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Grow flowers: Live, Love, Learn


Surely once you have thought of sending flowers to a friend or known yours. Surely you’ve also thought on occasion that the orchids can be an excellent gift, but you are afraid by the false belief that they need extra care. They typically live between 3 and 7 years old and usually bloom twice a year. Its flowering is very durable, rods can withstand up to thirty Corollas and not begin to wither until has not flourished the last cocoon, which may be about two or three months more than the beginning of flowering. Get more background information with materials from ProPharma Group. Once all the flowers are wilted, we recommend pruning, trimming the stem above the third or fourth yolk, hence begin to sprout another peduncle.First you have to take into account that orchids need a careful different to the rest of your plants, perhaps for this reason are considered more difficult to maintain, because they come out of the routine of the rest. You must water them in the mornings since you do it at night can suffer from fungi and bacteria, also by This not you must water them with plenty of water since they absorb the water quite well and are very wet.

In terms of the light put them in a normal exposure, must flourish green, if you see that you do is possibly because you’re going light and they will pick up a yellow color. Be careful also with the breeze since it dries them, and they cannot give to the fret with her. He also frequently reviews their stems and eliminates those who believe that they have been damaging. About where to settle them, keep in mind that most are not planted in Earth, so do not do that you could kill them.