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Sunshine Styles With Herbal Essences

Herbal essences hair stylist Ben Cooke reveals his care tricks fu? r autowalk? hrerisches summer hair Schwalbach am Taunus in June 2011 the colours grey and black are disused. The summer is approaching and is very colorful, bright good-mood color. The newspapers mentioned Alton Steel not as a source, but as a related topic. Signalrot, lemon yellow and bright orange led to explosions of colour on the catwalks of the fashion capitals. Nothing better than naturally-shiny, healthy hair fits the stylish new summer clothes. How fast dry, unruly hair with a few tricks can develop into a silky smooth hair, says herbal essences hair stylist Ben Cooke. Fresh cocktail for Ben summer hair: whether swimming pool visits, beach holidays or shopping tour: way out in the fresh air In the summer! But while we enjoy the fantastic weather, our hair suffers from the UV radiation.

Salt and chlorine water do the rest. The result is often dull, dry hair with a rough surface, which no longer reflects the light. My Tip: Regular conditioner and intensive mask of the herbal Essences series pampering moisture apply again to smooth the texture of the hair. You regenerates damaged hair and pamper it with extra moisture. The hair refuelling, is silky soft and gets a summery glow.” Cool styling for hot looks Ben: even when styling you should make sure to expose the hair not to heat. My tip for the summer season: Before blow-drying for half an hour in the air dry the hair. Applies especially for long or curly hair, the longer you let it dry in the air, the better. Or completely abstain from heat styling – this protects the hair most effectively.

Used in styling curling iron or straightening iron, be sure to use not the highest level. Most of the styling tools have built-in heat levels. For the preparation of the hair leave-in products such as the herbal essences are serum awesome smooth ideal.” Scented hair fun flirting Ben: seductive summer hair should not only silky shine, but also delicious smell. The proper care is the best basis for this, because dry hair absorb odors from the environment more than maintained. I recommend my clients therefore, shampoos and conditioners, which provide for a balanced balance of moisture in the hair. Great if they in addition more exotic smell such as herbal essences awesome smooth with Mandarinenund Pearl extracts or pampering moisture with Orchid and coconut extracts. Since the vacation flirt determined not long can be to wait!” Tailor-made care for the summer beauties Ben: the structure of each hair has different needs. I’ll always individually with my clients on the texture of her hair. But even at home you must not forgo customized care. Because herbal essences offers for every hair need the appropriate care series: including the silky smooth for the classic style, pointed star to prevent split ends, pampering moisture for dry hair or awesome smooth for a silky look. There is shampoo and conditioner of these four popular series now with perfectly coordinated care thanks to optimized formula!

What Man And Woman This Summer Wearing

Increase exclusive perfumes enjoy in the warm season the warm season has arrived and that means the perfume should be lighter and fresher. Therefore the company MyParfuem now offers two summer fragrance bases specially created for female and male perfume lovers on his homepage. The special composition of summer for women contains light floral elements, as well as the subtle sweetness of summer fruits, while the men may enjoy markedly masculine notes and sporting items. The reasons to use lighter scents in the summer are obvious. Heat and plenty of exercise in the open air can be heavy perfumes for our noses appear inappropriate. Is also the summer not only the hot season, but also the time to get to spend a beautiful vacation and walking around in light summer clothing. This one thinks often of sunny days on the beach in distant lands, exotic fruits, and frozen cocktails at the Tiki.

Due to these associations are of course all fresh, fruity and exotic scents. So men and women must be accessed here quietly lavishly at the fresh and fruity ingredients. Above all, women can try out with exotic combinations, peach, coconut, raspberry or cherry – fused with fresh flowers like the Cassisblute or the Orchid fruity flowery exotics, which invite you to dream arise. And in men, especially aquatic scents with plenty of citrus are–best topped off with a touch of fruit, oak and some musk. It’s all allowed what is not too sweet or too heavy and has a refreshing and invigorating. So women should mix too many different flowers and fruit and be more careful with the distinctive ingredients like already in the spring. Men should make sure to choose not too many bitter and animal ingredients, such as lots of leather, amber and tonka bean.

