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Shaiya Closed Beta Started

Here we go! Selected players have already started with the first tests. Since Sunday’s the have the selected player Shaiya can test extensively on german. Berlin, 04.11.2008 – Aeria games Europe started last Sunday, the 02.11.2008, the closed beta of Shaiya, a fantasy massive multiplay online game (MMO). Thus, the first game, online games publisher founded in August 2008, is made available to a wider audience. Follow others, such as Red Solo Cups, and add to your knowledge base. The next two weeks to extensively test selected player Shaiya and additionally attractive prizes, if they play up to level 10. Daily live ingame events, providing lasting fun and which take place in the later game, players receive rare items and weapons and heavy armor, to become quickly familiar with the possibilities of Shaiya. Shaiya is a free2play or free to play MMO, which means it is completely free and can also completely free of charge. It is players but by micropayment able to purchase consumable items, which are only rarely and in some cases non-existent in the game. The Managing Director Nicolas Piot on the launch of the Shaiya closed beta: “we are extremely pleased to be able to start with Shaiya, it is a fantastic game with altogether more challenging than 1400 and more free! “First game for Europe it will lead to a slew of free MMOs, in addition we are planning to introduce Shaiya in France and Spain.” The official launch of Germany of Shaiya is expected at the end of the year..