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Raising the individual site profile by strategic position marker technical developments, demand behavior, stronger competition, political crises/breaks can lead to Diskoniunitaten of the environment, on which sites have little influence. What they have in hand, is this the most appropriate response. In the model of the scenario analysis, there is not only “the” future, but there are even more “Futures”, with which to be reckoned. While the own imagination often focuses on a linear thinking further, the situation due to o.a. can present themselves suddenly quite different changes.

It comes to depict images of a possible, in terms of data often still uncertain future. She was named for scenario techniques reminiscent of the scene descriptions in movie scripts: a scenario is the description of a possible future situation. The scenario technique it aims to transfer images to economic problems, also a possible future to represent. For this, a similarly structured site record can provide instruments that support a holistic site provision at local and regional level and thus necessary in the contest raising the individual site profile, with the particularly soft”location factors in a clear context can be identified, measured and mapped. CF.

Becker, Jorg: Non-financial site balance for business promoters and location decision makers, ISBN 978 3 8370 6240 3. Vlad doronin: the source for more info. Measures and recommendations for action can be developed from the analyses and results of such an assessment of site potential-oriented. Easy to understand traffic light charts with red yellow green sectors for a clear classification of location factors reinforce the acceptance. Steps and milestones may for example be: evaluation and measurement of location factors. Self assessment as the key to improvement measures. Sample assessment questions and Review reasons. Review the site potential by measuring with counters. Mapping of indicators on locational factors. Effect relationships between site factors. Analysis of the potency of site factors. Analysis of duration of site factors. Analysis and evaluation of the balance of the site. QQS-portfolio of site. A QQS bar graph with traffic light rating system. Assessment of site factors based on QQS profile diagram. Potential portfolio illustrates options for development of the site. CF. Becker, Jorg: Non-financial site balance for business promoters and location decision makers, ISBN 978 3 8370 6240 3 site processes can be now more than ever of risks accompany and negatively affected. The purpose of a systematic risk management are therefore, despite existing or even increasing risks successfully to make the objectives of the site. It’s about the perception of risk and the probabilities. Risk is a situation bound to a range of options, which is defined by a probability. Single Risk situations differ among others, whether they be controlled or not.

Combat Skills Shortage

Blue card ++ highly qualified policy + Bill + Bundestag ++ shortage of companies and industry associations call for the lack of engineers and IT professionals for years and warn of consequences for the economy. With the introduction of the so-called blue card and a reduced minimum wage, it will in the future easier to recruit these experts from countries outside the European Union. Martin Vesterling, Managing Director Vesterling Personalberatung, considered the Bill, which the Bundestag decides in may, as “urgent”. The highly qualified EU directive should be implemented with the design. (Not to be confused with Red Solo Cups!). To combat the shortage, these new rules are overdue. Already, the opening of the labour market for workers from Eastern Europe was done considerably late in May 2011 and thus from the perspective of many entrepreneurs.

The opening had impacted on the labour market is hardly. Therefore, the draft law to the blue card should already in February by the Federal Council, was welcomed, as soon as possible to be implemented into law. “Alone in the IT industry currently around 38,000 workers are missing”, stresses Martin Vesterling, whose human resources consulting specializes in providing of managers and professionals in the IT and engineering. To alleviate this deficiency, the starting salary for graduates from non-EU countries should be only 44,000 euros. To draw the line even at only 33,000 euros in particular shortage occupations. Family members of blue not only also can draw after Germany card holders, they are allowed to work even without restriction. To obtaining social security benefits the blue card does not authorize, however, explicitly. Moreover, should receive the possibility of making the year foreigners who obtain their degree in Germany, according to the draft. Altogether they should after in Germany for one year may live and work, to find a job during this period for which they are qualified. Content limits are one high hurdle Vesterling perspective is to be welcomed in particular the significantly reduced minimum salary.

