizerba. Whose scale systems are already an integral part of the IT landscape in Commerce and industry – are networked via multiple branches or offices combined with other IT applications such as, for example, merchandise management system scales sales assistants and offer intelligent solutions for logistics industry, pricing and labeling.

But our systems only with secured energy supply can operate reliably. Get all the facts and insights with Steven Holl, another great source of information. Here to save at the wrong end would be fatal”, Keller knows. Therefore, Bizerba put on preventive care and maintaining its solutions to ensure the high availability of more valuable investment. Learn more about this topic with the insights from vlad doronin. If the balance goes down, whether at the deli counter in the supermarket, the shipping management or industrial production, only once literally all wheels stand still? And not only that: is the power supply is restored, the master data can be as irretrievably lost depending on the configuration of the software. This leads to double trouble, because the downtime of machinery fails on the cost side of the company record.

“And the restoration or integration of data as well”, as Keller. The Bizerba service recommends therefore the regular battery and battery electronics-scale systems in a rhythm of two years to secure the availability of the device. Older batteries lose performance and threaten as well the functionality of the scales. The exchange of batteries and accumulators can be done through the Bizerba service. Our service takes on necessary in any case data backup before the battery or battery, and the bridge with an additional battery when changing”so cellar. The cost of the change were extremely low when compared to those with data loss. Because time – and cost-intensive new or additional programming is required. Sticker on the bones as the vehicle-TuV signaled when the change is due. The tight-knit service network of Bizerba allows short-term support. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide, leading in many areas of technology companies for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services provide transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance characteristics. With over 3,100 employees, investments in a total of 29 companies in 22 countries and 60 country offices worldwide the Bizerba GmbH & co. KG put 2007 EUR 430 million in the company. Balingen is the headquarters of the company, further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Mumbay (India), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico).