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President Michel Temer

Robert Ramalho is Lawyer, Relations Pblicas and Jornalista.O act of the Managing Table of the Chamber announced for its President Michel Temer, – he himself having committed irregularities when admitting that he repassed aerial tickets its familiar ones to travel to the Bahia, as he announced the site Congress in Focus that disclosed that it had travelled with the wife and the brother for Porto Seguro (BA) in the end of January of 2008. -, modifying the norms for the air transportation of them parliamentarians leave breaches them representatives to continue travelling for where well to want and to understand. The worse one of everything is that the measure still legalizes the trips of relatives of the members of the house of representatives with public, paid money with the sweat of the face of the Brazilian worker and the entrepreneurs and traders who pay excessive tributes in this Country, so that the same ones spend of irregular and uncontrollable form. The new rule says explicit that the benefit can be used in trip for the proper parliamentarian, the woman or husband, its legal and assessor dependents in situations related to the parliamentary activity. In this to save I use my card allegiance for me or my woman, of the quota of tickets, soon and finished. None does not have problem, goes of first classroom, in international flight I am reliable of the rules, I do not see illegality.

From the moment where to be forbidden, I go to fulfill. I made economy, I more travelled in the flights in account. amended: In the vacations, I find that it had right to use the quota. Family is sacred, does not have nothing excessively All excess and error must be judgeships, and the punished people , But does not have excess in the emissions of tickets, and the members of the house of representatives do not have to pay to ticket of the proper pocket, defended the petista.

Data Recovery Solution

affordable data recovery solution in hard disk, there are different types of storage devices and we select one or the other depending on the need, to save our valuable data on it. However, the hard drive is the main storage medium for the computer or laptop of the most user still both at home and in the Office. We store large daily quantities of our valuable data on the hard drive of your computer and can also use internal or external hard drives as permanent storage for a longer period of time. The frequent use and the different types of data help with, that hard drives are very susceptible to data loss. With modern techniques to the hard disk data recovery is restoring the data from your hard drive these days but mostly no problem more.Some of the most common cases of data loss on your hard drive: the system does not boot or displays the blue screen (blue screen of death”).

The system has not detected the hard drive. Damage to the chips or connections. The hard drive makes unusual clicking or grinding noises. The hard drive remains silent after turning”. A hard drive has many physical components, including write / read head, motor, printed circuit board, etc., and any problem with one of these components can cause serious data loss. In short, any mechanical, electrical or firmware error of hard disk power surge, damage to the file system, accidental deletion of the system registry, destructive virus attack, ingress of malware or other external factors such as flooding, fire, heat, magnetic waves, etc. can lead to data loss or inaccessibility of the data. In all these situations of the data loss, users, from experimentation begin or because they have it in a hurry, with the execution of unreliable tools/software, which worsen the chances of a rescue can be.

Until they realize their mistake, it is already too late and the data can no longer be restored. While you should keep in mind that are never permanently lost the data on a hard disk and can be saved as long as they are not overwritten with other data. If you notice so that data on your hard disk are lost or become inaccessible, let the hard disk save the hard drive data recovery experts, because such a hard drive recovery must be carried out carefully and systematically and experts know better so. In addition, a hard disk in a normal environment, but only in a clean room of class may be opened 100, because in a normal environment, dust particles can penetrate into the write / read head and the disc and the disc so much damage that a rescue is no longer possible. Note: A clean room of class 100 is a controlled environment with less than 100 (a size of 0.5 micron) particles per cubic foot, compared to several thousand in a normal environment. Stellar data recovery b.v is a well-known service provider for hard drive recovery in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Hungary). Experience, advanced data recovery techniques, own tools, qualified rescue experts, State of the art infrastructure including the laboratory Cleanroom grade 100 and a comprehensive inventory of disk allow stellar, sure to save your valuable data within a very short time.

Styria Schools

Vocational school of Styria: Students with modern software for the professional equipped Office of the provincial government sets for all vocational schools in Styria, Austria on the education and training software MasterSolution Suite XL and combines them with the appropriate system protection MasterSolution protect. In the currently 20 vocational schools of the province of Styria, students prepare to meet the needs of the modern world of work. Training to support them, the vocational schools were featuring 6 d vocational education Department through the Office of the provincial Government of Styria – 1898 licenses MasterSolution Suite XL and 1338 licenses MasterSolution protect. The individual vocational schools use different systems. Selected schools setting among other things to the seamless installation of the software in the Terminal Server environment as Landesberufsschule Knittelfeld, the MasterSolution Suite XL since over a year successfully on your Terminal Server uses. MasterSolution Suite XL features the vocational schools numerous, didactic and allows a modern teaching.