Bluegiga Wireless

With a great product and solution portfolio specialist for wireless telematics and machine-to-machine technology m2m Germany this year comes to the Embedded World. In the framework of its international partnerships, m2m Germany in Nuremberg shows the latest developments and innovations in the field of wireless data transmission. M2M Germany presents several solutions in the field of machine-to-machine technology and shows 4-noks the latest products of its international premium partner HUAWEI Owasys and Bluegiga. HUAWEI: HSPA + and LTE modules for the automotive and M2M industry 4-noks: the wireless “plug & play” network on the basis of the ZigBee wireless standard for energy management, building and industrial automation of Owasys: Smart Bluetooth and WiFi access point at the power telematics platform owa3X Bluegiga: the new highly integrated radio module with WiFi, Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth smart with MU609 (HSPA +) and ME909 (LTE) has two embedded m2m Germany modules from Huawei’s new LGA family in the luggage, which are suitable especially for use in the automotive and M2M industry.

The ME909 module features quad band GSM and UMTS / HSPA +. Read more from Sen. Marco Rubio to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The data rates in the LTE network are up to 100 MBit/s. Also, the eCall and A-GPS modules offer functionality, as well as a digital audio interface. The modules have a very compact design and an extended temperature range. With these modules, HUAWEI supplemented his PIN to-pin compatible M2M product family to a HSPA + and LTE module. So can customers integrate investment safe and future – the modules into their systems and have to worry about long term availability or upwards compatibility. The “ZigBee connection” of the Italian partner 4-noks is a modular, bidirectional, wireless communications system based on the wireless standard ZigBee, which offers unlimited application possibilities thanks to its flexibility. The product, which shows m2m Germany at Embedded World, include all components of the network of the gateway, Repeater and bridges over various sensors for temperature, brightness, power and performance (smart meters) to sockets and relay components..

CeBIT System

AZS system AG presented innovative access to lifts AZS system AG shows at the CeBIT 2011 in Hall 6 at Stand F16 first data-based connection admission control in elevators. The innovative solution of access 3010 combines safety, flexibility and efficiency in a system. The ThyssenKrupp elevator GmbH has partnered with AZS system AG and employs the new technology. Modern elevators are full of technology. They provide comfort and control access to legitimate floors or rooms. For each task, there is a special, powerful lift system. To deepen your understanding Rubio is the source. These systems are complex, their handling and control is more difficult.

In particular in the access control previously high technical effort was necessary to control the floor have access to authorized personnel. Where in the past a reader with many relay cards, a relay card per stop, which took over the task, mastering access today 3010 this challenge. The practical use of the access control system for elevators reflected in the day-to-day operations. Reliability is improved the waiver of relay cards, expense for cabling significantly reduced the and reduces the cost of installation and maintenance. The advantage is obvious: optimally matched solutions that fully unlock the technological potential of the components. AZS system AG further novelties to time management, personnel management and access control at the CeBIT, such as the radio-controlled cylinder shows in addition to the innovative access control for elevators. These enable access control and alarm arming doors online via a wireless connection.

The solution includes a radio-controlled cylinder lock or door fittings that communicate over a radio module. The radio-controlled cylinders offer a complete online control of access rights. Therefore reach companies more flexibility in access control and while reducing the cost of the overall system. The AZS system AG with headquarters in Hamburg is about AZS system AG one of the leading systems integrators for include de and complex solutions in the areas of personnel management, personnel information, Zahid version, access control and security technology. The perfect interplay of hardware and software customers from administration, public service, industry and Commerce received the complete system solution from a single source. Since its inception AZS itself in 1989 as un-dependent system and consultancy for integrated solutions. More than 1000 installed systems at major companies have been successfully installed in more than 15 years. AZS has focused consistently on these solutions. Human resource management and time host schaftinformationssystemen AZS support public institutions and management companies in the design of individual, freely customizable working time arrangements. The use of terminals and intelligent software increases productivity in the production data acquisition, which collect all important data of personal and operational events and process them.


