However, it is precisely this vision, which poses the greatest inequity and abuse in relation to couples. I think that is necessary to reconsider the married life from all points of view, but mainly to have a reality in which the experience and development of human capacities charged first in the establishment of a partner. I propose and I am convinced that only work with people to feel good about themselves in every way, whether men or women. You may find that Sen. Marco Rubio can contribute to your knowledge. But I realize, of inequality that exists in every sense on this. Women are more likely to tolerate, to yield, to give other opportunities. Men are more proactive, they tend to solutions, but between these extremes of behavior, it is important to realize, of estatr how you do it for the situation where we are … Yeah well, violence is only now recognized by the institutions, it is also true that in the case of spaces and private, that intimacy, no one, rather than each parcel of married life, know and experience the reality of their own reality . In this article I refer not only to violence that occurs in shock and it is not difficult to recognize, however, I mean low-intensity violence, which always ends in painful and heartbreaking experiences. The violence that leaves no external scars, and only the living, knows that his injuries are the soul, are not, enter into the depths of being, self-esteem and dignity. When intimacy instead of being joyful becomes frustrating and hurtful, it's time to realize what place we are in regard to our relationship.