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Military District

You have to read them only. The plant Kossa had purely national tasks to fulfill. It was the leadership a territorial military district, specifically for the southern districts of the GDR. Their Main task consisted in the preparation and organization of establishing so-called replacement and training brigades and their leadership. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeffrey Bezos by clicking through. The staff for the leadership post came from the stock of the command of the military district III Leipzig, whose Auflosung was already provided for in the event of war.

The main forces of the command formed the leadership of the 3.Armee, would need to take in stock of the 1.Front West towards their room of operational purpose. Incomprehensible why the visitors not conveyed. Unknown, that may not be, or would be harmful for the attraction of the Museum?. The plant remains interesting as a territorial management point. As such, the task to be solved differed considerably from the army leadership anywhere (field guide in case of war or prepared like E.g. Moselle), not only in terms of content, but also in terms of the amount of technical equipment.

The versions of the Museum’s reach on the ears. The attention of visitors is more on the technical equipment fixed. I think the system of news, help and support message centers, the news channels to be formed in the sum of all transmission types to the Organization of communications within an army. You are in the ratio set to here existing technical facilities, as fits and is much not to the designs. The small telephone mediation, the special telecommunications radio reception room, transmission equipment, etc. In many rooms, devices for Government WTsch-are compounds, there is not the operating room of a mediation. Similarly, the available jobs for all services of army leadership. Operative strategic and tactical layers on topographic work cards and other schemes can be seen. They have their origin not here in this facility, have no relation to the tasks that were supposed to solve.