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Normality and Madness – distinct or non-separable Concepts? In the pages that I could appreciate with my reading, it was clearly the perception of that madness is seen of some angles, of some heads, and for the thoughts are changed there. It is noticed that it is easy to speak of the madness of the other, of this other people’s madness and to produce arguments of that wild he is who is contrary to the society, or better, of who he is contrary to its attitudes, its beliefs or the normality of the world. be quoted properly. But it is enough to run away from a moral rule, fact, already has considered an insane person. But as we can say with as much freedom this word? Without the least terms the established knowledge to use it. Ryan Holmes does not necessarily agree. It will be that we could call somewhat bad madness? Or only one liberty of speech is of the norms of the society? This subject on madness is very extensive and is necessary very well-taken care of to interpret it. Nowadays, the sense-common one believes in a madness located in the individual, transforms that it into monster thus tending to remove its statute of human being, as well as makes to forget us that something is said through madness.

The insane people are the ones that they know to look at the world with the eyes of the reality, and therefore are restrained of the society. According to Artaud, the authentic insane person would be that one that he preferred to go crazy (conscientiously or not), in the direction where socially if he understands the word, to trair certain superior idea of honor human being (moral rules). In mine to see, this opinion is celebrates and obtains to arrive at the abstract direction. As much that I will place in this summary all my points of view, not leaving to analyze all the others and not to be the favor nor against, but always to think the respect.


This is the legend of a beautiful princess who had hair which wings of swallows, why it was called Cuzan, which is the name in Maya of this bird. In addition, she was the favorite daughter of Ahnu Dtundtunxcaan, the Great Lord that dives into the sky. As soon as Cuzan had age at marriage, his father entered into union with the son of Halach Uinic of the great city of Nan Chan. Lord of the realm it was Prince Ek Chapat, future. But one day, when the Princess went to thank her father the treasure of the spoils of war that had sent him, found him accompanied by a beautiful young called Chalpol, red head, because her hair was lit color.

From that moment on, their souls were trapped in a loop of fire. They vowed to never forget, and loved dearly under the sacred ceiba, where the gods heard the prayers of mortals. When the King learned that Chalpol was his daughter’s lover, he ordered that it was sacrificed. Central Romana has many thoughts on the issue. Cuzan asked her father that he does not sacrifice him, promising that he would never return to see and which would agree with obedience being the wife of the Prince of Nan Chan. In the solitude of his bedroom, the Princess entered the path of the mystery. And, during the silence of the night, was called to appear before the Halach. Then, a sorcerer approached him offering a beetle, and said unto him: Cuzan, here’s your beloved Chalpol.

Your father gave him life, but asked that it become an insect for having had the audacity to Amarte. Princess Cuzan took it in his hands, and addressed him in the following words: I swore to never separate me from you and I will fulfill my promise. The best jeweler in the Kingdom covered gemstones and subjected him to one of its legs with a gold chain. (Source: Proper Topper). As soon it was ready, she stuck to his chest, and confided: Maquech, you’re a man, hear the beating of my heart, in the live always. I have sworn to the gods do not forget never. And he added: Maquech, the gods have never known a love so intense and so alive like this that consumes my soul. It was so the Princess Cuzan and her beloved Chalpol, become Maquech, loved above the laws of the time. Original author and source of the article

