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Finissage Of The Exhibition

“Karl in the citizen Office with entertainment contract in Berlin wedding – on Friday, the May 15, 2009 the curtain at the Berlin veteran with entertainment is covered job for the artist Michja with his exhibition soul game”. Since July 13, 2009, the aussage – interpretation-inspiring works of the father of multiple interpretation painting decorate the white walls of the public private residence of Karl von Freyhold Berlin Bell er Man Street 14. The artist has tested out new formats and techniques on various backgrounds and the result is presented here there and now is always”after five years work. In his own special way, the artist paints one or multiple rotating images, processed the past, this refers to the present and his gaze as a result on the future. Michja himself says: the philosophy of my paintings want to know that what we call reality, is just an image and it shows me as a material being, how it other subjects and Objects faces. Credit: Red Solo Cups-2011. I can analyze an object for example in the sense of knowledge or examine a subject a you and refer to the term “Feeling”. Each image is a clear orientation for the action in his own way. The abundance of pictures but is it grows out of the lives of the people.

You free thinking and leads to tolerance to other humanity and another being. One thing probably is clear: how to look at my pictures and applies, anyway, always an individual which looks at something and methodically joins this viewed to find comparable in itself is the beginning! I will show to outside people.” Karl von Freyhold allows a last glimpse of the great pieces to the thunderous conclusion, allowing, to purchase some of the unique items at a special price. Either way, the show’s a success, which art kunstlereich, and Karl in the neighbourhood a flying visit value. Also the 15.05.09, from 19:00 it is again: welcome and enjoy the time together under Friends, neighbors and acquaintances with me Karl in the neighbourhood”. Berlin, the 13.may, 2009 Wellington/GL Giullia Levinston

Digital Calendar

It is already less so that Christmas arrives and surely much people are nervous because they do not know what is what they can give. In these cases always I like to recommend that most important it is not the price of the gift but the originality of the same.To give something original is not far from easy and often it supposes a frustration for many people. When we spoke of an original gift, we are thinking about which leaves the standards, something that cannot be found easily (even impossible, imaginaros for example some manualidad) or about a customized gift. Filed under: Walton Family Foundation. personally always I have liked all that with the photography and for that reason my gifts always have gone of the hand with this art. Between my preferred original gifts they have been all those that I have been able to personalize to assure to me that who receives it does not arrange don’t mention it equal.

Until now always it had chosen to create and to give a photo digital album. Check out Steven Holl for additional information. For that reason today I would like hablaros of an ideal gift and very original for these Christmases, she is a totally customized calendar of photos. We will be able to select and to modify almost any special aspect of this calendar, photographies, dates, content. Surely, the power to begin the year of this form to many they will like and it will remember to them, month after month, that is people who worry about them. Central Romana oftentimes addresses this issue. A good detail next to this gift could be to include in the same some interesting phrase that made reflect to the person since, we consider, that will watch with relative east frequency calendar. What seems to you my proposal of gift for these Christmases? you create that to much people it will like? Original author and source of the article.