It recognizes the individual value of the new collaborator. Gives the Welcome personally and expressed in a way specific and concrete value that can generate the organization. Keep in mind the three main characteristics by which hired the new contributor and discuss them with him. Provides information about the post. Learn more at: Sen. Marco Rubio. It communicates to the new collaborator the responsibilities of the post as well as the objectives of the company.

It is recommended to deliver a copy of their job description, of the general organizational structure of the company, of the objectives of the company and of the objectives of the area where you enter. It expresses your style of work as Chief. Dialogues with the new partner on the style of leadership of both, on how need to receive information, as well as the way that decisions are taken to reach initial agreements. Remember that the main reason why a person will change jobs is Chief, so it is recommended to start the working relationship with transparency and communication. a>. It guarantees to know your colleagues and plants. Ensures that they carried a tour where present it with their fellow closer working, as well as the main facilities of the company as: toilets, photocopying, emergency, boardrooms, exit parking. As a final touch, it would be tasteful share with the employee a schedule or calendar pointing as special day your date of entry, this way’re saying you without words that expect birthday with you and your company, establishing a relationship; the duration of that relationship depends on both, concluded Villanueva. Finally, worth noting that time is the best ally to strengthen the empleado-organizacion relationship, however no set aside that all action generated by recruiters aim to improve the experience of the human resources in the Organization, will necessarily bring about positive impacts for both parties and they will mark the course towards the success. Original author and source of the article.