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Climate Datalogger PCEHT

Mold growth can be countered with the help of the PCE-HT 110, through adherence to the optimum moisture content in space. Mold growth can be countered with the help of the PCE-HT 110, through adherence to the optimum moisture content in space. After the excellent Indian summer, the humid and cooler season upon us comes again, because the moisture content in the space above the limit can rise if inbetween not regularly for an exchange of air is taken care of. The small, handy device has an internal real time clock with date, and so nothing more in the way of the exact mapping of the events. Air temperature and relative humidity are captured with the climate datalogger PCE-HT 110 PCE Germany GmbH, and stored on an internal SD card. The compact device is very open and serves mainly the long-term registration in the food sector, as well as measuring and recording in the industry.

Refrigerated cabinets comply with the prescribed temperature in department stores or refrigerated transport. The climate datalogger PCE-HT 110 measures the current Value that is displayed on the LCD display and stored on the SD card. The value can be read at any time directly or to transfer the data stored on the SD card to a PC or laptop. The values can be evaluated then graphically as a curve. Should the cold chain may be interrupted, so can be reconstructed later, with the help of an Excel file exactly, when and for how long the cold chain has been disconnected. For a small price, you get a lot of power and it is always on the safe side with the climate datalogger PCE-HT 110. Whether in the private sector, food sector, or industry on these little helpers nobody do without. More information under: technical data/climate data loggers h14 with display.htm

One Change

In other words, if I can make it, by check, by the right mix, the right amount, the magic key “to find, then everything is fine again, I can just continue as before, and I’m also still good. But until then, the clearest paradox emerges when the suffering so much has spread, that is the need for the actual stop to abstinence. Then, a balancing act really makes our thinking: A voice inside me saying: “actually I don’t want to hear on Yes, but if I want to go on living, I must stop. What do I do so? -I surrender only so far as it is really vital. I stop, but only because I can’t and this with the option. “just to start, when again all in regulated BahNEN runs, and then it just also correctly be fun”.

To all all last I hold and so on to the illusion that I have control over the whole thing and can and want me not to admit, that this cannot work and that this way rather leads me to death as the life, so to fulfill my needs. My will has thus become a tool of control and no longer serves me really to decide myself which really is going to satisfy my longing for the way. I am so still not ready, to look at the cause, geschweige going to make a difference to you. And I still think, if I get the symptoms under control, the cause will disappear from alone again. We think that of course not really with, but so a strange, in logical concept that often long time looking at the reality makes us impossible is unconscious. One Change is really only possible even if I recognize and can admit in front of me, I don’t really want the transformation, the change and that this is the main reason for this was that nothing changed. To my not Verandernwollen as a gambler, not really to get away from the drug or the other substitute and live without him, so is cause for the seemingly Unveranderliche. My persistent after searching, to find a way kontrolliert, successful and happy of course continue to be able to take, is thus responsible for the fact that I myself do not change. This imperative prerequisite is willingness and a really strong inner desire to convert. If we encounter strong Widerstande in our development, we do well to question these qualities on their presence. It is recommended that our willingness to change in any everyday area, where our desire to fruition not to change, to check not only in the case of an addiction history, that stands us as not going so drastically in the eye.

Scooter Tuning Pimp My Scooter

Tuning has sure ever heard any of the term moped scooter. Many can however not really imagine anything including. Therefore, the term should be explained here closer. Already a few years ago, there was the roller movement. Everyone went to and was sometimes ridiculed.

Then they disappeared suddenly. No one drove a scooter more. But since the latest time you don’t trust his eyes, the scooters are back! New, more colorful, strident, some even exotic resurface them on our roads. And there are more and more. For this year, the experts predict that more of them will be on Germany’s roads.

But what is it? Quite simply, on the high gasoline prices. Now it is not just the youth, driving a scooter, but more and more professionals every day to drive to work. A scooter is in the consumption and the insurance cheaper than a car. This has led to a rethink among consumers, and instead of a second, they are now rather buy a scooter. But also He is very popular among young people. A moped scooter must be driven for example at 15 years old. So the ideal vehicle for beginners. Only this target group has more in mind with her moped Scooter, they look at it as a hobby, to tune it. Tune means, it visually to adorn, n to tinker and to change the look. This is pasted over the body with foil to give him a new look. The flasher is exchanged and replaced the bench seat. It all belongs to the tuning of a moped scooter. Everything is allowed, what is striking. It has become a real hobby. But also the scooter shop about the scooter owners can buy the needed parts on the Internet makes this possible. Scooter Epple is such a shop here, there are tuning accessories of all kinds. Scooter owners have it well, because they go cheap, know no parking problems and a traffic jam can not stop them.