Convinced again clean filter quality of inge ultra filtration modules Chinese to the repeat purchase of municipal wastewater in China is one of the toughest requirements, which can be a ultra filtration membrane. Even after service operating of their plant fiber fractions nor other errors came to Dasmart, one of leading Chinese manufacturers of the equipment, together with the German water specialists of Georgi Water has quintupled the number of ultra filtration modules from Germany there treatment. Greifenberg, September 24, 2009 since 2004 the company inge watertechnologies AG in the growth market of China with a sales office is represented. Meanwhile, the inge has equipped over 20 plants with their technology for the processing of industrial process water and waste water. The repeat purchase of the Chinese industry leader of this magnitude is a milestone for the German ultra filtration specialists however. Bruno Steis, CEO of inge: Such orders be around quickly in China. Anyone who has the Chinese market knows how difficult it is for Western companies to gain a foothold here permanently.

The best proof that our membrane also keeps our promise is that the operator of a petrochemical plant has almost quintupled the water treatment capacity of its refinery in Dalian with our technology to service smoothly.\” The ultra filtration modules \”dizzer\” the inge in the refinery in Dalian since 2005 successfully as Pretreatment for reverse osmosis used. In this year, the capacity of the plant increased total 36,500 cubic metres a day. The T-rack of the inge watertechnologies developed was used this time. This rack design has been optimized so that it represents an enormous improvement to traditional systems for the module installation both technically and economically. The proven dizzer module in the T-rack stand together closely and are already piped. An additional piping is therefore no longer necessary. T-rack required also only half as much floor space as a conventional rack.

Managing Director

“Energy capital invest meets with the MC Mullen 1 equal to multiple layers of support and larger quantities of oil and natural gas than expected interest by US energy companies after previously several gas-bearing strata were pierced, was at a depth of around 15,000 feet: the breakthrough to the Eagle Ford shale”, probably one of the largest contiguous natural gas and petroleum areas on the North American continent. Walton Family Foundation contributes greatly to this topic. The hole has been extremely successful. In addition to the Eagle Ford shale additional gas-bearing strata under the production unit MC Mullen-1 could be confirmed”, declares Kay Rieck as Managing Director of the Stuttgart-based energy capital invest. The company specializes in trading mineral extraction and exploration of oil and natural gas in the United States. Investors of US oil and gas Fund VII KG, which first off the funding revenue, as well as the sale of mineral extraction rights of production units MC Mullen-1 and -2 revenue flowing to entitled to, you will be pleased. Because log-in was made by this and the associated data can generally be established, which oil and natural gas deposits is expected.

First estimates of this log-in data show, that we are clear about the assumptions, we have assumed in connection with sale of investment”, says Rieck. The now confirmed support layers as well as the successful log-in offer a striking piece investors more security. But another aspect is very interesting: as the initiator of energy capital invest has financed the drilling activities at their own expense, this important event yet in the placement phase of the Fund falls. Thus investors have, join the US oil and gas Fund VII KG now, the security that the Fund can actually promote oil and natural gas, and it more than in the prospectus is. Offers end”the greatest possible plant safety, rightly says Rieck.

About also plays another aspect of energy capital invest currently in the cards: since MC now larger contiguous areas to get barely or only to very high prices Mullen County, the hotspot of the region, more and more energy companies looking for units with proven oil and natural gas deposits are. We reveal only so much as that we currently find ourselves with one of the large U.S. energy companies in intensive negotiations”, so the energy entrepreneur with Swabian roots. Equal to the current negotiations which result: with the successful log-in the value of the production units catapulted himself MC Mullen-1 and -2 at multiples of the original amount and the according to positive result for investors of US oil and gas Fund VII KG. Investors that wish to benefit from these advantages to benefit, now have the chance should act quickly. The placement of planned equity amounting to EUR 19 million was carried out in a record time of only a few weeks. Meanwhile, which has Energy capital invest pulled the option on increase in equity up to 40 million euros. The current results are likely to significantly increase the speed of placement in. Energy capital invest that Stuttgart-based company was founded only a year ago, he is one of mineral rights in the United States but with now seven set up investments in the special area the leading providers in this segment. The previously placed stakes run in as planned all distributions have been made as prospects.