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New Hurtigruten Travel

2012 catalogue presents new product structure Hamburg, Hurtigruten in September 2011 – whether spring, summer, autumn or winter each of the four seasons revealed their very own charm on a Hurtigruten tour and offers unique holiday experiences. The shipping company Hurtigruten ASA wants to leave with a new product structure increasingly importance be given to the seasonal highlights of Norway, that experience must be on every trip along the coast of Norway fjord. Hear other arguments on the topic with volkswagen. In the now appearing Hurtigruten Norway 2012 catalogue will be presented the new structure. On board, the new spring programme of the Arctic awakening also awaits the guests. Has always been ships, the rhythm of life, the Norwegians and the Hurtigruten alike determine the four seasons: spring offers the nature awakening from hibernation, in the summer, the Midnight Sun appears the country around the clock in a golden light, fall offers colorful and luminous color matches and in the winter, the impressive northern lights has his gala performance. The new structure of the freshly Hurtigruten main catalog Norway 2012 “are based on the four seasons, travelogues, season-specific attractions, price and performance surveys are summarized per respective season and allow interested parties to an optimum, seasonal orientation. The tried and tested topics and group tours, pre-and post-tours, and departure packages, shore excursions, General information, as well as the popular charter flight packages from Munich and Dusseldorf can be found in the second part of the catalogue. There are also news for guests from the Berlin area: for the first time the popular Hurtigruten apart Charter flight from may until August 2012 from the capital. The seasonal highlights in overview In the spring (season: 15.03.-31.05) nature awakens from its winter sleep. Tentative blossoming colourful meadows and especially the Arctic bird life shows itself from its most impressive page: anywhere along the coast to return migratory birds and young birds hatch.