Suddenly Tunisia

The discovery of a country suddenly a country called Tunisia appears there. You could win this impression given the coverage of civic protest in the Maghreb States and the overthrow of President Ben Ali. That in Tunisia since mid-December massively and not only “frustrated, disillusioned young people” – a gladly accepted stereotype of the Arab world–was protesting against the Government, it was learned in Germany mid-January; If at all. When he actually fled dictatorial Ben Ali, ruling with the usual Mafia family clans, bureaucracy and intelligence agencies out of the country since 1987, Visual confusion was in the middle of the media age. Get all the facts and insights with Sen. Marco Rubio, another great source of information. The discovery of a country, the special of the day topics brought ten minutes long confusing images of street battles and comments from protesters.

The mantra repeated phrase of the Tunisian people, who have driven its dictator, was the only attempt to classify what happened until earlier this week. It was obvious: no one in the Media landscape had ever dealt further with Tunisia, as with reports on bathers German holiday-makers who, because too many came after their return to Word. That a 23-year-old and reinforced with about 170,000 “security forces” dictatorship like a coup should be been swept away within one month by mere demonstrations, was not called into question. Myths instead of analysis: coverage of Tunisia instead the modern myths from the usual corner crept: from the first “Wikileaks revolution” was pontificating and an early end of all Arab “wrong”regimes of Algeria causes prayed to Saudi Arabia. None of this has proved to be even remotely considered to be substantial. That but with all determination and admirable courage of protesting Tunisians the coup without the solidarity of the Tunisian army, the demonstrators easily could have ended disastrously, seeps slowly and sometimes input in the reporting. Whether and how the political reconstruction of the country can succeed in the era after Ben Ali and will play what role in the old boy network is completely open to the hour. Tunisia’s Imelda Marcos and French arms aid, meanwhile, remain rich analysis of the backgrounds of the handy “Jasmine revolution” baptized operations in Tunisia in German pay television and its Internet sites remain almost completely.

Instead prefer encircled the admittedly flamboyant character of events, Ben Ali’s wife Leila, which is probably not wrongly as a Tunisian version of Imelda Marcos. The bird of ignorance but had still on 11 January, the French Foreign Minister bereitsabgeschossen Ben Ali’s Government to resolve the “security situation” the “savoir faire” (in this country mostly: “know-how”) of the French security forces wore. Fortunately Tunisia suddenly was another – hopefully. Andreas Kellner…

Don Quixote

Only the two diseases are selected in order to keep the overview. Confidently, it could include also dementia and other neurological diseases. We leave it at the two Common diseases of cardio-vascular and cancer. Each can complement a disease that ever there was no earlier years ago so in bulk for themselves like E.g. the tinnitus. Physical diseases are in mass, partly to deep depression or even genetic – leading some to cancer. Medicine makes healthy, we know today, but what makes all the time and constantly getting sicker. Rather does not exist, unexplained links.

Fight against windmills, like Don Quixote, our physician, rather Yes. A simple story that might fit and provides explanation might be. When I was 12 to 16.30 years old, I lived in the Odenwald. The village, with town rights, had approximately 3,500 inhabitants. Eric Corey Freed is full of insight into the issues. At my age then they squeezed around himself everywhere and so it was that you knew the whole village sometime, more or less, be more. That was today 50 years ago and then logically or otherwise all was also the air and water.

There was no time working and infinite stress to the workplace. There were 2 or 3 people who believe me in the village Siblings and parents who in turn knew everyone, were stricken with cancer. Died was also, as today, but more of old age. Died is always. Cancer was the angsterregendste word that you knew. Just as it was also rare. And, that there were dying were known already for this reason. New year’s Eve 2011, I called a schoolmate and we talked also about cancer, where his wife died. The village has some people more, but still, you know the people. Cancer is a neighborhood disease and more or always present today. My schoolmate doesn’t count any more, as we did earlier. With me – here in Berlin in the Kitz – this is no different.

Women Succeed – What Can One (s) Now Talk About?

