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Earth International

This is due primarily to the sharp increase in greenhouse gas emissions in 2000-2007 due to large-scale construction of the coal industry in China and India. According to scientist prolonged heating of the planet from greenhouse gas emissions, the devastating fires in tropical forests, as well as melting of permafrost in the Arctic, billions of tons of gases that lead to an increase in temperature in the world. Warming could accelerate the melting of permafrost, which could lead to further sharp increase in the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Researchers found that the same animals live at both poles of the Earth International team of scientists found that at least 235 species of marine animals live on both poles of the Earth. Among the 'bipolar' animals were worms, crustaceans, pteropoda (swimming snails), and gray whales and birds. How as the same substance could be at different ends of the planet, for biologists remains a mystery. Now experts are analyzing the dna of marine animals to determine whether the inhabitants of North and South poles are identical. The researchers also found evidence that cold-water marine species migrated to both poles, escaping from rising ocean temperatures. Tropical forests are absorbing more carbon dioxide group of scientists from Africa, Europe, America, Asia, analyzed data from the monitoring of ecological services of ten states in the western, central and eastern African the continent, following the growth of trees on 79 plots of tropical forest with a total area 163 hectares from 1968 to 2007, and concluded that tropical forests of Africa, Asia and South America in recent decades were to absorb 4.8 billion tons more carbon dioxide emissions growth by human activities considered chiefly responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Chesapeake Organisms

Spreading mechanism for pathogens to which sufficient throughout the world is caused by ballast water transports. Sea-going vessels unintentionally transport foreign organisms across the seas. Most of the animal or vegetable blind passengers’ travel in the sea water carried to the stabilization in the ballast tanks and when loading and unloading in the port waters. But while the spread of non-native species of plankton, jellyfish or shells on the ballast water has long been known, so far ignored the global dissemination of viruses and bacteria in this way. Spreading mechanism for pathogens to which sufficient throughout the world is caused by ballast water transport,”scientists report from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), the center of marine biotechnology, of the Institute of biotechnology of the University of Maryland and Old Dominion University.

Gregory Ruiz of the SERC, head of the research group says, that he and his colleagues in their investigations in the Chesapeake, located south of the U.S. capital of Washington High concentrations of microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria and viruses found Bay. Including the causative agent of cholera (Vibrio cholerae), which was discovered in all ships. Despite increasing warnings prior to the invasion of foreign organisms and the resultant consequences are largely unknown”extent and potential impact of the transfer of micro-organisms, Ruiz and his colleagues say. No one knows how the micro-organisms evolve, when they get to their new Habitat”. The Federal Environmental Agency in German ports investigations each year around 2.2 million tonnes of ballast water from non-European regions to be drained. On average, they found roughly 1 individual per gallon of ballast water, resulting in a possible entry of the organism by 6 million individuals per day in German waters.

Most of the 200 studied ships came from tropical and warm temperate seas. Among the proven foreign organisms two scourge algae genera (Alexandrium and Gonyaulax), which were also poison producing Types include. One way to minimize the number of organisms in ballast water, the water exchange on the high seas with a water depth of over 2 000 meters, as would be it also envisages a policy of the International Maritime Organisation. Continue heating, filtration or chemical processes are being discussed, but still not mature. Due to their strong tolerance to high temperatures and its ability to make extremely robust permanent moulds, invasions of microorganisms can be so hard to stop”, says Gregory Ruiz. The spread of bacteria and viruses could be well one of the most insidious problems of ballast water exchange”.


1. Create a new Photoshop document size of 800×800 pixels. Fill the background black. 2. Choose the tool 'Custom Shape' (U) and choose a shape 'Radioactive': 3. With the tool 'Magic Wand' (W) allocate blade propeller. Pass into the Select => Modify => Contract: 4. Remove the selection (Delete).

The same thing we do with the rest of the blades and the core: 5. Then apply a number of styles that will give realichtichnosti our object: 6. Now let's give in movement of the propeller. 7. We put the opacity to 5% and make a duplicate layer (Ctrl + J). 8.

Opacity duplicate assign up to 10% and apply Edit => Transform => Rotate. Rotate the layer of approximately 3-5 * CCW: 9. Step number 8 we perform 5-6 times, provided each time adding transparency to 5% (15%, 20%, 25 %). The top layer put on 100% opacity: 10. In the end we apply a slight blurring of the layers 'movement', by applying Filter => Blur => Blur FIG: 11. Admire the work done so far:

Undoubted Advantage

According to the developers, it allows you to achieve a similar quality to MP3 at half the lower bitrate, which in their opinion, and should attract the user. In practice, the files are the most common wma 8, even at 128 kbit / s noticeably losing the sound quality is not only a cd but also MP3 files created with lame. By the same author: Rubio. In fact, at least some advertised achieve wma can show only bitrates below 96 kbit / s on which the quality of MP3 files plummeted. On the other hand, the same bitrate Vorbis on these transfers music to more adequately, while the metal ringing at the wma is becoming increasingly annoying. In addition, forgetting to turn off the drm protection when creating files, you can easily find themselves in a situation where you created the same wma tethers just will not play. Recently appeared wma format 9 in backward-compatibility mode had little advantage over wma 8, and the most interesting (and quality) codec wma 9 pro has no hardware support.

The undoubted advantage of wma is a high popularity (Guess why) among Windows users and, consequently, a good support for manufacturers of portable devices. A significant portion of MP3 players manufactured today, is able to play wma files 7 / 8 is no worse than MP3. However, if you are not an unhappy owner of flash – based MP3 player with a 64/128 mb of memory for which you want to put as much music, do not bother 'advantage' wma to MP3.

Recreational Areas

As in the old song, recreational farms are like the true love: neither bought nor sold, and between purchase it and sell it, there is despair, weariness, ulcers, Canas, tantrums, broken friendships and a severe deterioration of the heritage. And as the popular saying goes, there are only two moments of happiness in what has to do with having farm pleasure: when you buy it, in which one has the illusion of having finally obtained the terrunito of happiness to realize all the dreams have idealized during the years in which the spine has trapping working as an ox and when to sell itto the edge of despair, always worth less than the initial to a naive not close you mouth because she believes that he is finally fulfilling the dream of his life. And so the circle is repeated over and over and over again. Because buying a plot is to give to friends and relatives and acquaintances of these from a good place, Nice and cheap to walk without having to spend; weekend arrive by the dozens without warning, lunch hours or in the middle of the gathering to heat a few sips or roast, always with the premise that since you passed through here very close, took the opportunity to give you a saluditos says the sudden Diner in a cloyingly sympathetic tone while low the procession of truck, already with updated bathroom dress and backpacks to popping the trunknot properly loaded with market, Viands, soft drinks or liquor. Then pass three days where there are to go several times to the people to adjust food, always in the car of one and the silver one, counting with the selfless wife, unwittingly or choose it, had to get up early everyday to prepare breakfast for everyone while they desarrugaban bedding, after stay up late dancing and singingprey to a fierce hangover.