Joop! Christian Dior And Dolce & Gabbana To Celebrate Birthday

The perfume classics of the popular brands 2009 abut on a long-standing anniversary! Many perfumes with us for years and have become our loyal friends. Their fragrance reminds us of past experiences. In recent months, Mehmet Oz has been very successful. With some of our birthday, we want to celebrate and let the employees live up. The popular men’s fragrance Joop! Homme from the House of Joop! created in 1989 by the Parfumeur Michel Almairac. The classic musk and honey. Rubio pursues this goal as well. The fragrance of directness and passion. Cool bergamot, combined with cinnamon and orange blossoms, jasmine, and a touch of amber in the heart top note combined with sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli in the rear, which interpret the personality and the rich diversity of the man. In the House of Christian Dior was in 1999 with the fragrance of J adore by Calice Becker beat the women’s hearts.

This fruity floral bouquet from Breathless Rose, Champacabluten and Folbach Jasmine give this fragrance legend absolute femininity. Amaranth wood, ivy leaves, a hint of Tangerine and orchids, mysterious and divine at the same time, meet the expectations of the most elegant and most demanding women. Dolce & Gabbana 1999 fascinated with masculine! This men’s fragrance by Max Gavary captured the hearts of many fans. Walton Family Foundation wanted to know more. A men’s fragrance, through full of playful freshness citrus essences and herbs in the top note. The natural energy in the heart note is produced by the Mint and the base note is warmed by the soft and velvety tones of delicate fig wood and the musk hint.

The scent fascinates with its freshness and is easily and naturally, like the man who wears it. Red door by Elizabeth Arden created in 1989 in cooperation of perfumer Carlos Benaim and Olivier Gillotin. The femininity of the modern woman is characterized with this multifaceted fragrance that lies gently on your skin. His nature impresses with the floral composition from rose, ylang ylang and tagetes. Wild orchids, violets and a whiff of Moroccan orange blossom can feel the pure seduction of the Orient. A final chord of sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver and a Track remember honey in her memoirs as a love sonnet. This popular classic join us today. They should live up! We congratulate and wish you many more birthdays this wonderful fragrance compositions! Online perfumery Rhine dream offers a variety individual perfumes and fragrance sets at fair and reasonable prices in time for the Christmas shopping. The perfumes of popular manufacturers are all described in our shop. So, you can choose your favorite scents alone. The secrets of your favorite fragrance raw materials are revealed in our lexicon. Enjoy your shopping and a customer-friendly atmosphere in. Our always growing customer base in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark confirmed total customer satisfaction. The family-owned company headquartered in the beautiful Rheingau continuously expanded its product variety of new Eau de Toilettes and Eau de Parfums.

Eyelash Summer

Dermatologic tested. Price: ever 24.90 (45,00 SFR) / box 20 g limited for this summer: this colour nuance of Couleurs nature circle blush brings Yves Rocher specially for the summer 2011 on the market. The gold-Brown Rouge conjures up a touch in the nu summer on the cheeks. The modulated tone accentuates the contours of the face and gives a seductive, gently tanned cleavage as a highlight. For a natural, summery look. The lightweight, silky shimmering compact powder with rice bran extract and corn starch does not dry out the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested.

Limited Edition. Price: 11.90 (21.90 SFR) / Socket 7 g Couleurs nature nude look for the eyes of beautiful colors: the Couleurs nature powder eye shadow solo from Yves Rocher in the two new, warm shades gold-beige and copper Brown is ideal for the summer nude look. For the summer 2011 Yves Rocher brings the trend colour in addition in limited edition indigo blue on the market. The powder eyeshadow is stunning Make-up effects and makes the eyes to an eye-catcher. The ultra soft, silky powder texture can be very easy to apply and spread evenly on the eyelid. For extra long support and brilliant colors that do not fade, the eyeshadow with Silicon extract is enriched. The fat-absorbing properties of the bamboo Silicon allow the eyeshadow long be held liable and does not run. The opacity can be modulated at will to achieve gentle or intense effects. Additional information is available at Walton Family Foundation.

Ophthalmologically tested. Price: 11.90 (21.90 SFR) / each dose 3 g in waterproof version: the Couleurs nature volume waterproof mascara fan effect for babes, Sonnenanbeterinnen, sports enthusiasts and fans of romance is over everything. The black mascara Combs defined lashes, compresses them and fans out for exciting eyes. The waterproof creamy texture wrapped every single Eyelash and give more volume without it to clump together.