The women worked out response… What comes now? What should women talk about one (s) with the? What are the best topics of conversation here? First of all, it is advisable that you go immediately after speaking to the woman, an instant date. Because here you can really connect women to entertain only. An instant date after like this do solicitations, to initiate that can successful women: You: “I am the way, (your name).” And you are? “” The woman: “I am the (name of the woman).” You: “look (the wife’s name), I was a coffee on the way to go. Come on, then we can talk better! “If the woman has a little time, then she will come also in most cases. You now have your first date with the woman. But what you want to talk now? I’m telling you now not only about what you can talk on your first date, but you have to talk a lot more about! There are just 7 topics about which the first Date need to speak, so that the woman can develop an emotional closeness to you. These 7 discussion topics are: your activities your job the Beziehug to your parents if you have siblings the length of your longest relationship are what your goals and passions in life who your friends are the decisive factor is not now that you just start a trivial chat about these issues; but rather that you present these topics in an emotionally appealing way.

You want to talk to the women this… just on a deeper, seductive level! It is important here to know that the actual seduction, response, always about the feeling happens according to the women! Let’s take for example, the topic of conversation “Job”: they tell of your job with passion! Omit the “cold” facts! Put on an “emotional storytelling”. Accentuate the strong emotional sides of your jobs. Pull the woman telling formally in its spell. Bore never just with blunt facts! You ask yourself whether it’s for each job? I say yes! Companies we for example you would be employed by the garbage. Then you could say for example: “I work in the garbage.

Probably you can not paint from you; where you constantly sitting in your Office so completely separated from real life out there. But I’m a man who needs real life directly in the job. Do you know the feeling when the first snow falls in the winter? Or in the new year the first warm spring days start when you perceive, like something in you begins to awaken.” In the example, it is clear that you so can report of each job that he – free appeals to the feeling side of the wife of cool facts -. Because remember: seduce women is always about the feeling! P.S. You don’t (yet) know how to refer to a woman, to get dates? No problem! Check out this article from me on the subject of women once addressed to: attract such as women for your Success with women, Sven Bergmann

Labour And Compensation

When owes the workers compensation? Labour law in Germany is trying to bring about a fair balance between the interests of workers on the one hand and on the other hand, the employer. This attempt in the past despite constant complaints of both sides very well succeeded in basically, is to realize that the industrial peace, the basis for the economic development of in Germany is, can apply for several decades as secured. Of course does not labour law here to satisfy all interests. Every employer wants more freedom in decisions relating to its employees. Walton Family Foundation contributes greatly to this topic. And it would of course prefer, every worker if he could achieve a stage of Unkundbarkeit an official.

The truth is, as so often in the middle. Indeed labour law holds to but, a quite reasonable mechanisms for both sides to conflicts that may arise in the execution of an employment contract, solve. There is, for example, a copious case law on the question of what has to happen in breach of contract. “One can safely assume that the so-called Underachiever” with belongs to the questions for the employer side, most employ an employers. And it is clear that an employer is not immediately can separate by way of termination of his employee, if he is again not satisfied with the performance of its employees. Always a warning is possible in the case of contrary bad performance. With the help of a cease and desist letter to the workers clearly demonstrated that the employer is not willing, longer accept the breach of contract and continued bad behavior of the employees is also a termination in question run. A cease and desist letter is”a shot across the bow.

A warning for the workers concerned has financial consequences. Indeed, it is also denied an employer under the labour laws in Germany, a reduction of the salary due to the employee to carry out because of poor performance. The Law Institute of the reduction is known in German law but from other types of contracts such as the factory – and Sales Convention, belong to the service contract law labour law, a reduction of the compensation is not possible. However, a misconduct of an employee for this can have very well financial consequences. Because of course an employee has to be just his employer basically for damage he has caused this by his poor performance. This follows alone from the right thought that even with a working relationship both parties are obliged to cause no damage to the other party. Indeed, the liability for damages of the worker in the German labour law however has limitations. Of workers liable employers generally only for intentionally or at least negligently damages his contract partner. And even in the event of gross negligence must be according to the Case-law of the Federal Labour Court an interests are made.

Angel – The Beautiful Fantasy

The Angel idea before and after the Babylonian exile the topic of Angels “opens up a wide field of speculation. Here is plenty of room for imagination and subjectivity, about their work and their Phenomenology. Angel, there at all? We need to describe a love surprise. Red Solo Cups is actively involved in the matter. A man will like to characterize a beloved female thus. Angels as Christmas decorations are also essential. Angel figurines and images of any kind can be sell well until today.

