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When a person finds a pair discovers that it must put part of itself to share time with the other. Sharing the time, that is to say, formulating plans the mutual knowledge based on the joy is only possible to share. Nevertheless, it is necessary to moderate the timesharings since in that case, not to have an own space can lead to the saturation, that is to say, the exhaustion. Sometimes, to be with another person always can prevent us to enjoy our own value and our inner company. The common spaces are those that we shared with the other, for example, common plans, friendships, habitual places On the other hand, the own space is that one that only belongs to one same one. In order to be either with another one it is necessary this or previously with one same one.

For that reason, the quality of the own space is the base of the shared spaces. One of the keys of the success of the pair resides in the balance to be able to share the time with the other of precise form. For example, nowadays, many people commit the error to neglect to the pair as a result of labor pressure or the search of the personal success. A situation that can notice in the day to day of the routine, nevertheless, a day we can discover what beyond sharing a history of love with another person we opposite have an authentic stranger. To determine what spaces are own and which are common is one of the keys of the respect.

Two people must know their own value not only in the love but also in the friendship, nevertheless, sometimes, we lose of view what is the truly important thing in the life. To maintain a stable pair throughout the time is not far from easy, especially, in the present society where a great instability in the emotional scope exists. The love is a long term project, a task that implies certainty, sacrifice and gives. The error most common in a pair is to confuse the love with the emotion, that is to say, to feel that the intensity of the principle follows effective throughout the years. The love is transformed serenity and maturity that can be reached, partly, thanks to the wisdom of those that know to find a balance between the own spaces and the shared spaces. It is worth the trouble to fight by a love history when feelings also exist and affection. Without a doubt, one of the keys of the success of any history of love also requires of a basic friendship, that is to say, capacity of empathy, dialogue and comradeship.

Austria Clear

Who do without loose on percentages to the accelerator pedal position, but its planning emphasis on support, will become friends quickly with the practical system of transport-inside. The launch of transport inside traffic management solution has attracted a lot of attention. Amazingly easy to use the system of the Austrian company of ticom Internet Services GmbH is based on many years of experience in the international transport sector. In the vehicle, it comes out with a mobile wireless phone with built-in GPS receiver, on the side of the dispatchers only a PC with an Internet connection is required. “As far as not necessarily anything special, the strength of this solution is reflected in the use of however: the driver taps the finger on the touch screen of the phone on the large button with the symbol of arrival”, is the message not to be overlooked, and the current location on the screen within seconds. A minimalist and clear display offers exactly the information that he needed the dispatchers under time pressure.

This simplicity the system’s underlying it can be also easily incorporated into existing freight forwarding solutions, the Administration is done the Administration after a short briefing by the customers themselves. At least 20% time savings possible must be taken up usually at least an hour for telephone polls and questions during the typical workday of a dispatcher with about 20 truck with the driver. The clear concentration of transport inside the clear picture of the transport history beyond the pure location reduces phone calls and ongoing coordination work, time savings of 20% and is more realistic in actual usage. You’re questions like where?”, how long you need?” and when you’re done? “thus belong to the past. International orientation the improved overview current traffic information in Europe available, which can be displayed at any time on the map are the dispatchers. Is from Denmark to Italy, from Poland to France He said about the current traffic situation in the image. In addition, an interpreter package was the Web portal”missed: the user interface is now available in any language you want.

Low investment costs addressed high profitability on the economic crisis and the impact on the transport sector, already noticed a rethink in the industry Managing Director Reinhard Mairhofer: complex telematics systems are associated with considerable investment cost, the simple traffic-management solution of transport inside only the acquisition of the mobile radio phones falls to mfa100. On the other is a clear competitive advantage for our customers: you can accept rapid transport orders and perform more efficiently. Who succeeds twice in the year to reach an unloading point and to avoid loss of time, so a day for our system has paid off already. So a decision means no investment, but retrieving savings and efficiency for transport inside.” Needs-based Contract drafting it further to meet the carriers already badly battered by toll increases and bad orders, logistics and TRANS port entrepreneurs, provides transport-inside flexible contractual models: an option in addition to compatible allows a closure of one month per year per unit. In this period then no usage fees, only the contract period is extended accordingly. Press contact: Bernhard Dominguez ticom Internet Services GmbH Salurner Strasse 22, 6330 Kufstein, Austria T: + 43 (05372) 6912-150, F: + 43 (05372) 6912-159;