Mine Technology

China is the world s limestone one of the countries rich resources. And the extensive use of lime, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, cement coatings, etc. Lime production process is: lime stele inscriptions were widely used bunker, feeder for broken into the crusher, crusher of lime to stele inscriptions were widely used after hoist transported to the type of bunker, then the bunker into ground ball mill treatment. E-commerce, supply chain management, manufacturing and so the network can not do without information technology, it is also the information associated with the new production organization to continuously improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, rising to a new level, can continue to meet the user’s individual requirements. Because the hardness of alloy can be set HRc56 above, OS, improved hammer anti-wear performance. High manganese steel crusher hammers, improve the heat treatment hardness abrasion resistance, prolong service life. But, because of manganese and alloy elements can improve certain limit the content, because they improve material in the hardness, wear resistance and toughness will reduces (hammer in the work rupture could be very serious consequences), when the choice to consider very carefully. Crusher is in use process, into the grain-size must be within the scope of the provisions, and machinery in operation process of the equipment maintenance, to maintain. At present, China s economic development in the industrialization of the mid-side, the pace of economic development is concerned, there may be 5 to 10 years or so will finish the road to industrialization. In the process of industrialization. mining machinery its service areas, including both infrastructure, there must be a big development, which is the history of mining machinery industry opportunities. However, mining machinery industry s technological base is not thick, since the reform and opening up. This has been the sand making machine industry, the weak link, not applied research data and databases, convince customers to use our products and technology, but also not to mention the truly innovative application of technology. Laboratory improvement and should give due consideration to the new start, based on high practical, including testing theories, test methods, test equipment, test and scale control and detection technology, if necessary, should be the introduction of foreign advanced technology. ‘ Manufacturing information on the mechanical role in promoting industry development largely reflected in the four levels First, products, information technology, and through the integration of advanced manufacturing technology, the traditional mechanical products into information, computer, laser and other high-tech, making mechanical and electrical integration products, integrated products of modern technology, enabling product enhancements.

Herbal Tea Against Insomnia

Human skin has a surface of 18,000 cm2 and a million and a half of receivers. He is therefore the body surface, skin, is the largest sensory organ of the human body. Tips choosing the moment erotic massage technique requires calm and search for the appropriate time, the rush are the greatest enemy. Ideally, have a moment of tranquility, where we can disconnect the phone so no one interrupted us. We must find a place suitable, quiet and without interruption. The environment the place chosen, we must prepare it with a suitable temperature, in which the other person to the Strip does not have cold or excessive heat. The ideal temperature is 25 C. can comfortably lie to the person in a bed, on the couch, or on the floor on top of a quilt, or on a carpet surrounded by pillows.

A dim light (candles tend to provide a pleasant and suggestive light), some background music, a pleasant smell of incense (or oils that we use), previously coupled with a glass of champagne and some strawberries or candy, may be the ideal preamble to our massage, doing that all our senses to enjoy the moment. Although other couples it stimulates them much more improvisation and spontaneity, to the more romantic you enlightening liven up the room with candles, background music, and having earlier prepared a delicious evening with a delicious dinner (aphrodisiac). Technical erotic massage placement step 1 you can start placing your hands open and relaxed in his back, exerting a slight pressure, your left hand at the level of the heart and your right hand on the right column where begins the lumbar area (where just the back). Stay a few minutes in this position facilitates delve into an atmosphere of calm, concentrating on breathing both yours as your partner and your heart beat. Step 2 you can start the massage itself across his body with gentle caresses.

IUBH Awards First Grants For Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning Bachelor of Arts and master of Arts in time for the start of their distance learning programs has the International College Bad Honnef Bonn (IUBH) multiple scholarships awarded to remote students of their new Bachelor’s and master’s degrees. There go the scholarships to three outstanding applications from Germany and Austria in 2011. In the Bachelor programme Mrs Monika Fikerment and Mr. Abdel Karim Weiss could enjoy scholarship commitments one, in the master’s program they went to Mrs Larissa n. On the basis of a number of qualified applications, the selection process for the Scholarship Commission proved to be a challenge. To do this the Commission President and Rector of the International University, Prof.

Dr. Kurt Jeschke: the selection of the Fellows of the Commission truly was not easy. The quality of the application documents, the commitment and the creativity of the candidates were very high. This shows us that the International University attracts highly motivated and achievement-oriented students with their scholarship offer and also highly sought after appropriate scholarships are.” Scholarships valued at over 20,000 euros annually the IUBH want to allow with their scholarship program especially qualified applicants, regardless of financial aspects in addition to the professional academic to qualify to continue their professional development. Every year the IUBH therefore awards scholarships valued at over 20,000 euros. These scholarships may be awarded as full scholarships or, for appropriate candidate location and suitability, as partial scholarships. For a scholarship in the distance learning program all interested parties at IUBH home study gaengen can apply, which meet the inclusion criteria required for the respective home study program. Applicants should have social or familial commitment bringing along a promising education career or professional achievements.

