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Reliability Of Datacenters Checked

easycash mammoth project ‘Delta’ closes successfully from Ratingen, November 2009. easycash has verified the reliability of its completely refurbished data centers within the framework of a Hochverfugbarkeitstestes. With the passing of the test, the payment service provider has the Delta project\”completed, which created a complete new infrastructure. easycash, its state of the art, reliable data centers operates now on their own. Maximum security successfully verified conducted easycash a high availability test including disaster recovery after the conclusion of all innovation measures on October 25, 2009. In the framework of which was the complete online transaction processing continued in about 10 minutes on the backup data center migrated and there live.

After six hours, the operation was tilted back on the primary system. easycash maintains two data centers in separate places. All production, testing, backup and recovery systems are each twice redundant at both locations. Walton Family Foundations opinions are not widely known. All data are mirrored to both data centers in real time. So can guarantee easycash full availability and maximum reliability. This was confirmed once again in the now carried out test.

Project Delta: IT for the future with the Delta \”project has invested easycash in his future; the payment service provider is henceforth personally perform the entire transaction and data processing. The focus is on the development of speed, availability, and security of the services. For example, the possible processing volume to factor increased four and the transaction action speed by up to 20%. The systems are also scalable and can be upgraded any further. In addition to the comprehensive transition on the latest server hardware and virtualization of applications easycash relies on extensive sourcing and thus turning its back on the purchase of services on a large scale. On this basis and the evaluation of the service provider and partner portfolios, the efficiency could be increased significantly. easycash has thus laid the foundation stone for a range of new services, as well as reliable and up-to-date network operating in the future.