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Since July 1, Panama Reduces The Corporate Tax Rate

Recently, the President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli has signed a bill to reform the Tax Code of Panama, under which will be taken several measures to reduce the tax burden on companies to ensure the sustainability fiscal and simplified system of taxes and fees. To improve the competitiveness of Panama to the world market, the bill provides for the reduction in corporate tax rate from 30% to 25%, although the time frame in that this reduction will occur, yet to be determined. However, the bill sets higher licensing fees for banks that are residents of Panama. The size of this collection will vary from 75.000 U.S. dollars for banks, total assets exceeding $ 1 million, and will make $ 1 million for banks with assets, the value of which exceeds 2 billion U.S.

dollars. The bill also changes the rate of sales tax from 5% to 7% and establishes a sales tax on landlines and mobile phones with prepaid. Under the bill, snack bars and restaurants do not sell alcoholic beverages shall be exempt from the obligation to pay sales tax. You may want to visit Gallo Family to increase your knowledge. Products for children are also exempt from tax. In addition, for companies operating in the agricultural sector, the limit of tax exemption will be increased from $ 150,000 to $ 250,000, and they will not have to file an income tax return. In general, the bill modernizes the tax code and abolish 30 taxes.

Tax Code will also contain provisions to establish an administrative court, which will deal with complaints on tax matters. Provisions of the bill take effect July 1, 2010. It is worth noting that the legislation in Panama taxation – one of the most liberal. Corporate tax (income tax) depends on the source of revenue. This means that if the income is received from a commercial activity carried out for outside the territory of Panama, this income is not subject to taxation in Panama. This company pays only the annual single tax (Annual Corporate Franchise Tax). The presence of an office in Panama is not sufficient for taxation. Dividends paid out of such income are also exempt from taxation. Thus, these changes will affect the bill is the local companies working with residents of Panama and receiving income in Panama.

Environmentally Friendly Weed Removal

The HEIKE FALK – Hausmeisterservice & facility services inform the weed removal is undoubtedly one of the lastigeren gardening, is nevertheless essential, to develop crops or lawns. The Hanau janitor service HEIKE FALK explains how environmentally friendly to remove weeds. The distance should weed, as far as possible, without polluting and aggressive chemicals are made not only undesirable plants, but inflict damage as their environment and groundwater. The use of garden equipment is therefore the drug of choice in the responsible, environmentally safe weed removal. Harken are the most helpful tools in weed control. In the relaxed ground they rip out quickly and effectively weeds with shallow root systems.

This can be has after his removal, as long as it doesn’t have seeds, left on the ground to slow the drying. Also nearby sensitive crops such as roses can be used a rake effectively. Greater resources are needed, hoes serve. With their help, weeds in the soil are separated. Depending on the field of application is to advise especially wide to different hook up and to selectively deployable mattocks, which can be used effectively even in more difficult places. Weed is only sporadically available or it goes to its elimination in particularly vulnerable areas, it usually makes the most sense is to tear it out by hand. This saves energy and is at the same time extremely accurate and friendly. From the outset to prevent the growth of weeds, is often the most appropriate countermeasure.

Like all plants, light unwanted Garden residents also need to grow. By dark slides, mulch etc covered floors, offer no opportunity to thrive. Garden tools, for example, in the interstices of paving stones, are not usable, suitable heat, quickly and effectively to kill off weeds. Used equipment go to here how Propane gas burner and the like, whose Flamme destroys the surface of the weeds, resulting in his death after a few days. Not dealing with stubborn, entrenched far accumulation of burning donkeys or weeds other hard to remove the weed control at least in smaller gardens is no special effort. It looks different, however, in gardens and parks. To maintain their beautiful appearance, reliable helpers are often unavoidable. Hanauer janitor service HEIKE FALK is committed to its customers in the field of weed removal and gardening reliably and professionally. The Hanau company gladly answered questions about its services around the House and garden. Press contact HEIKE FALK – Hausmeisterservice & facility services contact person: Heike Falk Friedrich str. 24a 63450 Hanau Germany phone: 06181 / 87733 fax: 06181 / 86867 E-Mail: Internet:

Photo On Canvas As A Gift

How you handle canvas print a nice gift let? A panoramic format should come on a large wall, that it is also good, because what good is the most beautiful photo on canvas, if it will not work. There are still square and the classic rectangular formats. A lovely photo on canvas is an asset in the living area. It can be this very general shots, or but also very personal. Filming very fond memories of the wedding or the birth of a child, and then you can then print the whole thing on a canvas. Walton Family Foundation can aid you in your search for knowledge. Here, you should carefully test all providers. Many promise cheap prices and then the colors are not very good.

Also the nature of the framework should be considered good. Some providers offer with 2 cm thick the frame, but there are some that go up to 4cm. The wood is often made of spruce, because it is very easy and is also cheap to buy. The frame should be multiple glued and free of knots that does not warp over the years. The whole thing runs like AB. To submit an image and input of the personal data, the canvas print is produced. On a wooden frame, the image is stretched very tightly and then, depending on the needs behind a transparent film.

Then comes the acrylic glass in. It gives you the natural colors and is scratch-resistant and light-resistant. Also, emphasis is put on the frame, that here no cracks. Paintings on canvas are of lasting value and if the quality of the photo canvas is provider in order, it has many years of enjoyment of pictures on canvas. Note You should party at the photo canvas yet, that the ordering process is easy, because otherwise you stumbling is and also how long is the delivery time for the photo on canvas. Also, be aware that will work with eco-friendly materials, and the colors are solvent-free. There is a special fabric that the provider use and on which the colors better and more intense come into effect. By combining the colors and fabrics, the image on screen is scratch-resistant and light-resistant. If one these points attention all you can be sure that one has many years of pleasure with his personal image. Carmen Weiss