For the full attention and integration of vocational students can be screens viewed in real-time and all possible programs and files transferred, assigned or blocked. The software solution features in addition, specifically for use in the lab or in several computer rooms. MasterSolution protect offers a reliable system protection and recovery by clicking the vocational schools and combined PC recovery reboot as well as user-specific profile management in one solution. “The protection settings of both MasterSolution solutions work coordinated and therefore offer the optimum all-round protection” for the entire computer system in the Styrian vocational schools. The scenarios for the vocational schools in Styria named are only an excerpt from the product portfolio of MasterSolution AG.

Innovative Packaging Solution

Power concentrate + water = ProfiReiniger unwieldy, bulky pavers and difficult disposal canister belong to the past. With the CLEANBAG, the professional for cleaning, care, and repair systems, offers CLEAN PRODUCTS, on a low-cost, space-saving packaging solution for the automotive industry, bodywork and paint specialists, as well as the consumer. CLEANBAG is offered as a stand-alone product and 2 range boxes. As a one-off it can be shipped envelope A4 to stamp conditions in a DIN. The CLEANBAG BOXmini contains 5 CLEANBAGS, the CLEANBAG BOXmaxi 9 CLEANBAGS. So the customer can be the amount of his desired power concentrates: CLEAN system Purifier 3-in-1, CLEAN rim cleaner, CLEAN Interior cleaner or CLEAN glass cleaner put together according to its requirements itself.

The handling is very easy. On the CLEANBAG back mixing ratios and suggestions are printed. The user mixes the CLEAN power concentrate exactly ready for use according to the degree of soiling: slightly dirty, dirty medium and highly dirty. Either directly in the CLEANBAG or you CLEANBAG uses as refill system for mixing in larger containers. The CLEANBAG is empty, you can fold it to a minimum and dispose of environmentally sound ecological and space-saving. We respond to the contemporary needs of the market with the CLEANBAG.

The customer wants to minimize its operating costs such as shipping, storage, and disposal costs. The times, large amounts of which it consumes only within some weeks or months – buys and stores are gone. It should go quickly and easily. Just-in-time solutions are in demand.

Concentration: Causes And Solutions

As concentration problems or poor concentration, i.e., as limited disturbance of attention ability as disruption of performance of part of, as parent mental illness. Concentration disorders can occur at any age. You are then, if the ability to focus on one thing is temporarily impaired. To focus mental effort is needed, which however decreases with time. The ability to concentrate is very important for our lives. We need concentration in the work, in everyday life, in school learning or the sport. While all the attention is dedicated to one thing, to properly perform them.

Just then, if we must, require power our brain or body such as exam preparation or at a competition, you can fight quickly concentration. Causes for concentrating the causes for a temporary Lack of concentration can be versatile. Often triggers are stress and effort, but also lack of sleep, excessive demands, unilateral, physical diet or lack of exercise can cause impaired concentration. In addition, including coffee, alcohol or drug use or adverse reactions to drugs may be responsible for the waste of of concentration of. Enough sleep is important to performance on the day, and to be able to concentrate on the task measures against concentration. A diet with nutritious food also helps to stay physically and mentally fit. Dietary supplements can help to provide body and spirit with an unbalanced diet with sufficient vitamins. Vitamin B6 can stimulate, for example, the nerve and brain metabolism and vitamin B12 can help reduce stress.

CPIsolution Brochure

“Searched found that the new solution brochure ‘ solution special – issue 03’ CPI GmbH presents the comprehensive solution and service portfolio the CPI computer partner Handels GmbH, value added distributor (VAD) for server and storage systems on 24 pages has the new version of its comprehensive solution brochure solution special” published. Also in the times by E-Mail and the Internet remains the printed form for the CPI an indispensable information and reference. Depending on the request, the customer can get a print or E-catalog version. On 24 pages you will find there a clear, meticulously prepared and clearly presented offer of high-quality solutions to the issues of virtualization for the SMB market GreenIT with blade servers HPC & 2U twin GPU cluster m with Windows Server 2008 unified storage systems NAS storage with Windows Storage Server iSCSI IP SAN solutions CPI Server Configurator Additionally new appliance have been included solutions in the portfolio such as long term archiving and iSCSI High availability storage. Brand new: The manufacturer Emulex (10GbE cards and switches), VMware (vSphere 4 virtualization) and Microsoft (Storage Server 2008).