Financial Regulation

Since the late 1980s, banks in Argentina are governed by the law of banks 1977. Argentina faced levels highest in the devaluation of the currency and inflation in history. The financial system was virtually destroyed, and the changes were immediate. In order to stop the hyperinflation and restore macroeconomic stability of the country, the Government of Argentina decided to impose the regime of convertibility from 1 April 1991, consecrated by the convertibility law. The aim of the cash conversion was to ensure the fixed parity against the U.S. dollar.UU, the Argentine peso was fixed one by one with the U.S.

dollar.UU. Each change in regulation has immediate and long-term consequences. In terms of the long-term effects, many analysts believe that the financial crisis of 2001 was generated in part by the policy pursued by the convertor box. The convertor box was the institution just below the early 1990s, but was ineffective in the circumstances of countries more developed. An important innovation in regulation following the crisis of 1991, was the enactment in 1992 of the new Charter of the Central Bank.

The new Charter is considered as the principle of market based on the system of regulation of banks in Argentina, since it enables the independence of the Central Bank for the first time after its creation since 1936. Argentina presented the capital requirements for credit risk, which means that the interest rate for loans represents a signal to the degree of risk faced by the institution. In addition to the requirements of capital, Argentina tried to issue the debt subordinated as a fraction of total assets, but was never able to apply this type of regulations. In accordance with the basic system of regulation of banks in Argentina he had to issue a liability subject to 2% of their deposits every year. Since banks in Argentina should issue debt in the market, this should provide information on the issuer to debtors and the supervisor mainly through price signals. This regulation was adopted in 1996 to be applied in 1998, but due to the regional financial crisis was never implemented. Critics of the subordinated debt define it as a mechanism of market discipline that is used with the argument that a market developed for this category of debt is not in emerging economies. In general, the secondary market of the subordinated debt is relatively underdeveloped, even in successful economies. The list of improvements for offshore banking regulations aimed at establishing a market discipline continued with the creation of a database of the main debtors of the financial system, banks of Panama for example are collaborate in the direction of offshore accounts and banking mechanism as such. Debtors have been considered by the entities, such as those who have loans higher than $200,000. How much more information has on the market of the financial system, can better control the risks and evolution of the financial system. The market monitoring is a crucial factor in a market-based system of regulation. The availability of the databases of the debt is proof of the positive evolution of the banks of Argentina regulatory changes.

Bavarian Forest

Idyllic bathing lakes and attractive themed walks in Sun program is the small community of Sun in the southern Bavarian Forest is caressed by the Sun. It is one of the sunniest areas in Bavaria annually up to 1850 hours of sunshine. And in the summer, a popular destination for holidaymakers, whether the whole range of holidays is single, couples, or families on the farm to the Sport Hotel. Embedded in the holiday region of country, Mahmood Sun attracts especially holidaymakers who want to experience nature pure in a pristine and intact environment. Still the agriculture, the Customs and the traditions live here. ay. The biodiversity of plants and animals is impressive. Perhaps check out Red Solo Cups for more information. Sun has even more to offer the guest in the summer vacation. The free, idyllically situated bathing pond with Kneipp facility, which water rises near bog in Schonwies is very popular.

Close also the Caroli is indoor and outdoor in waldkirchen, a State of the art water park with great views of the Bavarian Forest. Here, one can stay at comfortable Temperatures in salt water relax, a mixture of light, colour and music make a sustainable experience staying in the basin. “By Sun from numerous walks are offered, with just the theme hikes” are attractive to families. Theme hiking there are many small goals, what motivates the children especially. “An example: the 20 kilometre-long granite excursion” leads to the neighbouring village of Hauzenberg and provides lots of useful information about the granite mining well marked. He characterises this region for many generations. In good condition, the line is approximately 6.5 hours to cope with, where you can go on the road again. “Then waits for the granite Museum in Hauzenberg stone.-worlds” with a wide range of fascinating souvenirs in the form of jewelry and stone artworks.