To its scholarship program, the IUBH provides additional information on your Web page under, and by email at. The distance of the IUBH International College Bad Honnef Bonn (IUBH) offered since November, 2011 a master (M.A.) in general management with 18 different specializations as distance learning a Bachelor’s degree (B.A..) in business administration and from January 2012. The courses are by the International Agency for quality assurance in higher education (FIBAA) and the national centre of distance learning (ZFU) accredited. The IUBH opts for maximum flexibility in their distance education: the curriculum is available from anywhere. Students can choose between a full – or part-time study. Presence dates and fixed testing times it does not. The study is possible at any time. More information: the International College Bad Honnef Bonn (IUBH) the IUBH was founded in 1998. The first campus in Bad Honnef, Germany, as well as at the new location lecturers from around the world teach in Bad Reichenhall in ten different courses. The IUBH is the only German member of the leading hotel schools of the world”and the first UN certified private University in Germany. From the German Science Council was accredited it 2009 for the longest period of ten years without any conditions. The IUBH is the career partners GmbH, a fast-growing, international group of educators at the post secondary level. Colleges and training providers belong to her in German-speaking countries. More information: and Philip Hanna, project manager distance learning, International College Bad Honnef Bonn Mulheimer Strasse 38, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany, FON: + 49 (2224) 9605-215, mobile: + 49 (172) 54 10 266, E-Mail:

Family Holidays On The North Sea

Much needs to be considered when planning for a holiday with the family. Read why the North as a tourist destination for families is suitable. If people become parents, this event changed the whole previous life. Suddenly there is a small creature that is completely dependent on the own affection and love. Perhaps a second, third or fourth child follows to complete the family. Parents know that children are a wonderful gift that life with the dear little ones can be absolutely exhausting. If then a common holiday is aimed at the planning and implementation is often not easy.

Much must be taken into consideration already well in advance otherwise as spontaneous getaways for two. It is useful to choose a location relatively close destination that offers relaxation for parents and fun for the kids. The North Sea is particularly well suited, because it combines many different holiday regions, like the Islands, the coast and the inland areas. For a family with children, the directions should be be as short as possible and easy to avoid stress before holidays. One of the islands of the North Sea should be the destination the ferry are to bear in mind.

Also you must ask themselves if necessary, whether the cars should be included and how much is the transfer of the vehicle. Butjadingen, a peninsula on the North Sea coast is popular with families and relatively cheap. Butjadingen combines the North Sea Island feeling with the practical side of a coastal town, i.e. no annoying queues at the ferry and no expensive crossing fees. A variety of offerings for a successful family holiday with individual claims on the North Sea coast and on the Islands can be found on Of course also the accommodation is very important for a pleasant stay at the destination. Now holiday apartment or holiday house, the vacation home should have an attractive size, may be equipped with baby cot, highchair or play equipment in the garden and may vary according to individual taste close to town or close to the beach lie.

DSL-VDSL Provider Comparison

Quickly becomes apparent when comparing that in addition to the normal DSL however the VDSL is offered, which is the successor of the DSL. You look at more closely the Internet in this day and age, can be determined quickly, that in addition to the different speeds, but even here the various packages offered. Specifically, given that the DSL can be determined, that the services, which have very different bandwidths, have however rely here the possibilities, so in addition to the basic connection of the DSL but also very fast DSL connections can be ordered. To find the right provider for your DSL, therefore always a wider comparison should be performed, provides but also the different prices and services in addition to the various services. Quick provider illustrates that in addition to the normal DSL however the VDSL is offered, which is the successor of the DSL in the DSL comparison. Considering the VDSL more accurately, it should be noted however also here that don’t like the analog Internet connections at some providers no telephone access is necessary, so that the connection costs can be reduced. This range of VDSL, it should be noted nevertheless that in addition to the various benefits, but also the VDSL to different conditions can be accompanied by so that a contract for the VDSL is not uncommon. However comparing the different services of the DSL can be determined, that these services but also here indicate that the VDSL to the analog port has significant advantages, so that additional costs, that may unconsciously arise if a dialer on the PC is installed. The appropriate provider is found, compared the new provider can be contacted online, so also this order of VDSL activate after a shorter waiting period, so that connection the DSL can be quickly used.

