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Andasibe Park: The Primary Forest Of Madagascar

The National Park of Andasibe is located 140 km east of Antananarivo. To get there, simply take the route national 2. Divided into two reserve, Analamazaotra reserve and the reserve of Mantadia, the Park attracts many visitors and foreign, since it is near the city. The Park has a tropical humid and rainy climate and shows a temperature of 27 C in November to January and the rains are abundant between January and March. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ProPharma Group. The Andasibe Park also known as Mantadia is a primary forest and the trails are still difficult to access. To visit it, therefore, you need a professional guide in order to arrive at this fauna and flora unique in the world.

We find the famous lemur indri indri that stands by his singing in the reserve of Analamazotra covering an area of 810 hectares. But the Andasibe National Park is also a great place to find lemurs of bushy tail, black and red, the sifaka, the endemic species of animals including mammals, reptiles and birds, an ideal destination for those interested in a Madagascar tourism. Andasibe National Park is a true paradise for nature and the tour operator Madagascar offers a guided tour of the Park. Lovers of nature will be satisfied and you can admire the magnificent waterfall, a natural waterfall and a sacred Lake, without forgetting the herbs, lianas sacred, dwarf palms and many species of orchids. To appreciate orchids in flower, it is necessary to schedule the visit in October and November. However, during the rainy season, it is better to equip the boots and an insecticide to find good conditions in this sanctuary of nature.

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Orchids Light

The Orchids as any plant, has requirements that you will have to take care of to secure to a good growth and a good flowering, that it makes jump of beauty the space that you have scenery with them. The success with these plants depends on which you know like treating them from the first moment. First that you must consider it is that the Orchids are plants different from the rest from which you know. They have different, special needs, for its care and culture. We go to the grain: 1. It always waters Your Orchids in the mornings: To the orchids they do not like to sleep dunked. If you water in afternoon or at night these exposing to that fungi and bacteria become ill with. The amount of water depends on culture means where it is growing.

Generally, the similar Coco and roots of fern or materials need less water, because they retain the humidity enough. 2. Asegrate that Your Orchids are receiving the illumination that really need: Following the species that you have, you will have to know the amount light that needs. If no you know, ofrceles an average illumination and they will be in charge of decirte if it is much light or little light. Generally you have when them in conditions of much light, they are burned or yellows are put. When you are offering him little light you will see, them of a dark green color. 3.

It reviews periodically to Your Orchids to detect problems of plagues: This is very important. It tries to review the leaves, the flowers and the stems of your orchids, at least once or twice for week. With this simple practice you will be preventing them constantly with any insect that wants to damage it.

Costa Rica And Its Rain Forests

Tropical diversity and steamy air around is 30 percent of Costa Rica’s conservation. One of the richest and most beautiful parts of the Central American national parks is the Esquinas rainforest. This lowland rain forest located in southwestern of Costa Rica, is one of the last remaining forests, ranging on the Pacific coast in Central America. With an estimated number of 3,000 plant species, the jungle is home to an incredible variety of vines, bromeliads, orchids, Philodendrons, or lichens. The online travel agency reported by a nature scene of a special kind.

The moist, humid heat, which is hard to bear for many tourists, is responsible to a large extent for the tremendous biodiversity of the Esquinas rainforest. With an average 6,000 millimeters of rain per year, enough water available is the flora and fauna. Compared to European latitudes, this means a tenfold higher precipitation. During an expedition through the rain forest offers the adventurous travellers unforgettable moments. The magical background noise is followed by the screams of the parrots in the early morning. Munching on bananas colorful toucans, sloths rest on their branch and butterflies flutter through the air. Fascinating even the small hummingbirds, which drink at 40 to 50 wing beats per second from the flowers. A holiday in Costa Rica is increasingly associated with the concept of eco-tourism, where the eco-friendly behavior in the destination plays a central role. “Specializing in this form of tourism, the biodiversity of the Central American State can be permanently secured, so is Costa Rica in the future the bird richest country in the world” may call.

Winter Holidays In The Mediterranean Islands

It is flowering times in southern Europe the winter season 2010/11. During a given the others into raptures by snow and ice, desire earnestly the spring. Who can wait and now want to come enjoy delicate flower scents, should treat a few days break. The islands of the Mediterranean not invite although yet to bathing, pamper the eye but on bicycle tours and hikes with gorgeous colors. The online travel agency informs about the most beautiful places for a short holiday in the South of Europe. During a holiday in Majorca at the beginning of the year, the countless almond trees fall on visitors. Total, seven million of which grow on the favorite island of the Germans.