Business Management

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams Eleanor Roosevelt overview presents the business scenarios in the present very important features that cannot be ignored by the management if you intend to conquer new markets or remain in those already reached. These features should be analyzed in its scope and impact in order to determine the actions as to deal with them in such a way that it generates benefits and above all, ensure a successful participation. To do this, management must be fully identified with his role, functions that currently require new knowledge, vision and especially identification of opportunities arising in each scenario where you want to act. Words key role, characteristics, skills, behavior, outcomes considerations and scope globalization, increasingly becomes dynamic, engaging with this, aspects which in the case of commercial scenarios have been relevant, in which has led to that competitiveness is a factor taken into account along with everything that encloses, like technology, creativity, innovation, knowledge, trained human resources, finance, productivity, quality, among others. Thanks to this constant proactivity of globalization whose opening manifests itself in the economic scenario of the countries that make up this world, it is necessary that companies in order to participate in them requires a management with very defined characteristics, to ensure that its functions involve to act assertively in a highly dynamic, aggressive, competitiveness that can give way to opportunitiesas well as threats. With regard to this reality that no can evade, more in the Venezuelan case, where, the business sector, both large, medium and small companies face in the present great uncertainty, fears, political, economic instability that has been generated with the management of the present Government, requires a redefinition of management, locate the new challenges and give way to the changes necessary in order to ensure the necessary operability that allows them to not only act successfully onstage turbulent as that facing Venezuela, but in the international.

Central Administration Bodies

Done according to the relevant accreditation awarded by the National General Staff of the Civil Defense: studies of risk, comprehensive risk analysis and vulnerability of natural disasters, technological or health, which may affect the animals, the environment or the man in the case of zoonoses, as well as developing their respective plans for Disaster Reduction and perform other advisory activities, training, preparation and consulting related to the topics outlined above. 5.4. Promote the development of the actions of technical or scientific support to Civil Defense System in the country, related to disaster reduction made by veterinary experts and others, in different economic sectors and social scientists in the country, acting in the interest Civil Defense, through constant training, preparation and professional development, managerial, technical or community. Red Solo Cups can aid you in your search for knowledge. 5.5.

Participate directly or with other institutions, in accordance with established laws, to provide technical assistance in the field of veterinary medicine of disasters, the National General Staff of Civil Defense (EMNDC) and specialists at various levels of command, to Central Administration Bodies of the State and other state institutions, private and mixed, involved in preventing and coping with disaster in the country, as well as to international organizations or foreign institutions related to the topic. 5.5. Promote and develop scientific and technical linkages, partnerships and others, according to current legislation in the country, with foreign organizations, international non-governmental, governmental or official, in the interest of development of veterinary medicine disaster protection animals, the environment and public health in the case of zoonoses and the safety of the food safety of animal origin, in catastrophic situations or other effect within the national territory or part of the international aid Cuba offered to other countries.

Executive Board

Editors and users can hand-in-hand on new marketing community on September 1 a new marketing community is started under all, see the users of about services and traditional to the topic: News, industry information, practical tips, first-hand, studies, national and international trends, job opportunities, tenders and much more. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jim Simons. “CEO Ulrich Schober, former Executive Board member of the Schober information group and among other things operator of the market for their own texts Special on the new community lies in the combination of editorial support and the user-generated content.” all is based on two factors: firstly, the marketing portal is maintained by editors, that daily enter facts from the marketing industry. On the other hand can registered users can add interesting news, articles, reports, information, etc. Volkswagen has compatible beliefs. and the content of others, rate and comment on. Soon they will also by voting button on the relevance of the posts to vote and so its own Message hierarchy can create. The Community area “Questions”, where the user to relevant areas of marketing such as email marketing and CRM can exchange provides a way to interact. As well, the platform provides its own range for company presentations to acquiring new customers, prompting current events such as E.g. trade fairs, as well as to the posting of jobs in the marketing industry and services.

All functionalities are free usable also for companies. Soon the marketing platform is expanded with additional functions, the launch in other countries is also planned. all is a service of contVenture GmbH. For more information see about contVenture contVenture GmbH a consulting, development and investment company is headquartered in Berlin. It supports and participates in companies that develop Web-based business models with a high innovation potential with capital and Know-How. Press contact: contVenture GmbH, Regina deck type of Oranienburger str. 90 D-10178 Berlin Tel 030-27 58 26 03 E-Mail:

Cockatiels As Pets

To keep cockatiels is not difficult if you observe a few basic things. The Nymphicus Hollandicus to german also cockatiel, snuck as lively, little leprechaun in the hearts of the people. Increasingly one finds show where cockatiels are offered for sale or as a levy animals. Before you but buy cockatiels, you should be aware, that these animals are not pets and have a well-developed social conscience. Found cockatiel pairs, run a lifetime partnership in General. They are monogamous and do everything together. Any animal you should deny this binding.