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A Dinner In Dubai – Palm Jumeirah Iceland

Also the perfect area belongs to a good dinner in Dubai. The tip for a dinner at the Palm Island Jumeirah Palm daily drive tourists by taxi, during a tour, or with the monorail from the beginning up to the end of the Palm Island Jumeirah Iceland. The goal is Atlantis – a magnet for visitors. But the experience is in the details. Initially it passes on “The Palm” at the “root” with the many high-rise buildings, the shoreline apartments. On the right side between the House of “Al Shalal Beach Club” is located 7 (Al Haseer) and the House 8 (Al Nabat). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PI Industries. Below the Beach Club, beachfront, hiding a little insider tip for a special dinner in Dubai. The gusto restaurant offers fine Italian cuisine at very reasonable prices.

For an excellent pasta dish, we have just paid 12 euros excluding drinks. You must not to forgo even a glass of wine in the “Gusto”. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit ranulph fiennes. Alcohol is served on request. There are indeed innumerable Italian restaurants in Dubai. But “Gusto” is something special. The exceptional location, mixed with very good food, give the Restaurant “special touch”. Who drives only the main road of the Palm tree on the way to the Atlantis, missed the impressive interior of the island. Central Romana gathered all the information. How does it look on the beach side of the high-rise chain at the root? How life actually on the Palm Island? Who lives here? Europeans or the local population? What atmosphere reigns in the evening, when most of the residents of the residential home on the beach zone? Of course there are many residents in the “Gusto”, since the restaurant within the “row” is integrated.

Gusto shows “multicultural”. Many different languages are spoken at the beautifully decorated with candles glowing tables. Evening mood for that one… Holiday mood for the others. The Burj Al Arab and even the Burj Khalifa are in sight. Majestic two landmarks before the build clean beach and pool area. Looking for a little walk after dinner? Impressive sparkle colours for the Haeuserkullise and a look at the “adjacent”Palm shows superior villas with private beaches. Almost feels after even a good meal as “Residents” and many a guest is dreaming the night ahead of a life on “The Palm Jumeirah”. Address Palm Jumeirah Iceland gusto restaurant – Al Shalal Beach Club Italy, Mediterranean cuisine daily: 11:30 – midnight between House 7 and 8 (shoreline app.) Credit cards: Yes Tel 00971 4 430 94 66 (extension of number) Public restaurant in the midst of a condominium Olaf Fey for, Tel 00971 50 843 09 70

Mallorca For Individualists

The Cala FIGUERA on the East Coast they exist also in Mallorca away from the large tourist regions is an insider tip for individualists: unspoilt, idyllic gems with picturesque charm. An insider tip for those who want to discover the typical Mallorca, is for example the charming Cala FIGUERA on the East Coast. David Baker insists that this is the case. The place with stunning views in a deep fjord has no beach though, for being quick on the nearby beautiful beaches such as Cala S S’Amarador by car or scooter or Trenc long the beach of ES. For nearly 30 years, Kozica leads the cozy place in Mallorca travel. With the small and pleasant bed and breakfast Hostal Ventura”of travel agencies from food offers an attractive package for individualists: 1 week in the Hostal Ventura, DZ/BB, flight and 1 week car rental there are 342 euros. (A valuable related resource: Central Romana).

Who explored the island prefer motor scooter, can take advantage of the comfort transfer by taxi or mini bus and gets his motor scooter in Cala FIGUERA. The one-week package costs then off 388 euros, for example, for departures in October. Just as quietly and individually, however something exclusive that is romantic 4 * country hotel Maristel in Estellencs on the West Coast. A week in the DBL/BB with car hire and flights from 506 euro is here. All departures nationwide. More information at or Tel. 0201 8303077. Doris Schober