The pink flowering lasts until the end of February and will be replaced in March by the flower of daisies and roses. Although the bathing season starts in June, beautiful walks and bike tours are possible in the spring. On Cyprus, also the wild orchids light next to the almond trees. The rich yellow of the orange trees can also be observed until mid-March. Bath time is in some places even from the second week of may, for example, in the Bay of Larnaca. The water temperature in the merry month is already at about 20 degrees Celsius. Sicily shines in a bright yellow Sheen in April, because at that time the gorse on the slopes around Taormina thrives. During the flowering of Oleander around Mount Etna a ride on the Circumetnea stroll car worth”.

Travel Inspirations In September: Patagonia – Destination In The Double Pack

The digital travel magazine reports in the September issue on remote and lesser-known destinations in South America and Eastern Europe Patagonia that’s wild, rough nature, windy mountain peaks and icy glacier. But also a varied landscape, in which even orchids thrive and offers a wide variety of leisure and mountaineering. Who prefers in the desert area, which gradually us on the edge of civilization, has first choice: Patagonia to be conquered from Chile or Argentina here? Brusque Viennese Fiaker driver not in the coffee house, which indeed, lacking the giant wheel and Monster moderately big Wiener schnitzel cliches Jokiness of the Danube metropolis. Can you outrun them and discover lesser-known sides in Vienna? This mystery is solved in the reportage about Vienna. Because of the mass tourism has not yet reached the country, Latvia is an insider tip for tourists seeking pristine nature, historic cities and cultural riches. But even under acoustic aspects he considers middle of the three Baltic States with some surprises ready.

Other topics in the booklet: City target: Safari whale watching in Australia. For body and soul: Wackes Weinstube in Cologne. Small escapes: Bad Sackingen, Germany. UNESCO World Heritage: Tallinn. Hotel reports: Annas hotel in Latvia and Parador de Amagro in Spain. Services theme: mobile phones during the holiday, and more.


Always observes the culture medium where your orchid is growing if you see dark means that it is wet, when the medium becomes pale OS water them. 3 Very well select the disinfectants and soaps that you use to clean the bathroom. Be very careful at this point: you now have a new tenant. Orchids are resistant to almost everything, but disinfectants containing chlorine and ammonia makes them much harm. Generally, when the orchids are exposed to these substances vapor, they tend to lose their leaves and wilting flowers. When you clean the bathroom of your House make sure you withdraw your orchids in there, at least a few hours, until the vapors have passed. With this you will avoid that they react inappropriately. 4.

Offers some light to your Orchid every time. If the bathroom where you have your orchid is quite dark or shaded, keep in mind that every so often, a weekly must take a small stroll to your Orchid and remove it to receive light drafts and sunlight. That light will help flourish more, as you like and will allow the new children that they come out, grow more rapidly. The tips that you’ve given in this article, are basic when it comes to placing an orchid in the bathroom of your House. This site of the House definitely deserves that plants, placed much better if they are orchids. With the information you just discover this experience will be the most successful thing that you have to decorate the spaces of your House with orchids. We will continue to see until then, greetings, Patricia g.

Ortega CEO/DIRECTOR of see now free information through your blog. There you will find articles and special tips about caring for orchids. RECOMMENDED! Visit. This week, are still in time to get there a course completely G * RATIS to learn how to decorate with orchids: 5 keys to learn to decorate with orchids in just 5 lessons.

Book Review – Lavinia – Abduction In The Parallel World

Author Dr. Thomas Welke writes tredition Publisher with much empathy and tact the author Thomas Welke manages the feat, to build high voltage, to create an atmosphere, and yet all to reveal the mysterious with much tact and finesse only in small portions. Anyone who would like to deepen in a fantasy novel, is pleasantly surprised by this story. A touching piece of humanity will not gather dust it there also with this visible book that should be on every Bookshelf, just should. With much empathy, tact, and above all very much empathy for all of its people, in his novel, the author describes a fantastic world and will accompany you even colorful dazzling, but even in dull grey with very different habitats.

The novel is full of wise reflections about life, about foreign and about friendship. There are also brilliant dialogues. The main character of Lavinia is a chosen one, but she thinks a simple girl be. While it does not belong in the human world. She is a Tarandoranerin.

