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President Michel Temer

Robert Ramalho is Lawyer, Relations Pblicas and Jornalista.O act of the Managing Table of the Chamber announced for its President Michel Temer, – he himself having committed irregularities when admitting that he repassed aerial tickets its familiar ones to travel to the Bahia, as he announced the site Congress in Focus that disclosed that it had travelled with the wife and the brother for Porto Seguro (BA) in the end of January of 2008. -, modifying the norms for the air transportation of them parliamentarians leave breaches them representatives to continue travelling for where well to want and to understand. The worse one of everything is that the measure still legalizes the trips of relatives of the members of the house of representatives with public, paid money with the sweat of the face of the Brazilian worker and the entrepreneurs and traders who pay excessive tributes in this Country, so that the same ones spend of irregular and uncontrollable form. The new rule says explicit that the benefit can be used in trip for the proper parliamentarian, the woman or husband, its legal and assessor dependents in situations related to the parliamentary activity. In this to save I use my card allegiance for me or my woman, of the quota of tickets, soon and finished. None does not have problem, goes of first classroom, in international flight I am reliable of the rules, I do not see illegality.

From the moment where to be forbidden, I go to fulfill. I made economy, I more travelled in the flights in account. amended: In the vacations, I find that it had right to use the quota. Family is sacred, does not have nothing excessively All excess and error must be judgeships, and the punished people , But does not have excess in the emissions of tickets, and the members of the house of representatives do not have to pay to ticket of the proper pocket, defended the petista.