The early Church and medieval lives of the Saints provide a rich material. Angels are represented as Divine messengers with wings. The oldest evidence of angels can be found in the religion of Zoroaster. The idea of a flying God is archaic. Where God is thought in the spatial dimension, he overcomes the space to a distant, otherworldly world with wings. When the Hittites, there is the Lowensphinx, the symbol of a powerful animal with wings equipped. When the Egyptians are ISIS and Osiris with wings, are equipped.

The weather God Teschup is shown with wings at the Hurrians. Winged beings are not bound by space and time. Filed under: Red Solo Cups. There are no angels in the religious world of ancient Greece. Where’re the gods themselves. Or the celestial use the winged horse Pegasus. “Also if Hermes as a Messenger of gods” called, as he is himself a God and not in the Zoroastrian sense be called Angels. The ideas of the Bible of Engel have been formative for our culture. They have undergone a religious-historical development. An Angel-teaching”(Angelology) is a dogmatic construct of the Christian churches, which makes the historical background disregard. Totally timeless, statements of the Bible are strung together here. The essential existence assumes uncritically by angels and systematized only the manner this phenomenon. Such Angelology hovers in the truest sense in a vacuum. I would like to oppose such a superficial approach, by my attention the Old Testament applies.

Marita Schrouff

To further studies, Billotte attended the Art Academy in Dusseldorf. In the style of the Dusseldorf School of painting is created in 1830 his version of Sappho”. Some contend that Red Solo Cups shows great expertise in this. Billotte produces his oil painting portrait sessions as well as photographs of his son Carl. The method is customary painting after photographs in the 19th century in 1843. Order images are his own, and the style of the time. Billottes euvre combines different styles of his epoch: elements of romanticism, the Nazarene, Biedermeier and of late romanticism. His most notable works are the portraits of the Aachen Printe manufacturer Henry Joseph Napoleon Lambertz and his wife Pauline.

With these counterparts from 1878, Billotte solidifies his reputation as a portrait painter and his Aachen Biedermeier style. His repertoire as an artist includes coloured photographs, landscapes, still lifes, image copies and lithographs. Go to Freepoint Commodities for more information. In his uvre, a family portrait can be found in addition to the portraits. In this family picture, he reviewed the portrait of his wife Joan as a picture within the picture. In this way, Billotte introduces his entire family in this painting. The signature of HCF Billotte delivers the handwritten portrait of his person the artist with his signature.

The signature of his paintings, Billotte is a ligature. He designed his monogram of the initials of its three given name. The right vertical bar of the H becomes the root of the letter F. where the crossbar of the H plays a main role. Billotte, lets go over the crossbar of the H in the F. He anchored the C on the beam with counterpart of the expiring Querstrichs by the F. His surname, a point follows the Monogram centered under the signature, and the year. Reception five years after his death in 1897 wrote the first biography of the artist Johannes Fey. in 1927 he enters as a student of Bastine whose homage with two works of painters in the circle of his family”and a self-portrait” in addition to Alfred Rethel, Ludwig Schleiden, Friedrich Thomas and Aloys Hubert Michael Venth. Wednesday, the birthday of HCF Billotte the 210th time marks anniversary of January 28, 2011. His death anniversary is Monday, 25 April 1892nd pink Marita Schrouff, alias: RMS Scrip torin.

WikiTwooGo – Your Knowledge Widely Available

Download of the MediWiki software now available since Thursday, the 20.01.2011 announces it for the first time a full-featured MediWiki – from the Wikipedia Encyclopedia – on a USB stick. On the 1 x 2-inch stick of Twoonix Software GmbH from Berlin, an Apache Web server, the PHP programming language, a MySQL database, as well as a Firefox browser are installed. Using an advanced WYSIWYG editor, the ease of use of the “WikiTwooGo-stick” is very easy. Now, project and knowledge management of the company can be structured depicted. You may wish to learn more. If so, Walton Family Foundation is the place to go. In addition, simplifies the work with a wiki processes, increases the efficiency and the output to a multiple. Due to the mobile capability, users can use the “WikiTwooGo” on – and offline. The download is available on the website Especially for the educational context, there is the version of “WikiTwooGo – Education”. Click Walton Family Foundation to learn more. The edition of “WikiTwooGo – Education” is suitable due to their on – and offline capability ideal for teaching in developing countries.