There she is to be the Albaril, a leader with magical powers. But Lavinia is just hard to convince and a path full of doubts and fears is before you. “Book title: Lavinia – abduction in the parallel world” author: Thomas Welke. Tredition Publisher: ISBN: 978-3-86850-849-9 (the author is working as a doctor in Lunen full-time and has a private practice with his wife.) Very important still to the end: even though Lavinia is the prelude to a trilogy, the story is completed and also one easy to read. It must be so nobody worry about a nasty Cliffhanger, there remains enough stuff to spin on the story. I’m already looking forward to volume 2. Overall a terrific novel by a man who clearly understands much of life, brings up a lot of sympathy for the trials and tribulations of his main characters and is stylistically absolutely in the Oberliga. Publication only with references! Company information: Jutta Contactor (writer, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge (diseases, diabetes two, low-carb nutrition form). For more information

Luxury Bedding By Christian Fischbacher As A Gift For The Bride And Groom

Luxury bedding by Christian Fischbacher as a gift for the bride and groom for a romantic wedding night starting immediately the Internet portal provides with an exclusive selection of bedding from the collection of the brand of Christian Fischbacher. Sleeping culture of par excellence made in Switzerland. The design-oriented bed linen by Christian Fischbacher is suitable as a wedding gift, as well as for personal use. High-quality fabrics made from cotton or silk combined with creative and modern designs characterize the collections of the Swiss Designherstellers for bed linen. are consisting of nine selected collections from duvet cover, pillow case and fitted sheet in addition to a small assortment of towelling articles to choose from. The bed linen is manufactured from high-quality cotton satin. The Managing Director of Jemma Klengel desire boutique is sure: bed linen by Christian Fischbacher is a popular article as a wedding gift. Just our customers attach great importance on high quality materials, as these Collections have been processed.

Also the design matching design offers by monochrome-plain about a Japanese style to colorful patterned for everyone.” The towels includes two collections, each consisting of a set of two towels, a bath towel and a beach towel. The set Dreamflor”was fluffy 420 g cotton processed, set PURO” from a very high quality and particularly absorbent 600 g cotton. A pillowcase by Christian Fischbacher can be purchased already at the price of 48,-euros, the duvet cover with the same design for 190,-euro. The color matching fitted sheet is 89,-euros. Like at many other gifts on also the bed linen collections can be divided to several people as a single gift by Christian Fischbacher. The brand of Christian Fischbacher In 1819 the foundation stone for the company of Christian Fischbacher was laid in the St. Gallic Toggenburg, in sixth generation successful bed linen, Terry article, furnishing fabrics and carpets manufactures with much innovation and creativity.

Skuridoy Maria Larina

After the collapse of Till Eulenspiegel in 1999 were formed into two groups: Wind and Water Mill. The band's name originates from the name of the Irish countryside Gwee Dore, which translates as 'wind water'. The group was founded by Dan and Skuridoy Maria Larina. In addition, they also participated in the group mill until 2002. The musicians themselves prefer to be called the year of foundation staff in 2000. All the music of Wind Water can be divided into two themes: European and Slavonic. Songs of European subjects – a medieval music (for example, such as the Irish) in the author's treatment of the group.

Slavic subjects presented musical compositions based on Russian folklore and richly arranged. All this became possible thanks to the excellent knowledge of these two trends Larina Maria and Theodore Wind, as well as talent, team leader – Dan Skuridy. In 2002, Waters released the Wind Combined CD. It is called the Gaoth Dobhair. In addition to the music tracks it also includes videos, photos and other useful information. In 2005 saw the release of first full-length album, Wind of Water – pandemonium. It includes 16 Tracks Slavic subjects. In autumn 2008, to be held out long-awaited second album, titled The Whirlpool of Time, which will be present and the European program.

The E-Commerce Day

E-Commerce day on 4th June in Berlin – so you optimize your multi channel sales as optimized Zalando actually be marketing? What is the multi channel distribution of Mister Spex? How to avoid urban ARA returns? How to sell Mercateo actually in the B2B commerce? And how fit together E-Commerce and SEPA? Answers to these and other questions on the subject of E-commerce are given on 04 June 2013 at the E-Commerce day in Berlin. In Berlin, the E-Commerce Guide gathered numerous experts to do so again. Renowned E-Commerce insiders refer to lectures and give participants valuable tips and tricks for topics such as sales increase through the selection of appropriate payment procedures, increase conversion rate, avoiding returns, SEPA, internationalization, customer acquisition through social media, usability, and more. Of E-Commerce continues to evolve and who wants to be successful, must meet numerous challenges,”Dr. Georg Wittmann says, the ibi research for the project E-Commerce Guide” is partly responsible. That’s why we lead in the E-Commerce day in Berlin a variety of experts in an event together and give the opportunity to network with many interesting companies. Participants can thus benefit from the know-how of the already established online retailers and learn about the latest trends in E-commerce.” In the E-Commerce day 2013 in Berlin give well-known companies exclusive insights into their success stories, Zaatari, urban ARA, Mister Spex, project A ventures, Yatego, couch radio,, Mercateo, STRATO, Torben or Lucie, and the yellow peril.