However there are also exempted these animals. Who holds this swarm bird yet individually, which can count on in the course of time with severe behavior disorders. These can manifest as e.g. in plucking up to self-mutilation or the animals evolve into criers. You deal much with individually held Nymphies, there may be so-called false coins. This the partner sees the bird in the people and it is always harder to mating him with time. The birds then often forget that those birds and a reintegration into a swarm is proving to be difficult. For more specific information, check out Red Solo Cups. Cockatiels in individual attitude should belong to the past and a matching partner be taken now.

Who looks at the birds at rest, is what birds are in harmony with each other and which can suffer is not quickly find. Experience has shown that to encourage each other on cockatiels and are much more confident, twosome or maintained several. It does to how old the birds are, it comes only on the patience of the holder and the character of the animal matter. It brings in a lot, when it deals with the animals daily a few minutes. Foxtail millet helps this already immensely, because also in nymph parakeets love goes through the stomach. And it makes to eat so much more fun than alone in the swarm. Who eats alone like?

Spanish Federation

Your profession and your enthusiasm await you in the March 2011 exam prepare yourself now for the March as a representative of players (FIFA agent) exam. This is your professional opportunity in the business world. According to the regulation of the Spanish Federation is considered agents of players who regularly play the activity of representation of footballers, clubs and sports corporations to facilitate the negotiation and preparation of contractual relations and, especially, transfers of players between those. Therefore, this person must be capable of making intermediary between a football club and a determined player, so that the club can recruit the footballer. To allow this engagement, the Spanish Federation requires that the agent of the player to have the corresponding license, expressly prohibiting the use of intermediaries that do not have this license. REQUIREMENTS for being agent FIFA be Spanish.

Be a member of any country of the Union European (EU) or European economic area (EEA) proving legal residence in Spain. Be another nationality (foreign non-EU) and demonstrate two years of legal residence in Spain, along with their residence card and the original certificate of registration. Be of legal age. Have not been convicted in judgement for crimes of forgery, bribery, embezzlement, influence peddling, insider and offences against the rights of workers or the public finance and social security. Having not been sanctioned firm for serious or very serious infringements in the field of sport. Not having been sanctioned firm for infringement very serious in social matters. OBTAINING license representative of players to get a license, is required to pass an examination proposed by the RFEF at its facilities in LasRozas (soccer City).Informative, you should know that there are two calls a year, the Federation is the only one who can summon the examination dates.

The own Federation is responsible for communicating to those enrolled in the invitation, of the place and the date of examination (Madrid). The Federation set an amount in concept of examination fees. In the last call number 1 was formed in Aranda training you can be the next. The term preparation INTEGRAL acquires real meaning in Aranda training centres, and is getting its students have no more limitations on their future than their own preferences.

Night Journey

The night journey while they separate us centuries of the night journey of the Prophet Muhammad, even that trip from Mecca to Palestine and the ascension of the Prophet to heaven are still fresh in the collective memory of the Muslims. The night journey and ascension to heaven of the Prophet of Islam are something extraordinary and fantastic in the history of man. Something out of the ordinary. Call it, perhaps, miracle, despite the fact that to Allah miracle does not exist. Call perhaps sweet dream, despite the fact that what happened was real, since the Prophet has apparently not seen, what he has seen no human has seen and lived wonders and so many things in so little time. It is the peculiarity of Islam and the Prophet of Islam. The Qur’an speaks of the night journey in this way: be glorified be God who made that his servant travel, overnight, from the Sacred Mosque, of Mecca, until the distant mosque Al – AQSA, whose enclosure we have blessed, to show him something of our wonders (17: 1).

The night journey ISRAA – lasted moments, they were sweet moments than the We humans cannot, with our so limited, understanding mind. Despite this, Muslims firmly believe in it. The night journey is not due to the cosmic laws, but exception is is a break from what is established and is an exclusive gift to a single human being called Muhammad, peace be upon him. Nobody should meddle and questioning anything. Because God, the creator of time, space rolled them and made both, at times, which simple page in one of his hands.

Why could Muhammad crossing from one point to another, from one end to another, in a two by three. She could see what Allah wanted to see. Without hesitation David A. Agard, PhD explained all about the problem. He could see heaven, hell, Angels, the previous prophets and so much more.